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Thursday, October 07, 2010

JATS-List – Open Forum on the Journal Article Tag Suite

"JATS-List hosts discussion on the Journal Article Tag Suite itself; JATS applications, implementations, and customizations; and JATS user questions. JATS-List is open to everyone: users and developers, experts and novices alike. There is no restriction to what may be posted on JATS-List provided it is directly related to the JATS. We ask that commercial announcements on JATS-List be directly related to the JATS, short, and that their subject lines start with [ANN]. JATS-List is not sponsored, endorsed, or owned by NISO or NLM, and it has no official standing with any standards agency or other organization responsible for the maintenance or promulgation of the Journal Article Tag Suite. However, JATS-List was established with the encouragement of members of the NISO Standardized Markup for Journal Articles committee and members of the NLM staff responsible for the JATS, and members of the working group are among the subscribers to the list"

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