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Friday, December 30, 2011

Newly released files from 1981 (UK National Archives)

The UK National Archives has today made available public records from 1981, providing an insight into the workings of Margaret Thatcher's government in her second full year in power. The files are from the Prime Minister's Office (PREM 19 series) and Cabinet minutes and memoranda, the highlights of which are now online

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New online photo collection provides glimpses into Delaware's past (USA)

Over 2,000 images of Delaware life in the 1920s and 1930s are now only a couple of clicks away, thanks to an initiative by the Delaware Public Archives to digitize its entire Board of Agriculture glass negative collection. This collection includes much more than just agricultural photos, however

Malta to have a national librarian

Malta will soon have a national librarian who will be responsible to ensure that priceless books, documents and manuscripts are collected and maintained for posterity

George Kaiser Family Foundation to bring Woody Guthrie Archives to Oklahoma

Oklahoma soon will be home to legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie's comprehensive archives, which were recently purchased by George Kaiser Family Foundation from Woody Guthrie Publications in New York

In Our Time: The Written World - BBC Radio

In this series of five In Our Time radio programmes Melvyn Bragg tells the story of the written word from its origins in the Middle East 6,000 years ago to the present day. He discovers how the technology of writing has developed: from the earliest clay tablets to paper, the printing press and beyond. By examining and discussing some of the most important surviving texts, Melvyn and his guests explain how this most powerful of inventions has enabled the dissemination of thought worldwide. Many of the key texts discussed here are in the British Library, and the programme features extensive interviews with our expert curators. BBC Radio 4: 2-6 January 2012, 9.00-9.30

Saskatoon Public Library - 2011 Benchmark Study (Canada)

Saskatoon Public Library retained Fast Consulting and initiated the 2011 Benchmark Study to obtain input from Saskatoon residents on their usage, awareness, satisfaction, needs, and support for the Library. The Benchmark Study will assist SPL in strategic planning efforts

The Edgy Librarian - third annual web conference

The Edgy Librarian - third annual web conference - February 1 2012 - The keynote speaker is Gina Millsap, Director of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Journal of Business Studies Quarterly

Journal of Microwaves and Optoelectronics

Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications

Prostate Cancer

Journal of Applied Computing and Information Technology

Advances in Molecular Imaging

Open Journal of Geology

Open Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

Stem Cell Discovery

World Journal of Neuroscience


Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences

Iranian Journal of Pediatric Hematology Oncology

Revista de Economía Crítica

International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Over 100 more Open Access (OA) Journals with TOC RSS feeds added to JournalTOCs, the free journal current awareness service

Roddy MacLeod has added over 100 more Open Access journals to JournalTOCs, where you can find the latest Tables of Contents from over 17,400 scholarly journals, including over 3,000 Open Access journals

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reconfiguring Service Delivery, SPEC Kit 327, published by ARL

The Association of Research Libraries has published Reconfiguring Service Delivery, SPEC Kit 327, which investigates whether and how ARL member libraries have reconfigured staffed service delivery points in the main library and in any branches that report to the main library. It explores whether service points and/or branches have been added, closed, or consolidated; the drivers for those decisions; the impacts on staff; the changes in delivery methods; and whether there have been any collaborations with other institutions or consortia, or outsourcing of service delivery. It also explores user involvement in the planning for service changes and whether the effectiveness of new service configurations has been assessed

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Taylor & Francis Open program

The Taylor & Francis Open program is a suite of fully Open Access journals consisting of brand new titles, dynamic titles from T&F's existing portfolio which are converting to OA, and titles published on behalf of the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa. Many of the titles in this program will collaborate with leading journals within T&F's existing portfolio, providing input and support from learned societies and internationally-acclaimed editors to ensure their calibre. Taylor & Francis Open journals will have affordable article publication fees, with discounts or fee waivers for emergent countries. Authors will benefit from rapid online publication, rigorous peer review and the high levels of customer care Taylor & Francis provides to all authors. Their finished article will be showcased on Taylor & Francis Online, helping them to gain recognition and esteem for their contribution to their field


Brill has announced the release of BrillOnline.com, the new resource center for study and research. BrillOnline.com provides the academic user access to Brill's wide collection of e-books, online journals, online reference works and online bibliographies. At launch BrillOnline.com contains more than 800,000 documents

SwetsWise Online Content opens a gateway to even more high quality e-journal content

Swets has announced that it has recently signed contracts that will see the publications of the following publishers; Brepols, Cairn.info, JST, NecPlus and RMIT Publishing made available in SwetsWise Online Content - Swets' e-journal gateway. With more than 13,000 full text titles and over 38 million articles, SwetsWise Online Content contains the most extensive collection of electronic journals currently available, all in original published format

Yorkshire library volunteers prepare New Year takeover (UK)

Hundreds of volunteers are preparing to take over libraries across Yorkshire in the New Year as councils continue to make tens of millions of pounds of cuts. Some libraries have already closed, while dozens of others will only survive if local residents come forward to run them. Unpaid volunteers and charity groups in places like Denby Dale and Rawdon in West Yorkshire and Bawtry in South Yorkshire are now being trained to take charge - BBC

Minneapolis History Wikipedia edit-a-thon (USA)

We invite the Minnesota Wikipedia community and local historians to edit and augment entries in Wikipedia on Minneapolis history. Please help us increase the depth of information on Minneapolis history topics by utilizing materials in the Minneapolis Collection. Find your own Minneapolis history topics to edit or work from a list developed by Special Collections Librarians - February 25, 10-5 pm, Special Collections Reading Room, 4th Floor, Minneapolis Central Library

David Weinberger on the future of libraries

"The days of the card catalogue are long over, but there are even more innovations ahead in how the information available at libraries is organized. In a recent interview on Spark, David Weinberger, author and co-director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, talked to host Nora Young about ShelfLife and LibraryCloud, two of the lab's ongoing projects that will transform how we use libraries"

Sunday, December 25, 2011

PLAmetrics Portal

PLAmetrics is your portal to the Public Library Data Service Statistical Report digital database. The database offers you access to all the yearly PLDS data currently available (FY2002-FY2010). The Report is compiled from surveys submitted by public libraries across the United States and Canada and presents timely and topical data on finances, library resources, annual use figures and technology to assist public library administrators in making informed management decisions. In addition, each annual PLDS Report contains a special survey highlighting statistics on one service area or public library topic


ToPictures is a co-work of students, wanting to experiment with Google, bing and Picasa API

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Archives of Razi Institute


World Applied Programming

Economics of Development

Argumentum (Vitória)

Review of International Geographical Education Online

Advances in Physical Education

International Journal of Intelligence Science

Open Journal of Molecular and Integrative Physiology

Advances in Anthropology

Modern Mechanical Engineering

Contemporary Online Language Education Journal

Methis : Studia humaniora Estonica

Revista Cubana de Ingeniería

Open Journal of Gastroenterology

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Medical Officer of Health reports to be digitised (Wellcome Library)

Medical Officer of Health reports to be digitised (Wellcome Library)The Wellcome Library has received JISC funding towards the creation of a major free online dataset covering public health in London from the mid-19th century to the late 20th century. This project is based on the reports of the Medical Officers of Health in Greater London between 1848 and 1972. Of all the collections in the Wellcome Library the MOH reports have the greatest research potential for the study of public health history in 19th and 20th century Britain, and are one of the most heavily consulted collections at the Wellcome Library. Online access to this resource will vastly increase their impact on research and would be invaluable to public health researchers, epidemiologists and practitioners, as well as medical and social historians

Seamus Heaney papers bound for National Library of Ireland

Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney has donated a collection of his literary papers to the National Library of Ireland. The world famous poet's collection, worth tens of thousands of pounds and regarded as a treasure trove by scholars, was handed over at a reception in Dublin on Wednesday. The fascinating literary archive, regarded as the working papers of one of Ireland's greatest living writers, has been welcomed as an extraordinary addition to the National Library's treasures

Call for papers for "The Global Librarian"

Call for Papers for Satellite Meeting. New Professionals Discussion Group and Management of Library Associations Section - Boras, Sweden - August 9, 2010. Theme: "The Global Librarian". This satellite conference will be held immediately prior to the World Library and Information Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2010. The IFLA New Professionals Discussion Group and the Management of Library Associations Section invite proposals for presentations. First time presenters and new professionals are encouraged to apply

Rare audio recordings of authors reading their own short stories published for the first time by the British Library

The British Library has released a 3-CD set, The Spoken Word: Short Stories, including a wide range of stories, from the elegantly-turned miniatures of Somerset Maugham to the eerie supernatural tales of Algernon Blackwood. Featuring authors including Kingsley Amis and Harold Pinter reading their own work, this selection from an unrivalled archive of recordings stretches back to BBC broadcasts made in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The set offers a unique opportunity to hear some of the most highly-regarded practitioners of the craft in their own voices. All the recordings, including a rare live recording of William Trevor made by the British Library, are being published for the first time

National Library of Sweden - No deal with OCLC

The National Library of Sweden has ended negotiations with OCLC, as the parties could not successfully come to terms on a contract. The decision was made by the National Librarian after discussion in the National Reference Group and the Expert Group for the Libris national system

NISO Webinar: Identify This! Identify That! New Identifiers and New Uses

NISO Webinar: Identify This! Identify That! New Identifiers and New Uses - January 11, 2012 - 1:00-2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Caring for collections - online induction resource (UK)

The online "Caring for Collections" resource is aimed at library staff who handle books and documents. It provides an overview of how to care for the books and documents in library collections and why this is important. The resource has been developed as part of a joint preservation learning programme by RLUK and the British Library Preservation Advisory Centre

Friday, December 23, 2011

Simon Callow boosts libraries campaign

Actor Simon Callow has donated almost 1,000 of his own books - including hundreds of specialist performing arts titles - to London's Westminster Reference Library. He told the BBC he intends to highlight the importance of libraries in the community in the context of many facing closure

The Bodleian Libraries complete major book moves (UK)

The Bodleian Libraries' major programme of book moves to consolidate the lesser used stock in the new Book Storage Facility in Swindon, opened just over one year ago, has completed on time with the reception of the final batches of material on 23 December. The project reached one more milestone on the last day with the shelving of the seven millionth book within the Facility

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - December 23, 2011

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Christmas Songs. "Having had a general quiz about Christmas, here's a brainteaser about Christmas songs" Answers here.

1. Which British rock group returned its 1973 Christmas chart-topper "Merry Xmas Everybody' to the British charts no less than eight times?
2. Which Christmas song is about a reindeer who is chosen by Santa because his red nose lights up the night?
3. What is the English title of the Christmas hymn "Stille Nacht"?
4. Name one of the two singers who composed "Do They Know It's Christmas?" for Band Aid in 1984.
5. Which former member of the Beatles had a hit several times with "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"?
6. Which song was a No. 1 hit all over Europe for Boney M at Christmas 1978, having previously been recorded by Harry Belafonte?
7. Who wrote the song "White Christmas": Irving Berlin, Cole Porter or George Gershwin?
8. Which group released the song "Last Christmas" in 1984?
9. Which singer-songwriter's second album included a modern Christmas song, "A Spaceman Came Travelling"?
10. What Christmas song did Judy Garland sing to comfort Margaret O'Brien in the 1944 film "Meet Me in St Louis"?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Podcast: Preparing the 1911 census for digitisation (UK)

Podcast: Preparing the 1911 census for digitisation (UK)The UK National Archives held a one day conference at Kew on Saturday 1 October 2011. The conference brought together an audience wanting to know more about the census, from genealogists to local and social historians. The conference looked at all aspects of the census and at what this rich source of information can tell us about our ancestors and society through the ages. Speakers included specialist staff from The National Archives, academics and professional genealogists. Ancestry, Findmypast and Genesreunited also offered hands-on workshops on census searching

TinEye - reverse image search engine

TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It finds out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version

Materials Project: a collaboration between MIT and LBNL

Materials Project: a collaboration between MIT and LBNLUsing a website called the Materials Project, it's now possible to explore an ever-growing database of more than 18,000 chemical compounds. The site's tools can quickly predict how two compounds will react with one another, what that composite's molecular structure will be, and how stable it would be at different temperatures and pressures. The project is a direct outgrowth of MIT's Materials Genome Project, initiated in 2006 by Gerbrand Ceder, the Richard P. Simmons Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. The idea, he says, is that the site "would become the Google of material properties," making available data previously scattered in many different places, most of them not even searchable

SPARC enews/December 2011

SPARC enews/December 2011: a bimonthly newsletter features the latest SPARC activities, an industry roundup, upcoming workshops and events, as well as articles related to developments in scholarly communication

SkyRiver and Donohue Group announce partnership

The Donohue Group Incorporated and SkyRiver have announced a collaboration whereby DGI will contribute full and in-process MARC records to the SkyRiver database

GreyNet Newsletter - November/December 2011

GreyNet Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 6, November/December 2011 - This serial publication endeavors to keep information professionals abreast of developments in the field of grey literature. The bimonthly newsletter gives exposure to GreyNet's information resources and frontline activities with special emphasis on the International Conference Series on Grey Literature

Redundant Gloucestershire librarians back on payroll (UK)

Thirty-four members of Gloucestershire libraries service who were made redundant have been re-employed by the council on casual contracts. The Conservative-run county council wanted to stop funding 10 libraries and transfer them to the community. But this was challenged in the High Court and a judicial review of the council's decision ordered. Leader of the Liberal Democrat opposition Jeremy Hilton said the whole review had been an "utter disaster"

Campaigners take legal steps over libraries (Surrey, UK)

Campaigners say they are prepared to take Surrey County Council to court to try to prevent the closure of any libraries. Representatives of the Surrey Libraries Action Movement (SLAM) claimed the authority's plans for 10 sites to become volunteer-run or face being shut fell short of its obligations to provide the county's residents with library facilities. SLAM said it was reluctant to take legal action but had already gathered "a mountain of evidence" and conducted talks with lawyers

NTIS Technical Reports Library Newsletter - December 2011

NTIS Technical Reports Library Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 6, December 15, 2011 is now available from the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA, USA

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Information Standards Quarterly - Fall 2011

Information Standards Quarterly - Fall 2011, Volume 23, Issue 4 is now available from the National Information Standards Organization

FreePint Newsletter 341

FreePint Newsletter 341 - 22 December 2011 now available

National Libraries Day website launched (UK)

National Libraries Day is a whole day devoted to all types of libraries, library users, staff and supporters across the UK. Join in by organising a celebratory event, contributing to our forums, tweeting with the #NLD12 hashtag and visit your local library on February 4

OECD Factbook 2011-2012

OECD's dynamic and comprehensive statistical annual showing a wide range of key statistics for its member countries and major additional countries. For each indicator presented, there is explanatory text including a definition, explanation of long-term trends, and references; a table showing the indicator over a significant time span for all countries covered, and graphics showing the key messages contained in the data. Under each table is a link to an Excel spreadsheet enabling the user to access the data. This publication is available in print form, on USB key, and in html form

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tales from the Terminal Room - December 2011, Issue No. 99

Tales from the Terminal Room - December 2011, Issue No. 99 is now available. Tales from the Terminal Room is an electronic newsletter that includes reviews and comparisons of information sources; useful tools for managing information; technical and access problems on the Net; and news of RBA's training courses and publications. Editor: Karen Blakeman. Published by RBA Information Services

Podcast: How the Ministry of Pensions constructed gender in the 1950s (UK)

Podcast: How the Ministry of Pensions constructed gender in the 1950s (UK)During the 1950s, the Ministry of Pensions was suddenly faced with a substantial number of requests by individuals to change their gender status on their employment and pension records. Why was this? How did the (slightly) bewildered men at the Ministry deal with these requests? What does this have to do with fashion models like Christine Jorgensen and April Ashley, and why does this 50-year-old problem still persist in 2011? Drawing on case studies, all of which are drawn from files at The National Archives, Dr Louise Chambers investigates these questions and attempts to offer some new insights into the issues they raised - which still have a bearing on contemporary questions about what constitutes a woman or a man. Dr Louise Chambers is an associate lecturer in the Department of Media & Communications, Goldsmiths College, London. She is particularly interested in the gendered relations that emerge in and between theories of embodiment, psychology and the mass media. This talk was part of our diversity week event in November, highlighting the diversity of The National Archives' collection

CyArk and partners launch the Hopi Petroglyph Sites Web Portal

CyArk and partners have announced the launch of the Hopi Petroglyph Sites Digital Preservation Project Website. This special Hopi portal on the CyArk website will allow a new generation of Native American youth to learn about and share the legacy of their ancestors

Nine Surrey libraries to be saved - 10 still face uncertain future (UK)

Surrey County Council is expected to reverse a decision to turn over nine libraries to the community. But the authority says ten Surrey libraries still need to be taken over by volunteers or they could close. It affects Bagshot, Byfleet and New Haw. Lib Dem Councillor Hazel Watson is among critics who say the u-turn does not go far enough

Research Library Issues, no. 277

The Association of Research Libraries has published issue 277 of Research Library Issues. This issue of RLI features a speech on reframing thinking about collections presented by Tom Hickerson, Vice Provost for Libraries and Cultural Resources and University Librarian, University of Calgary, at this year's ARL-CNI Fall Forum. Also in this issue, Nicole Saylor and Jen Wolfe from the University of Iowa (UI) discuss the UI Libraries' experiment with crowdsourcing the transcription of Civil War diaries and letters. Finally, Sarah Laaker from Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) describes and analyzes the WUSTL Libraries' exploration of providing 24-hour library access

Monday, December 19, 2011

1871 Scottish census published on findmypast.co.uk

The 1871 Scottish census has been published on findmypast.co.uk. This means more than 3.3 million new records for you to search. We have freshly transcribed the records so that your search results are the most accurate possible

InSITE: A Current Awareness Service of Cornell Law Library - Vol. 17, No. 9, December 19, 2011

InSITE: A Current Awareness Service of Cornell Law Library - Vol. 17, No. 9, December 19, 2011 is now available. Contents:

# 1 Amendment for All
# Law and Justice Institutions
# NCPEA: National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog - December 19, 2011 update

The December 19, 2011 edition of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog from Charles W. Bailey, Jr. is now available. It provides information about new works related to scholarly electronic publishing, such as books, e-prints, journal articles, magazine articles, technical reports, and white papers

SCATNews: Newsletter of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Cataloguing Section - December 2011

SCATNews: Newsletter of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Cataloguing Section - Number 36, December 2011 is now available online

E-News for ARL Directors - November/December 2011

E-News for ARL Directors - November/December 2011 is now available online from the Association of Research Libraries

IWM's Great British Posters from the Second World War. Volume 1

Specially selected from IWM's collection of over 20,000 posters, this app features over 30 of the greatest British posters from the Second World War. Some are famous, while others are forgotten gems. But together, their striking design, humour, memorable slogans, and above all defiant spirit, helped to carry Britain through some of its darkest hour

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Library janitor finds 'unassuming' wooden box and discovers treasure hoard of ancient Roman coins worth 'millions'

Library janitor finds 'unassuming' wooden box and discovers treasure hoard of ancient Roman coins worth 'millions'A library janitor made a historic discovery after unearthing a collection of Ancient Roman coins which could be worth 'millions'. Custodian Tanja Hols discovered the unopened wooden box in an archive of the historic state library in Passau, southeast Germany, but thought it looked 'fairly unspectacular' in first glance. But on closer inspection she found the 'unassuming' box contained 172 well-preserved gold and silver coins dating back thousands of years. She informed library bosses, who found the hoard belonged to local prince-bishops who hid the treasure in the library in the early 19th century to avoid paying taxes

Claire Bell debates physical vs online conferences (UK)

Claire Bell, Multimedia Librarian at Aberdeen Central Library shares her views of Internet Librarian International and other recent conferences

Public Library Online partners with Google to offer 'virtual bookshelves' to the nation’s public libraries (UK)

As of January 2012, public libraries across the UK will be able to offer their members digital editions of books on 'virtual bookshelves' accessible on library terminals and online. The two shelves on offer are The Arden Shakespeare, with 10 plays that are on the GCSE National Curriculum and Our Environment, with 10 books including The Hot Topic by Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King. The project is sponsored by Google and run by Public Library Online

SUNCAT newsletter - December 2011

SUNCAT Newsletter (December 2011) is now available. This issue includes information about:

- New libraries on SUNCAT
- Case studies highlighting SUNCAT's impact
- Tables of contents (ToCs) links on SUNCAT
- SUNCAT Google app
- SUNCAT's involvement in Open/Linked data project work
- SUNCAT's cooperation with the UK Research Reserve (UKRR)
- Expansion of the free MARC downloading service for SUNCAT Contributing
- Details of the latest user satisfaction survey
- How to integrate SUNCAT into your library website and services
- Introductory videos

Library Assocation of Ireland Academic & Special Libraries Section Annual Seminar 2012

Registration is now open for Library Assocation of Ireland Academic & Special Libraries Section Annual Seminar 2012: "Unlocking your potential: innovative approaches in library service delivery" - 24 February 2012 - Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland

Bone & Joint Research: new open access journal

The British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery has announced the launch of Bone & Joint Research, a new open access journal poised to revolutionise research communication in the field of orthopaedics

ELAG 2012 (Spain)

ELAG 2012 will be hosted by the Universitat de les Illes Balears in Palma de Mallorca, Spain - 15-18 May, 2012

EDINA Newsline - December 2011

EDINA Newsline December 2011, Volume 16.4, is now available. EDINA is a JISC-funded National Datacentre

OCLC releases FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) as Linked Data

FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology), an enumerative, faceted subject heading schema derived from the Library of Congress Subject Headings, is now available as an experimental Linked Data service and is made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License

Lund University libraries gets new search system

Lund University libraries has launched a new system for searching information, called "Summon". The system "LibHub" will be available until the 31st of December. In "Summon" you will get access to Lund University electronic resources:

* Articles in full-text and e-books etc
* References in the library catalogue "Lovisa" - includes print books and journals, e-books etc
* References in databases

LIBER 41st Annual Conference (Estonia)

LIBER 41st Annual Conference - 27-30 June 2012 - Tartu, Estonia

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Isaac Newton's thought processes exposed online (UK)

Isaac Newton's own annotated copies of his works, notebooks and manuscripts are being made available online by Cambridge University Library and the University of Sussex with JISC funding

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice - Vol 6, No 4 (2011)

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice - Vol 6, No 4 (2011) is now available. RSS Feed

Library closures: writers attack Ed Vaizey in open letter (UK)

Joanna Trollope, Yann Martel, Patrick Ness and Kate Mosse were among the 200-plus signatories to a blistering open letter to culture minister Ed Vaizey urging him to take action to prevent libraries from closing up and down the country. Penned by library campaigners in Gloucestershire, who saw a judge rule last month that their council's plan to close 10 libraries was unlawful and should be quashed, the letter lambasts Vaizey for his "deafening" silence in the face of library cuts and closures, and calls on him to act

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles


Bakhtiniana : Revista de Estudos do Discurso


International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences


Physical Review X

Revista Empresarial Inter Metro

Synergies Corée

Visnyk NTUU KPI : Informatics, Operation and Computer Science

International Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Closure of respected Schools Library Service blow to literacy and learning (UK)

Hertfordshire Schools Library Services, one of England’s largest and most respected Schools Library Services, is set to close in the New Year. A recent Hertfordshire County Council report recommended the service should close following declining buy-in from schools and uncertainty about the amount of funding the service would receive from central education budgets. Schools Library Services provide professional support to schools to help manage their libraries. They provide books and resources to support teaching and help encourage reading for pleasure and develop a reading culture in schools

Napoleonic War Records 1775-1817 published

You can now search more than 133,000 new Napoleonic War Records for the period 1775-1817 on findmypast.co.uk

Friday, December 16, 2011

E-book download survey from ebrary now freely available

ebrary® has announced that the results of its survey of more than 1,000 librarians regarding e-book mobile and offline access is now publicly available online

Unique 17th-century travel manuscript release in edited selection for the first time by Bodleian Library Publishing

For the first time Peter Mundy's fascinating account of his world travels as a merchant adventurer in the seventeenth century has been published in an accessible single-volume edited selection

2011 I Love My Librarian Awards winners

the winners of the 2011 I Love My Librarian Awards have been announced

Oxford Biblical Studies Online is updated

Oxford Biblical Studies Online is a comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history

49 more Open Access (OA) Journals with TOC RSS feeds added to JournalTOCs, the free journal current awareness service

Roddy MacLeod has added 49 more Open Access journals to JournalTOCs, where you can find the latest Tables of Contents from over 17,300 scholarly journals, including over 2,750 Open Access journals

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - December 16, 2011

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Christmas. "This week's brainteaser is about things connected with Christmas" Answers here.

1. The three gifts that the Wise Men brought to the infant Jesus were traditionally gold, frankincense, and what else?
2. What is the date of the first day of the Twelve Days of Christmas?
3. When drilling for oil or gas, what is a Christmas tree?
4. What phrase is used for a late-night church service on Christmas Eve?
5. In Charles Dickens's novel "A Christmas Carol", what was the name of Tiny Tim's father?
6. A yule log is a large log which used to be put on the hearth as the foundation for the fire - on which day?
7. In which book by Louisa May Alcott did someone say "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents"?
8. What is the English title of the Christmas carol which is "Adeste Fideles" in Latin?
9. In the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" ("On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me..."), what total of gifts was given over the whole twelve days: 78, 280, or 364?
10. According to Clement C. Moore's "The Night Before Christmas", Father Christmas had eight reindeer. Can you name six of them?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wiley-VCH and ChemPubSoc Europe to launch multidisciplinary chemistry journal

Wiley-VCH, part of the scientific and technical publishing business of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and ChemPubSoc Europe, an association of 16 chemical societies, have announced the launch of ChemPlusChem, a multidisciplinary journal centering on chemistry. Original papers published will cover at least two different aspects (subfields) of chemistry or one of chemistry and one of another scientific discipline (one chemistry topic plus another one, hence the title ChemPlusChem). ChemPlusChem, in this new exciting form, will succeed the Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications which will cease publication at the end of 2011

1963 video: library opening in Enfield, UK

This silent film from Enfield Local Studies Library and Archive shows the official opening of the Ridge Avenue Library in the Winchmore Hill area of Enfield. We can see the arrival of smart dressed guests and a speech of the Mayor inside the library

Maney Publishing acquires the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health

Maney Publishing has announced the purchase of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health from Hamilton Hardy Publishing. Maney will begin publishing this new title from 2012. The journal will continue with existing editor David S Egilman of Brown University, USA.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Investigating the Archives: Photographic Collections of London

From the collections at the V&A and Royal Anthropological Institute to those at local libraries and in the professional archives of Magnum Photos, London is host to a surprising variety of often unknown photographic collections and archives, all of which are kept for different purposes. Using practical explorations, a variety of classroom and site visits with thematic discussions, this course considers the histories, preservation, use and related issues involved in these fascinating collections. Visits include access to: Magnum Photos, The Weiner Library, The Royal Anthropological Institute, London Metropolitan Archives and the V&A Photography Collection. Organised and led by The Photographers' Gallery with Birkbeck College - 7 January to 4 February 2012

Dickens: Dark London

To coincide with the opening of the Dickens and London exhibition, the Museum of London has launched a new iPhone and iPad app which takes users on a journey through the darker side of Charles Dickens' London. Beautifully imagined by renowned illustrator David Foldvari, this interactive graphic novel follows Dickens on his night walks of London - the city he called his 'magic lantern' - where, as an insomniac, he roamed the streets gathering inspiration from the people and places he observed

Emerald app makes thousands of research articles available on-the-go

Emerald Group Publishing has announced the launch of the Emerald app. Providing access to almost 100,000 articles from Emerald journals, the Emerald App also allows users to synch their personal profiles for seamless research workflow and share results through social media for increased dissemination and impact. It is available now for free download from the Apple app store

ACRL 2012 Board of Directors candidates

ACRL has announced the slate of candidates for the association's Board of Directors for the 2012 ALA/ ACRL elections:

Vice President / President-Elect
Trevor A. Dawes, Princeton University
Debbie Malone, DeSales University

Charles Kratz, University of Scranton
Marilyn Ochoa, University of Florida

Julie Garrison, Grand Valley State University
Adrian Ho, University of Western Ontario

A full list of candidates for ACRL and section offices will be available in the January 2012 issue of C&RL News

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thomson Reuters ProView eReader platform launches in U.S.

Thomson Reuters has announced that Thomson Reuters ProViewTM, the new professional eReader platform, is now available as an app for the iPad® with Rules of Court for New York, Texas, Florida, Ohio and Illinois as initial titles, as well as a selection of professional development titles. Additional titles will be available in coming months

Podcast: Untold histories: black Britons during the period of the British slave trade, c. 1660-1807

Untold histories: black Britons during the period of the British slave trade, c. 1660-1807What was life like for the 'average' black person in England before the 20th century? Most were quietly getting on with their lives, seeking employment, getting married and raising families. It takes a lot of work to uncover their life histories because there was no legal discrimination against these individuals. Glimpses into their lives can be found buried in The National Archives' vast collection, which reveals unexpected stories. Dr Chater's talk challenges some commonly held assumptions that have been made about the lives of black Britons during the period of the British slave trade. Dr Kathleen Chater is an independent historian and writer. Her doctoral thesis is published as Untold Histories: Black people in England and Wales during the period of the British slave trade, c. 1660-1807. She came to the history of Black British people through genealogy and has written books and articles on this subject. This talk was part of our diversity week event in November, highlighting the diversity of The National Archives' collection

Campaigners to fight council plans to replace librarians with volunteers (UK)

Hundreds of community campaigners and residents have joined forces to fight plans by a council to axe paid librarians and replace them with volunteers. Town hall bosses in Trafford say they want to put in place a 'volunteer army' of unpaid workers to replace staff in a bid to save over £16m next year. Under draft budget proposals Bowfell and Greatstone libraries will become fully self-service, and Hale and Old Trafford libraries will be staffed by volunteers. Now 23 community leaders - representing scores of different voluntary groups - have teamed up and sent an open letter to all councillors calling on them to scrap their 'unpopular' plans for the facility in Old Trafford. They have vowed not to co-operate with any move that would see paid roles scrapped and replaced by volunteers at the library

Above the Fold - December 7, 2011

Above the Fold is a Web-based newsletter published by OCLC Research. It has been developed to serve a broad international readership from libraries, archives and museums - December 7 2011 - Vol. 4, No. 43 now available

Launching Your Star Potential: Leadership for Today’s Libraries symposium

Libraries are being reshaped. Traditional services and collections are being re-examined and profoundly re-envisioned. New models of service are being demanded and implemented. As long-time leaders retire, strong leadership skills are needed to manage this massive wave of change. At the same time, library leaders must also deal with significant changes in staffing, rapidly developing technologies, and scores of emerging standards. In addition, they must consider numerous external fiscal and social factors while simultaneously championing their own organizations and the library profession as a whole. This virtual symposium is comprised of five one-hour sessions. Sessions will be held each day from January 9 to 13, 2012 starting at 11am Pacific, noon Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern

Locating London's Past

Locating London's Past provides an intuitive GIS interface enabling researchers to map and visualize textual and artefactual data relating to seventeenth and eighteenth-century London against John Rocque's 1746 map of London and the first accurate modern OS map

Monday, December 12, 2011

Foreign and Commonwealth Office to release colonial administration records (UK)

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is working with The UK National Archives to transfer and release a large collection of colonial files, sometimes known as the 'migrated archive', from former British territories

LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #179

LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #179. "This is the Christmas special and the final regular episode for 2011" Previous Podcasts/Programs can be found here

Cambridge Digital Library (UK)

Cambridge Digital Library (UK)Anne Jarvis, University Librarian: "Cambridge University Library contains evidence of some of the greatest ideas and discoveries over two millennia. We want to make our collections accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a thirst for knowledge"

25 more Open Access (OA) Journals with TOC RSS feeds added to JournalTOCs, the free journal current awareness service

Roddy MacLeod has added 25 more Open Access journals to JournalTOCs, where you can find the latest Tables of Contents from over 17,300 scholarly journals, including over 2,750 Open Access journals

Sunday, December 11, 2011

IMLS releases new five year strategic plan

IMLS Director Susan Hildreth has released the agency's new strategic plan for FY 2012 - FY 2016. The plan envisions a democratic society where communities and individuals thrive with broad public access to knowledge, cultural heritage and lifelong learning. The new plan identifies the mission of IMLS to inspire libraries and museums to advance innovation, learning, and cultural and civic engagement by providing leadership through research, policy development and grant-making

CiE 2012 - How the World Computes (UK)

CiE 2012 - How the World ComputesCiE 2012 is one of a series of special events, running throughout the Alan Turing Year, celebrating Turing's unique impact on mathematics, computing, computer science, informatics, morphogenesis, artificial intelligence, philosophy and the wider scientific world. Its central theme is the computability-theoretic concerns underlying the broad spectrum of Turing's interests, and the contemporary research areas founded upon and animated by them. In this sense, CiE 2012, held in Cambridge in the week running up to the centenary of Turing's birthday, deals with the essential core of what made Turing's contribution so influential and long-lasting. CiE 2012 promises to be an event worthy of the remarkable scientific career it commemorates

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cuadra Associates helps Roosevelt University Expand public access to its archives

Roosevelt University, founded in 1945 to foster the democratic ideals and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, is taking advantage of new archives management software to provide for public access to its archives. Its extensive catalog of archival materials has now been made available for searching over the Internet.
The software involved is STAR Knowledge Center for Archives, a product of Los Angeles-based Cuadra Associates. This software, which can be used from any browser, supports the rapid and efficient cataloging of archival materials, as well as providing for easy search of the materials over the Internet

EBSCO Publishing and Marquis Who's Who agreement

Marquis Who's Who content will soon be available via EBSCO Discovery Service™ from EBSCO Publishing for mutual customers. The new agreement will add metadata from the Marquis Who's Who database into the Base Index of EDS and provide seamless access and full text searching for mutual customers, enabling them to search Marquis Who's Who collection of over 1.4 million biographies alongside their own library's collection

An interview with the Apps for Library Idea Challenge Community Choice Grand Prize winner

An interview with the Apps for Library Idea Challenge Community Choice Grand Prize winnerA Q&A with Andrea Szwajcer, Clinical Librarian at University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), the winner of the Apps for Library Idea Challenge Community Choice Grand Prize for her app idea, JTOCs 2 Go

First Monday - December 2011

First Monday - Volume 16, Number 12, 5 December 2011 now available. First Monday is a Great Cities Initiative of the University of Illinois at Chicago University Library, USA

HathiTrust Digital Library - Update on November 2011 Activities

HathiTrust Digital Library - Update on November 2011 Activities

ICE Science

ICE Publishing, the publishing division of the Institution of Civil Engineers, has announced the immediate availability of 28 ahead of print articles - including 2012 Themed Issue articles on Bioinspired Materials - from its new flagship journal series: ICE Science. The ICE Science collection is offering free online access to all published content throughout 2011 and 2012, and has a multidisciplinary approach that aims to foster dynamic links between research communities that traditionally work in isolation, stimulating new ideas and creating opportunities for innovative collaborations

Journal of Management & Marketing in Healthcare to be re-named

The Journal of Management & Marketing in Healthcare published by Maney Publishing will be re-launched in 2012 under the new title International Journal of Healthcare Management. The peer-reviewed journal will continue to be published four times a year in print and online, with a new-look cover

2012 LITA National Forum call for proposals

The 2012 National Forum Committee seeks proposals for high quality pre-conferences, concurrent sessions and poster sessions for the 15th annual LITA National Forum to be held in Columbus, OH, October 3 - October 7, 2012. The 2012 theme is: New World of Data: Discover. Connect. Remix. The Forum Committee is interested in pre-conferences and presentations about projects, plans or discoveries in areas of library-related technologies related to the identification, location, harvesting, harnessing, use, misuse, preservation and loss of data of all types and all formats in dynamic and emerging web environments. We welcome proposals related to all types of libraries: public, school, academic, government, special and corporate. Proposals on any aspect of library and information technology are solicited

Friday, December 09, 2011

Beyond Macbeth: Shakespeare in Scottish collections

Beyond Macbeth: Shakespeare in Scottish collectionsBeyond Macbeth: Shakespeare in Scottish collections tells the stories behind Edinburgh's two world-class Shakespeare collections. The exhibition explores the lives of a small group who helped bring together these collections of William Shakespeare's plays and other works about the playwright. Their lives and activities also reveal something of the changing response to Shakespeare in Scotland over the centuries 9 December 2011 to 29 April 2012

Teen Librarian Monthly - November/December 2011

Teen Librarian Monthly - November/December 2011 is now available

December 2011 batch of Early Reviewer books is up at LibraryThing

The December 2011 batch of Early Reviewer books is now available at LibraryThing. There are 2395 copies of 89 books available this month

Google Currents

Google Currents is a new application for Android devices, iPads and iPhones that lets you explore online magazines and other content with the swipe of a finger. To get started, simply download the app and choose the publications you want to subscribe to for free. You can also add RSS, video and photo feeds, public Google+ streams and Google Reader subscriptions you’re already following. In addition to consuming your favorite media, you can also use the trending tab to discover related content that matches your tastes

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles


Revista Recorte

Revista da Universidade Vale do Rio Verde

Revista Memento

Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde A (Biologie)

Journal of Speech Sciences

No Foundations : Journal of Extreme Legal Positivism

Biodiversity Journal

Signes, Discours et Société

Graduate History Review

Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Journal

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - December 9, 2011

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Cartoon films. "This brainteaser is about animated cartoon films made for the cinema or television" Answers here.

1. Which 1995 animated film included characters called Buzz Lightyear and Woody the cowboy?
2. Which tattooed pipe-smoking cartoon character gained strength by consuming a can of spinach?
3. Which cartoon character's catchphrase was "What's Up, Doc?"
4. Which cartoon bear in a US animated television series lives in Jellystone Park and has a friend called Boo-Boo?
5. Which pair of animated clay characters starred in the films "A Grand Day Out", "The Wrong Trousers" and "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit"?
6. Which US cartoon series about a cross-country car race featured competitors such as Dick Dastardly and Penelope Pitstop?
7. "Steamboat Willie" was which film producer and animator's first sound cartoon made in 1928?
8. What were the first names of the wives of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble?
9. In the cartoon series "Teletubbies", what were the names of three of the four Teletubbies?
10. Which US animator created Droopy the Dog?

JCDL 2012

The ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries is a major international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, organizational, and social issues. JCDL encompasses the many meanings of the term "digital libraries", including (but not limited to) new forms of information institutions and organizations; operational information systems with all manner of digital content; new means of selecting, collecting, organizing, distributing, and accessing digital content; theoretical models of information media, including document genres and electronic publishing; and theory and practice of use of managed content in science and education - June 10-14, 2012 in Washington, DC, USA

Mosio's Text a Librarian™

Mosio's Text a Librarian™ was developed specifically for libraries by taking an award-winning mobile questions and answers technology and consulting with reference and patron services librarians to find out what would make it useful, accessible and affordable for libraries to use

The Vogue Archive - 1892 to the present

The Vogue Archive includes every American issue published by the magazine since 1892 - every page, including covers, advertisements and more than 400,000 full-color images. The archive - aimed primarily at designers, fashion students, teachers and academic institutions - took nearly two years to complete, Vogue says. In addition to employing standard search functions, users can refine their searches by color, materials and clothing. The magazine plans to update the archive monthly with each new issue, and will make some of it available to current print subscribers in 2012. Individual access to the Vogue Archive is $1,575 for a whole year

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant (ALA)

The Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant is given annually to one or more librarians or library educators who will conduct innovative research that could lead to an improvement in services to any specified group(s) of people. The project should aim to answer a question that is of vital importance to the library community and the researchers should plan to provide documentation of the results of their work. The Jury would welcome proposals that involve innovative uses of technology and proposals that involve cooperation between libraries, between libraries and other agencies, or between librarians and persons in other disciplines. Any ALA member may apply. The Jury would welcome projects that involve both a practicing librarian and a researcher

The British Library announces two winners of the Eccles Centre Writer in Residence award

A pioneering socialist feminist and a burgeoning novelist have been appointed the first ever Writers in Residence at the British Library's Eccles Centre for American Studies. The two writers, who begin their year-long residencies in January 2012, are Sheila Rowbotham, the respected British socialist feminist writer and honorary fellow of the Universities of Manchester and Bristol, and Naomi Wood, known for her critically acclaimed debut novel The Godless Boys

Potentially sensitive 1911 census information revealed for the first time (UK)

For the first time, the original census images will show you if your ancestors recorded the details of your family's illnesses and conditions and the age at which these began. This can provide a revealing insight into the previously censored health of your family in 1911, as well as your ancestors' views of their relations' wellbeing. On the census transcriptions, you'll also be able to see any recorded details of children born to women in prison who were aged three or under at the time of the census. 4 January 2012 will be the first time that this information is published online at findmypast.co.uk

C&RL News – December 2011

C&RL News – December 2011 is now freely available online from The Association of College and Research Libraries

Domesday Reloaded Project opens at Bletchley Park (UK)

The BBC's Domesday Project has been made into an interactive 'touchtable' now on display at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. Visitors can zoom in on any part of the UK and see multimedia submitted in both the eighties and in 2011. Over one million people contributed to what is regarded as a pioneering experiment in crowd-sourcing. The wealth of content on offer includes TV news reports, photographs and written accounts by local people, all of which can now be accessed using a 52-inch multi-touch screen. The original Domesday Project was launched by the BBC in 1986 to coincide with the 900th anniversary of the original Domesday Book

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

FreePint Newsletter 340

FreePint Newsletter 340 - 8 December 2011 now available

Book Grocer: 7-13 December 2011

Book Grocer: 7-13 December 2011 - The week ahead in literary London from the Londonist blog. #books #London

SAGE begins publishing Journal of Drug Issues

SAGE has been chosen by the Florida State University College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, to publish the Journal of Drug Issues, beginning in January 2012

Wolters Kluwer Health has acquired Medknow PVT Ltd.

Wolters Kluwer Health has announced that it has acquired Medknow PVT Ltd., a Scientific, Technical & Medical journal publishing operation headquartered in Mumbai, India

Channel 4 News joins the Treasures debate (Bodleian Library)

Channel 4 News team join the Bodleian debate on 'what makes a treasure?' Each day this week, a member of the newsroom will present a single object from the library's current exhibition, Treasures of the Bodleian, and explain its significance to them as working journalists

Crossroads - December 2011

Crossroads: the newsletter of WebJuntion.org - December 2011 issue is now available. RSS feed

In Mozart’s Words

In Mozart's Words provides multilingual access to an annotated version of the voluminous correspondence of Mozart and his family - approximately 1,400 letters - that will progressively be made available online on this website. The website offers i) a univocal database of all references to people, places and musical works contained in the letters, facilitating the systematic search of all cited occurrences, and ii) access to background materials such as reviews, newspapers, documents, objects, paintings, engravings, and books as a corollary to the historical-critical annotations

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

LexisNexis launches new release of Lexis Advance

LexisNexis Legal & Professional has announced the general availability of Lexis Advance™ - a Web application designed to transform how legal professionals conduct research

LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #178

LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #178. "This week's episode is brief as it touches upon high points in the news as we enter into the 12th month of 2011" Previous Podcasts/Programs can be found here

Digital Humanities, SPEC Kit 326, Published by ARL

The Association of Research Libraries has published Digital Humanities, SPEC Kit 326, which provides a snapshot of research library experiences with digital scholarship centers or services that support the humanities (e.g., history, art, music, film, literature, philosophy, religion, etc.) and the benefits and challenges of hosting them. The survey asked ARL libraries about the organization of these services, how they are staffed and funded, what services they offer and to whom, what technical infrastructure is provided, whether the library manages or archives the digital resources produced, and how services are assessed, among other question

Gale announces redesigned user interface for Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has announced a totally redesigned user interface for Gale Virtual Reference Library, its online ebook platform

Cambridge University Press to preserve Cambridge Books Online with Portico

Portico has announced that Cambridge University Press will preserve its Cambridge Books Online content with Portico. Through this agreement, Cambridge extends its relationship with Portico, which began in 2006 with the publisher's commitment to deposit its entire list of e-journals in the Portico archive

InSITE: A Current Awareness Service of Cornell Law Library - Vol. 17, No. 8, December 5, 2011

InSITE: A Current Awareness Service of Cornell Law Library - Vol. 17, No. 8, December 5, 2011 is now available. Contents:

# ASLME: American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics
# National Arbitration Forum: Domain Name Dispute Resolution
# Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls

SPARC Open Access Newsletter, issue #162

SPARC Open Access Newsletter, issue #162 - December 2, 2011 is now available from Peter Suber

Profile to publish starry book for National Libraries Day (UK)

Alan Bennett, Julian Barnes and Stephen Fry are among the stellar contributors to The Library Book, to be published by Profile for National Libraries Day on 4th February. The book is a compilation of famous writers' thoughts on why libraries matter and is edited by Profile publicist Rebecca Gray, who volunteers in her spare time for a mobile library for homeless people. All royalties will go to charity The Reading Agency to help their work supporting libraries

Monday, December 05, 2011

OCLC WorldShare

OCLC WorldShare provides a Web-based platform for collective innovation with shared services, integrated applications and a streamlined approach to managing library workflows. Together with WorldCat, WorldShare helps the world's libraries connect in new ways to operate, innovate and collaborate at Webscale

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Unknown No Longer - Virginia Historical Society

This database is the latest step by the Virginia Historical Society to increase access to its varied collections relating to Virginians of African descent. Since its founding in 1831, the VHS has collected unpublished manuscripts, a collection that now numbers more than 8 million processed items

UK National Archives: Parlour games and pudding recipes in the archives

UK National Archives: Parlour games and pudding recipes in the archivesOur latest image library showcase brings some festive cheer this chilly December. From rosy-cheeked Victorian children in classic snowy scenes to dramatic early photographs of trains battling through snowdrifts, the ghost of Christmas past is brought into the present. A classic marketing poster suggests Christmas pudding ingredients from the length and breadth of the then empire, including sultanas from Australia, minced apple from Canada and beef suet from the United Kingdom

Ovid's Resource of the Month - December 2011

Embase is a biomedical and pharmacological database containing bibliographic records with citations, abstracts and indexing derived from biomedical articles in peer reviewed journals, and is especially strong in its coverage of drug and pharmaceutical research. Embase contains over 22 million records spanning 1974-present, with over 1 milliion records added annually. Each record contains the full bibliographic citation, indexing terms, and codes; and 80% of all citations in Embase include author-written abstracts. The Embase journal collection is international with over 7,500 active peer-reviewed journals more than 90 countries

Information Today - December 2011 issues

The December 2011 issues of Computers in Libraries, Information Today, and Searcher, are now available

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Reason Papers : A Journal of Interdisciplinary Normative Studies

International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research


Systémová Integrace

International Journal of Biomedical Research

Indian Journal of Scientific Research

Sri Lanka Journal of Psychiatry

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Digital Library Digest: December 2, 2011

This week's Digital Library Digest rounds up stories about the Library of Congress blog, Europeana's new metadata whitepaper, online curation, article rental, Canadian library's emedia, and an interview with Maura Marx

The first Banned Books video calendar is ready

The first Banned Books Video Calendar is readyThe Entresse Library in Espoo, Finland and FAIFE (IFLA Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression) have together created the world's first Banned Books video calendar. The project has garnered international attention and is considered pioneering in many ways

Anti-Communism Films of the Early 1960s collection

Pepperdine University Libraries has announced its latest digital collection, Anti-Communism Films of the Early 1960s. At the height of the Cold War, Pepperdine College sponsored a four-part, Hollywood-produced film series titled Crisis for Americans

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive digitizes 20th Century’s most important chronicles

ProQuest will accelerate serious research into 20th century popular culture with the creation of the digital Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive. For the first time, researchers will be able to explore every edition, cover-to-cover of nearly 30 major entertainment trade and consumer magazines in a single online search. The Archive's 2.5 million full-color pages will be accessible in the ProQuest research environment, enabling it to be easily searched, managed, shared and used to create new content

British Universities Film & Video Council Viewfinder magazine now online

The BUFVC has announced the launch of Viewfinder Online - a web edition of the BUFVC's quarterly magazine. Viewfinder Online includes new articles and reviews as well as web versions of items published in the magazine. It will also act as an online index to the print magazine and provide more ready access to content that promotes the use of moving image and sound, knowledge and access in UK higher and further education

Europeana Licensing Framework published

Europeana Licensing Framework publishedEuropeana, Europe's digital library, museum and archive, and the first major adopter of the Public Domain Mark for works in the worldwide public domain, has published and made available The Europeana Licensing Framework using the CC0 public domain dedication. The licensing framework encompasses and is a follow-on to the recent Data Exchange Agreement that Europeana adopted in September, and which Europe's national librarians publicly supported weeks later

Getting the rights right: Next SPARC-ACRL forum at ALA announced

At the upcoming meeting of the American Library Association in Dallas, TX, SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and the Association of College and Research Libraries will co-host a timely panel discussion on "Getting the rights right for the future of scholarly communication." The forum will be held Saturday, January 21, 2012 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the Dallas Convention Center

Friday, December 02, 2011

The British Library sign agreements with Elsevier and Taylor & Francis for document delivery outside the UK to non-commercial researchers

The British Library has signed an agreement with Elsevier and Taylor and Francis for document delivery outside the UK to non-commercial researchers. The agreement governs the supply of copies of articles from the British Library's Document Supply Service to non-commercial end users via not-for-profit libraries outside the UK. Barry Smith, Head of Commercial Services at the British Library said "We are delighted to have agreed a framework licence with Elsevier and Taylor & Francis. This means we can improve the speed of service delivery we offer to our overseas non-commercial users and augment our current Document Supply Service."

National Library of Wales row over SS man's legacy

The National Library of Wales has been criticised for accepting a bequest of £300,000 from a Frenchman who served in the Waffen SS in World War II. Louis Feutren was a member of the Bezen Perrot (Perrot Unit) from Brittany which fought with the Nazis. Heritage Minister Huw Lewis said he was disappointed the library had accepted the bequest, which includes "material of significant historical importance". The library said it had followed expert legal advice in coming to its decision

Podcast: Making geographical sense of the census (UK)

Making geographical sense of the census (UK)The National Archives held a one day conference at Kew on Saturday 1 October 2011. The conference brought together an audience wanting to know more about the census, from genealogists to local and social historians. The conference looked at all aspects of the census and at what this rich source of information can tell us about our ancestors and society through the ages. Speakers included specialist staff from The National Archives, academics and professional genealogists. Ancestry, Findmypast and Genesreunited also offered hands-on workshops on census searching

Announcing BioOne Mobile

BioOne has announced the official launch of BioOne Mobile, an optimized website now available to smartphone users. With this new mobile interface, all content from BioOne's 167 journals and book series is available for easy access to faculty, students, and researchers via their iPhones, Androids, and Blackberry smartphones

New OCLC Research Video, "Catching Up with ArchiveGrid"

Watch this four-minute video to learn more about the free beta version of the ArchiveGrid discovery service that is in development in OCLC Research. In the video, OCLC Research Consulting Software Engineer Bruce Washburn and Senior Program Officer Merrilee Proffitt discuss how ArchiveGrid, an OCLC discovery service that provides access to detailed archival collection descriptions, is transitioning into a free service. They also provide an overview of the new ArchiveGrid interface and explain how it will make finding primary source materials held in archival collections worldwide even easier for researchers

OCLC partners with King Abdulaziz Public Library in Saudi Arabia to make Arabic-language resources available through WorldCat.org

OCLC has added more than 1.2 million brief bibliographic records to WorldCat.org for materials held by Arab libraries, records that represent the complete catalog of the Arabic Union Catalog maintained in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Each record from the AUC in WorldCat.org contains brief bibliographic information for items held by AUC members with a link to the full record and holdings information in the Arabic Union Catalog

200 libraries on Library Anywhere

Over 200 libraries now use Library Anywhere as their mobile catalog and homepage. Library Anywhere takes an existing OPAC and makes it mobile - you can also create a custom homepage with Library Anywhere (add hours, events, contact info and more) - making it your entire mobile library website

Springer adds Biointerphases to portfolio

Springer adds Biointerphases to portfolioStarting in January 2012, Springer will publish Biointerphases: Journal for Quantitative Biological Interface Data. An official publication of the American Vacuum Society (AVS), Biointerphases will be published as an open access journal under the brand SpringerOpen. It was previously published by the American Institute of Physics. Biointerphases presents interdisciplinary coverage of all aspects of quantitative soft matter interfaces: chemistry, physics, engineering, theory and modeling. The peer-reviewed, quarterly journal features reviews, essays, original articles, reports, perspectives, editorial commentary and letters. Topics include interface spectroscopy, in vivo and in vitro mechanisms, interface modeling, adhesion phenomena, and protein-surface interactions, among others. Michael Grunze of the University of Heidelberg in Germany is editor-in-chief

New Manchester police and asylum records published (UK)

The Manchester Police Index 1812-1941 and Prestwich Asylum Admissions 1851-1901 have been released by findmypast.co.uk

CILIP election results announced (UK)

Keith Wilson, Liz McGettigan, Mike Hosking and Maria Cotera have been elected as Councillors of CILIP. The new Councillors will serve on CILIP Council from 1 January 2012 until 31 December 2014

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

American Journal of Stem Cells

Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching

Indian Journal of Dental Advancements

Nephro-Urology Monthly

Democracy & Education

Journal of Organic Systems

Announcing the UC Library Reprints Service (USA)

The University of California Libraries have digitized hundreds of thousands of public domain books from their collections. Now, in partnership with Hewlett-Packard, many of these books will be made available for purchase as reading copies just in time for holiday shopping. For a reasonable cost, reproductions of works like John Muir's The Mountains of California can be shipped directly to your doorstep via Amazon.com, whether for research or pleasure reading. Before reprinting, each book is digitally cleaned and enhanced to produce a better reading copy. Approximately 30,000 books are available for purchase now, and more are being added continuously

Eighth Annual ARL Leadership Symposium, January 21–22, 2012

The Association of Research Libraries will host its Eighth Annual Leadership Symposium for master of library and information science (MLIS) students on Saturday and Sunday, January 21 and 22, 2012, in Dallas, TX. The Leadership Symposium curriculum will focus on topics related to the major strategic areas of ARL, as well as transitioning into, and building career networks in, research libraries. The program will include presentations from ARL program officers and human resource professionals in ARL member libraries. Registration for this event is open to any MLIS student free of charge, but space is limited

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - December 2, 2011

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Palaces. "This week's brainteaser is about various buildings which are called "palaces"." Answers here.

1. In which country is the palace of Versailles?
2. What is the name of the London home of the British sovereign, standing at the west end of St James's Park?
3. In which country is the Alhambra palace, built chiefly in the 13th and 14th centuries, a fine example of Moorish art?
4. In which Oxfordshire palace was Winston Churchill born?
5. The baroque Winter Palace is in which Russian city, which has long rivalled Moscow as a cultural centre?
6. "Picture palace" is an old-fashioned name for what?
7. In which Italian city is the Pitti Palace, which now houses museums and art galleries?
8. The Potala in Lhasa, Tibet, is the great palace and former residence of which religious and political leader?
9. The palace of Knossos is in which Greek island?
10. "Palace Depression" in New Jersey, described as "the strangest house in the world", was what kind of building?

Above the Fold - November 10, 2011

Above the Fold is a Web-based newsletter published by OCLC Research. It has been developed to serve a broad international readership from libraries, archives and museums - November 10 2011 - Vol. 4, No. 40 now available

Thursday, December 01, 2011

LibLime makes all code within LibLime Koha available

LibLime has announced the public release of LibLime Koha 4.8 LibLime Koha 4.8 represents the innovation, ideas, and talents of many professional librarians with whom LibLime enjoys working and with whom we look forward to a continued professional partnership in years to come

Occupy Wall Street Library releases writing prompt

The online version of the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology has just added one hundred new pages as poems arrive from all over the world

Search the 1861 Scottish census on findmypast.co.uk

You can now search for your ancestors in the 1861 census for Scotland on findmypast.co.uk. The census contains more than 3 million new records, which we have re-transcribed to ensure that you can see detailed and accurate information about your Scottish ancestors

WorldCat Local adds A-Z list

A new A-Z journal list feature now available for WorldCat Local gives library users even more ways to find the journal or journal article that they're looking for. Users can now browse a library's collections with an integrated A-Z listing of available e-journals, made possible by the WorldCat knowledge base. The A-Z list completes the OpenURL resolver functionality available for WorldCat Local libraries: inbound and outbound linking and the A-Z list are included at no additional charge to subscribers