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Monday, October 31, 2005

Mingle at the British Library

The British Library is to hold its second Mingle evening – an opportunity for anyone who is single, likes to talk and wants to make friends. Following the success of the 2004 Mingle, this is your chance to network with like-minded individuals and enjoy a drink at a private view of our 'Beautiful Minds – Capture the spirit of Nobel achievement' exhibition on 5 December. Beautiful Minds looks at the history of the Nobel Prize, focusing specifically on 30 individual Prize-winners, over the whole range of six prizes – Peace, Physics, Chemistry, Economic Sciences, Physiology or Medicine, and Literature – from the past 100 years

Evaluating academic libraries

Evaluating academic libraries - an event for HE and HE library staff - 2 March 2006 - Wolverhampton, UK

Ariadne - Issue 45

Ariadne - Issue 45, October 2005 is now available. Ariadne is targeted principally at information science professionals in academia, and also to interested lay people both in and beyond the Higher Education community. Its main geographic focus is the UK, but it is widely read in the US and worldwide

Sunday, October 30, 2005

RLG joins the Open Content Alliance

RLG, a not-for-profit organization of over 150 research libraries, archives, and museums has announced that it will be a contributor to and partner with the Open Content Alliance, a consortium that is building a permanent archive of digitized text and multimedia content. Generally, textual material from the OCA will be free to read, and in most cases, available for saving or printing using formats such as PDF. Works collected by the OCA will include cultural, historical, and multimedia content from libraries, archives, and publishers. Partners are leading businesses and cultural heritage institutions, including the Internet Archive, the California Digital Library, Yahoo, Adobe, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft

Journals offer NIH wider research access

More than 50 medical and scientific non-profit publishers, representing more than 120 journals, have offered the National Institutes of Health access to their contents free of charge through their current links to the NIH's PubMed Central data archive. The links actually have existed for more than six years, but only a few journals have offered all of their contents -- newly released and older articles alike -- to non-subscribers for free. The journals embracing this policy for the first time will provide access to studies in plant science, dairy science, dentistry, entomology and ornithology in addition to new areas of biomedical research. From UPI

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice is a new open-access, peer-reviewed journal due to begin publication in the spring of 2006. The purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for librarians to discover research which can contribute to best-practice decision making. Published quarterly by Learning Services, University of Alberta, this journal will provide original research and feature articles in the area of evidence based library and information practice as well as critically appraised reviews of existing research (evidence summaries)

Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference

Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference - March 23-25, 2006 - Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Calling British Librarian Bloggers!

Phil Bradley is trying to get together a list of British Librarians who are blogging

ALCTS Newsletter Online

ALCTS Newsletter Online - Volume 16, Number 5 - IFLA Reports From the 2005 World Library and Information Conference, Oslo, August 14–18, 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Famous Ships. Answers here

1. Which British passenger liner sank on her maiden voyage on April 14-15, 1912?
2. Name the British survey ship that carried Charles Darwin as ship's naturalist when it explored South America and the Pacific Islands for five years.
3. Name the leaky old craft which was the title of a 1935 novel by C. S. Forester, filmed in 1951 with Humphrey Bogart as Charlie Allnutt.
4. Name the yacht in which Francis Chichester made the first solo sailing voyage around the world.
5. Which Tudor warship (Henry VIII's flagship) sank in 1545 in Portsmouth Harbour (its hull was raised in 1982)?
6. Name the ship in which Jason sailed in search of the Golden Fleece.
7. Which ghost ship, haunting the seas around the Cape of Good Hope, inspired an 1843 opera by Wagner?
8. In R. L. Stevenson's story "Treasure Island", what was the name of the ship in which Jim Hawkins set sail with Squire Trelawney?
9. Which famous clipper ship, built at Dumbarton in 1869, is preserved as a museum at Greenwich in London?
10. Tinkerbelle crossed which ocean in 1965, the smallest vessel to make the passage up to that time?


EDUCAUSE 2006 - October 9-12 - Dallas, Texas


The fall 2005 issue of CONSERline, newsletter of the CONSER Program is now available

Journal of the Medical Library Association

The Journal of the Medical Library Association - Volume 93 Number 4, October 2005 - is now available online

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Internet Resources Newsletter - Issue 134

Internet Resources Newsletter - Issue 134 - November 2005 - edited by Roddy MacLeod, Heriot-Watt University, is now available

The Google Print Controversy: A Bibliography

The Google Print Controversy: A Bibliography. This bibliography presents selected electronic works about Google Print that are freely available on the Internet. It has a special focus on the legal issues associated with this project


Call for papers: DIAL'06 - 2nd International Conference on Document Image Analysis for Libraries - April 27-28, 2006 - Lyon, France

Free Pint Newsletter 193

Free Pint Newsletter 193 - 27 October 2005 - now available

LILAC 2006

Call for papers: LILAC 2006: Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference - 27-29 March 2006 - University of Leeds, UK

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Renaissance Library Calendar 2006

The Renaissance Library Calendar 2006 - 12 colour photographs of beautiful old libraries, from 597AD to 1838, with brief history and description of items of special interest

Chartres Cathedral image collection

Detailed images of soaring aisles, delicate carvings, and stained-glass windows from the 12th and 13th centuries are captured on a new University of Pittsburgh Web site documenting the famous French Cathedral of Chartres (11th-16th centuries), located approximately 50 miles southwest of Paris. A joint project of the University's Digital Research Library and Pitt Professor of Art History Alison Stones, the new Web site provides access to more than 3,000 high-resolution images of Chartres Cathedral, each accompanied by descriptive information

International Conference on the Arts in Society

International Conference on the Arts in Society - To be held in conjunction with the Edinburgh International Arts Festivals, the conference will include leading artists, arts practitioners and theorists through paper presentations, workshops and colloquia. The conference venue, the University of Edinburgh, is located near the heart of the various Edinburgh Festival activities - 15-18 August 2006

What's New at OECD

What's New at OECD - Librarians Edition - October 2005

The Open Library

The Open Library website was created by the Internet Archive to demonstrate a way that books can be represented online. The vision is to create free web access to important book collections from around the world. Books are scanned and then offered in an easy-to-use interface for free reading online. If they're in the public domain, the books can be downloaded, shared and printed for free. They can also be printed for a nominal fee by a third party, who will bind and mail the book to you

MSN Search announces MSN Book Search

MSN Search has announced its intention to launch MSN Book Search, which will support MSN Search's efforts to help people find exactly what they're looking for on the Web, including the content from books, academic materials, periodicals and other print resources. MSN Search intends to launch an initial beta of this offering next year. MSN also intends to join the Open Content Alliance (OCA) and work with the organization to scan and digitize publicly available print materials, as well as work with copyright owners to legally scan protected materials

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nearly 60 years of Human Relations digitized by SAGE Publications

As part of a major project, SAGE Publications has announced that it has digitized the last 59 years of Human Relations. As a result SAGE is able to offer access to all Human Relations content dating back to 1948 on SAGE Journals Online for no additional cost to an institutional subscription in 2006

AGent Digital Collections

Auto-Graphics, Inc. has announced the availability of AGent Digital Collections, a Web-based collection preservation and delivery product designed to assist small and medium-sized public libraries, academic institutions, and cultural heritages with the creation and display of their digital collections

A Race Against Time: Preserving Our Audiovisual Media

A Race Against Time: Preserving Our Audiovisual Media. This program is intended for curators, librarians, archivists, collection managers, and other staff who are involved in managing machine-based media collections in cultural institutions - November 14-15, 2005 - The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Early New Zealand Books digital collection

The University of Auckland Library has announced the official launch of its Early New Zealand Books digital collection. The collection currently comprises 20 books (23 volumes) including the majority of those published in the first half of the 19th century. The books are keyword searchable, individually or as a collection, with keyword-in-context displays of hit terms at three different levels of inclusiveness. Searches can be limited to words and phrases in picture captions and chapter summaries, if desired. All the illustrations are available at original size and double size for viewing detail

Developing public libraries: national strategies in Europe

Developing public libraries: national strategies in Europe - International seminar. Opening presentation by Chris Batt, response from SEMLAC, European perspectives given by senior library planners from Finland, France, Germany and Spain, round-table discussion with all speakers - 11 November 2005 - London, UK

SirsiDynix-ALA-APA Award

The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association is seeking nominations for the second annual SirsiDynix-ALA-APA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Salaries and Status for Library Workers. The application deadline is December 1, 2005

Investor Education @ your library

The American Library Association and the Investor Protection Trust are teaming with the editors of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine to carry out investor education in America's public libraries. Investor Education @ your library is funded by a grant from IPT, a nonprofit organization dedicated to investor education. This new initiative is part of ALA's Campaign for America's Libraries


WWW2006 - The 15th International World Wide Web Conference - news, speakers, travel information, and more for WWW2006, held in Edinburgh, Scotland, May 22-26, 2006

Monday, October 24, 2005

One month of fee access to Smithsonian Global Sound

Alexander Street Press is offering open free access to all 35,000 audio tracks from Smithsonian Global Sound until November 23, 2005. There's truly something for everyone here - music from every country and ethnic group, songs for every musical taste and every age, literature readings, political speeches, freedom and protest songs - even the sounds of the rainforest

XML Conference and Exposition 2005

The reliable source for everything XML, XML 2005 is the largest independent XML conference, designed for professionals who want to use XML and related technologies to produce higher-quality data, increase production speed, and save money. The conference attracts leading experts and practitioners from around the world to explore the entire universe of XML-based technologies, including web services, publishing, data integration, information management, and evolving applications - November 14-18 - Atlanta, GA

Information Skills Masterclasses and Career Development Talks

Speakers have been announced for Information Skills Masterclasses and Career Development Talks, being given at Online Information, November 29-December 1, 2005 in London, UK

German publishers to build own online book network

German publishers, keen to defend their copyrights as Internet search engines seek to put the world's literature online, aim to set up their own web-based database allowing readers to browse, borrow or buy books. Search engine Google has angered publishers with proposals to scan copyrighted works without permission to make them searchable online. Critics fear the digital repository of books it would build up would give it a monopoly on culture

Public Library Building Awards 2005 announced

The winners of the 2005 Public Library Buildings Awards were announced at the Public Libraries Authorities Conference 2005 on 19 October. The prestigious awards are run by the Public Libraries Group (PLG) of CILIP, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. They act as indicators of professional library development, and as benchmarks of public library building facilities, reflecting the major changes in library provision in the 21st century

Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has announced that the full text of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Academy's official clinical journal, is available online

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Stanford on iTunes

Stanford on iTunes will provide alumni, as well as the general public, with a new and versatile way of staying connected to the university through downloads of faculty lectures, campus events, performances, book readings, music recorded by Stanford students and even podcasts of Stanford football games. At launch, the service will contain close to 400 distinct audio programs, and the university will continue to add new content as it becomes available

EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2006

EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2006 - Staying Agile, Maintaining Balance: Solutions from a Sea of Technology - January 10-12, 2006 - Baltimore, MD

The Stockholm Challenge Award 2006

The Stockholm Challenge Award 2006 invites excellent ICT projects from all over the world to compete for the prestigious Challenge trophies. The Challenge is searching for the best initiatives that accelerate the use of information technology for the social and economic benefit of citizens and communities. The objective is to help local entrepreneurs, who work to close the digital divide, by bringing in research communities, development organisations and strong corporate initiatives

Saturday, October 22, 2005

UKeiG at Online 2005

UKeiG, the UK eInformation Group, is a professional body for users and developers of electronic information resources. They will be reporting and commenting, via their blog, on Online 2005. The conference and exhibition will take place in London, UK, November 29-December 1

Ovid Lingua announced

Ovid Technologies has announced the launch of a new multi-language content platform, Ovid Lingua. This new platform helps publishers provide quick, easy access to electronic books and journals through a unique interface that supports almost 80 languages other than English

CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication

CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI4) - 20-22 October 2005 - Geneva, Switzerland. Webcasts available online

ALA 2006 Annual Conference in New Orleans

The American Library Association is to hold its 2006 Annual Conference in New Orleans

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Sports. Everyone knows about familiar sports like football and tennis, but here are some questions to test your knowledge of lesser-known sports. Answers here

1. In Scottish athletics, what is the name for the heavy wooden pole that must be carried upright and then tipped end over end?
2. On what surface is the game of curling played?
3. What is the name for the athletic contest consisting of seven events: the 100 metres hurdles, shot put, javelin, high jump, long jump and races over 200 and 800 metres?
4. The game "real tennis" is played indoors: true or false?
5. What is the name for the type of cross-country race in which competitors use a map and compass to find their way through unfamiliar territory?
6. What is the name for the Korean martial art and unarmed combat sport similar to karate and getting its name from three Korean words for "kick", "fist" and "method?"
7. In which stick-and-ball game are the goals known as "hails" and the sticks known as "camans?"
8. In the game of jai alai, what do players wear strapped to their wrists to propel the ball against a wall?
9. The game of fives, resembling handball, developed in different forms in three British public schools. Name one of these schools.
10. Octopush is a form of hockey played in which unusual place?

Archiving 2006

Archiving 2006 - May 23-26, 2006 - Ottawa, Canada. The IS&T Archiving Conference provides a unique forum to assemble international experts from industry, government, cultural heritage institutions, universities, and research institutes to discuss the complex and diverse topics related to the theory and practice of archiving personal and institutional collections

Information Today weblog at Internet Librarian 2005

The Information Today weblog is now up and running at Internet Librarian 2005. The conference itself takes place October 24-26, 2005 at the Monterey Conference Center, California

Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair is now underway, and continues until October 23

LLRX.com updated

LLRX.com October 15, 2005 update is now online/ LLRX.com is a unique, free Web journal dedicated to providing legal, library, IT/IS, marketing and administrative professionals with the most up-to-date information on a wide range of Internet research and technology-related issues, applications, resources and tools, since 1996

Librarians' Internet Index New This Week

Librarians' Internet Index New This Week - October 20, 2005

The Information Poor and the Information Don't Care: Small Libraries and the Digital Divide

The Information Poor and the Information Don't Care: Small Libraries and the Digital Divide presented in-person and live on the Internet by Jessamyn West - October 26, 2005 - San Jose State University, California

Oxford Digital Reference Shelf

Oxford Digital Reference Shelf - "created from Oxford's award-winning print scholarly references, these e-reference resources are fully searchable with remote access available anytime, anywhere. Buy any number of titles to fit your library's collection needs and deliver Oxford's authoritative reference content to your users' desktops and laptops"

100 best novels

Critics from TIME have picked their 100 best novels from 1923 to the present

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oxford Journals rolls out LOCKSS programme

Oxford Journals has announce that it is to begin preserving its content in Stanford University's LOCKSS Programme. The LOCKSS Programme (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) is a community based, open source, persistent access digital preservation system. It enables publishers to guarantee long term perpetual access to their content, by allowing libraries to store, preserve, and provide back-up access to the content they have purchased. Oxford Journals' participation in the LOCKSS Programme further reinforces their commitment to providing long term accessibility, following their archiving agreement with the National Library of the Netherlands, Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) in 2004, and their current backfile digitization programme, due for completion in early 2006

Web 2.0: Current Realities and a Look to the Future

Web 2.0: Current Realities and a Look to the Future. Web 2.0 is a buzz word for the tech community, but this NFAIS-sponsored, one-day event focuses on the concepts of Web 2.0 as specifically applicable to the information community (libraries, content providers, vendors, etc.) - November 18, 2005 - PALINET Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA

People's Network launches Enquire, Discover and Read

England's public libraries are joining forces to provide a suite of new online services - Enquire, Discover and Read. Managed by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council the new services will be available for the first time from a single national website for public libraries with cutting edge 24/7 library services to help answer any question, guide you through the web and explore books and reading online

Journal of Digital Information

Journal of Digital Information Volume 6, Issue 2 is now available

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Information Research - October, 2005 available

Information Research - Volume 11 No 1 - October, 2005 - now available online

Burnishing the Lamp of Memory

Burnishing the Lamp of Memory: Documentation and Preservation in the Digital Age. This International Colloquium on digital heritage and preservation will explore the application of digital technologies to the fields of preservation, archiving and curatorship. It is accompanied by an exhibition of representative methods for archiving and collection, which feature pieces from the Universities of Stanford, Venice and Abertay Dundee - University of Abertay Dundee - 10 November 2005

LOEX Conference 2006

LOEX Conference 2006: Moving Targets: Understanding Our Changing Landscapes - May 5-6, 2006 - University of Maryland, College Park

iPRES presentations now available

Live recordings of the presentations at the International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES) - 15–16 September 2005 in Göttingen, as well as the respective PDF documents, are now online

RLG DigiNews

RLG DigiNews - Volume 9, Number 5 now available

Healthline introduces consumer healthcare search engine

Healthline has announced the first Internet search engine dedicated to consumer healthcare

Promotional materials for National Library Week 2006

New promotional materials for National Library Week - April 2-8, 2006 - are now available to help libraries reach out to their communities

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Saskatchewan Library Week 2005

Saskatchewan Library Week 2005 - October 17-23 - Saskatchewan Library Week is a province-wide, annual event, which promotes the wonderful resources and services that libraries have to offer. Saskatchewan Library Week is celebrated throughout Saskatchewan in all types of libraries, in both urban and rural communities and by all age groups. The Saskatchewan Library Association has proudly presented this weeklong celebration for the past 28 years

Internet Librarian International 2005 - Presentation Links

Links to presentations given at Internet Librarian International 2005 last week in London, UK are now available online


Call for Participation: ED-MEDIA 2006 - World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications - June 26-30, 2006 - Orlando, Florida. Submissions due December 19, 2005

NEMLAC News eBulletin

North East Museums, Libraries and Archives Council News e-Bulletin 91 - 17 October 2005 is now available

Establishing an Institutional Repository Workshop

LITA Regional Institute: Establishing an Institutional Repository Workshop. This program is intended for librarians, administrators, and computer professionals at institutions with an IR project under consideration or in early stages of development. The material will be oriented to an audience from academic and research institutions because current IR use is most prevalent at those organizations - November 21, 2005 - New York

Integrating Electronic Reference Resources into the Library

Speakers are sought for the RUSA MARS Hot Topics Discussion Group to be held January 21, 2006 at the ALA Midwinter conference in San Antonio. The session, tentatively titled, Integrating Electronic Reference Resources into the Library, will likely be a mix of 2-3 presentations followed by group discussion. Presenters should be able to speak about some of the following topics: transitioning from print only reference collections to hybrid collections, the development of web applications that facilitate access to electronic reference resources, integration of reference resources into course management systems, OPACs, metasearch tools, and/or chat email software, etc. Case studies are sought from all types of libraries. Interested speakers should contact either Matthew Bejune mbejune@purdue.edu or Mark Dehmlow mdehmlow@nd.edu, Chair and Co Chair of the Hot Topics in Electronic Reference Discussion Group by November 1st

D-Lib Magazine October 2005

D-Lib Magazine October 2005 is now avialable

Free Jazz Information Science by Roy Tennant

Free Jazz Information Science by Roy Tennant — Library Journal - October 15, 2005.

This column was inspired and named by a respected colleague in an Internet chat room. A chat room is basically instant messaging in a crowd—well, a crowd of your closest friends, or at least those who show up. In this case, it was a chat room for library software developers. Since these people are creating our future, when they talk, I tend to listen. But as soon as Ross Singer from Georgia Tech announced the eponymous phrase, I knew exactly what he meant...

National Center for Open Source Policy and Research

The National Center for Open Source Policy and Research (NCOSPR) is a non-profit organization established to promote the use of open source software solutions within government IT enterprise environments for the benefit of government agencies, and public sector entities. NCOSPR accomplishes this by serving as a facilitator and administrator of development and implementation services among government, academic, open source community and information technology (IT) industry developers, distribution and user communities


The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has announced the debut of its new weblog, ACRLog. The ACRLog aims to discuss the issues of the day in the field of academic and research librarianship. It will strive to get you thinking about what you do, why you do it, and how it fits into this enterprise we call higher education. The team of bloggers will stimulate thinking about the professional issues that impact you, your library, your user community, and academic librarianship. The blog also will offer conference reports and news items

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian grant applications

The Institute of Museum and Library Service (IMLS) invites America's libraries, archives, library agencies, associations and consortia, to apply for the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian grant program, (formerly called Librarians for the 21st Century). IMLS will award over $21 million under this program to help recruit and educate librarians and strengthen graduate schools of library and information science in FY 2006. The application deadline is December 15, 2005

HighWire Press releases millionth free journal article

On October 6 2005, the millionth scholarly journal article was made freely available to users worldwide by publishers hosted by HighWire Press, a division of the Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Post offices could merge with libraries

Essex County Council in England is looking at "a merger" between its out of town libraries and post offices as a way of offering people "a new range of opportunities", encouraging reading and saving rural facilities

Cites & Insights 5:12

Cites & Insights 5:12 (November 2005) is now available for downloading

Biblio Tech Review

The October 2005 issue of Biblio Tech Review is now available

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Grammy Awards. Answers here

1. Which US actor and singer won a Grammy Award in 1998 for his recording of the theme song of the film "Men in Black"?
2. Which US singer-songwriter received a Grammy for Best New Artist in 1971 and later recorded "You're So Vain" and "Nobody Does It Better"?
3. Which American singer won two Grammy Awards for her 1979 album "Dionne"?
4. Which South African choral group won a Grammy with their 1987 album "Shaka Zulu," produced by Paul Simon?
5. Which Irish rock group won two Grammy Awards in 2001 for their song "Beautiful Day"?
6. Which American singer won a Grammy Award for "Truly" from his 1982 debut solo album?
7. Which English blues and rock guitarist received six Grammy Awards in 1993 for his acoustic album "Unplugged"?
8. Whose debut album "No Way Out" (1997) won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album?
9. In 1984 which American trumpeter became the first musician to win Grammy Awards in jazz and classical music?
10. Which US composer won a Grammy in 1989 for his opera "Nixon in China"?

Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love

Berkshire Publishing has announce that it is accepting nominations for inclusion in Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love. This beautiful coffee table book will showcase 75 of America's beloved public libraries, and will be replete with stories, photographs, and local histories. The book will be published in June 2006, and the list of public libraries to be included will be announced at ALA's midwinter meeting in San Antonio

Baker & Taylor and OCLC announce cataloging partnership

Baker & Taylor and OCLC Online Computer Library Center have announced a partnership that will offer OCLC cataloging records to subscribers who receive books and audio visual materials from the Baker & Taylor family of companies

2002 National Book Award finalists

The 2005 National Book Award finalists have been announced

Librarians' Internet Index New This Week

Librarians' Internet Index New This Week - October 13, 2005

JISC unveils plans to invest extra 80m pounds in UK education and research

Following awards amounting to an extra 80m pounds of capital funding over two years, JISC has announced plans to invest further in a range of activities to support UK education and research from 2006 to 2008. The funds, awarded by HEFCE, will significantly enhance the UK's digital infrastructure and bring a wide range of benefits to the higher education and research sectors

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 goes to Harold Pinter "who in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle and forces entry into oppression's closed rooms"

Online Information Blog

Online Information Blog has been developed to provide a dedicated forum for discussion on information industry issues as part of Online Information 2005, the world's leading conference and exhibition for online content and information management solutions, taking place from 29 November-1 December 2005 at Olympia Grand Hall, London, UK

U.S. Government Manual 2005-2006

The U.S. Government Manual 2005-2006 edition is now available from GPO Access

The Shakespeare Collection

The Shakespeare Collection from Thomson Learning - A global online research environment for Shakespeare studies. Comprehensive, cross-searchable coverage of Shakespeare's work, critical reception, textual history, performance history and cultural and historical context. The main features of The Shakespeare Collection are:

The complete Arden Shakespeare (texts, notes, introductions and commentaries) all full-text and fully-searchable.
The inclusion of primary sources, historical editions, and contemporary criticism, all full-text and fully-searchable.
The facility to compare texts on screen line by line, scene by scene, by using the "compare texts" feature

2006 LITA National Forum: Call for Proposals

The 2006 National Forum Committee seeks proposals for high quality concurrent sessions and/or poster sessions for the 9th annual LITA National Forum to be held in Nashville, Tennessee October 26-29, 2006. Theme: NetVille in Nashville: Web Services as Library Services. Libraries are increasingly being asked to provide services through the web. Often these services need to inter-operate with many disparate web environments. Web services and related standards offer an opportunity to provide these services to users. How do web services work together? How do they help us work together? What are some practical applications of web services as library services?

Free Pint Newsletter 192

Free Pint Newsletter 192 - 13 October 2005 - now available

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ALPSP Training 2006 programme

ALPSP Training 2006 programme now online

2005 Quill Book Awards

The winners of the 2005 Quill Book Awards have been announced

Blooker rewards books from blogs

The best books based on blogs are to be recognised in their own literary prize. Dubbed the Blooker Prize, the annual award will reward the best writers of literary works that started life as online journals. Prominent net activist Cory Doctorow will chair the judging panel and the author of the winning Blooker will get a modest cash prize. The Blooker's first shortlist will be announced in March next year and the first winner in 3 April 2006

Third Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication

Third Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication - Beyond Declarations - The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Communication - 24-25 April 2006 - Lund, Sweden

Google Librarian Center

Google Librarian Center - Librarians and Google share a mission: to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. We support librarians like yourself who work each day to further that mission. This page is a first step toward improving and expanding that support

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

PAIS Archive now available through the CSA Illumina platform

The complete PAIS Archive is now available through the CSA Illumina platform. PAIS Archive is a retrospective database supplementing PAIS International containing more than one million records. Earlier this year, the initial release of PAIS Archive provided backfiles to 1937. This release provides complete access back to 1915

Ovid expands electronic content offerings for the academic community

Ovid has announced that it is working with premier global publishers to license new humanities, arts, social science, and engineering content. The new content will be made available on Ovid's Gateway and SilverPlatter platforms that support the research activities of faculty and students at academic institutions all over the world

Electronic Collection Development: Collecting and Organizing Web Resources

Electronic Collection Development: Collecting and Organizing Web Resources is offered in-person as well as Web-based this Fall. In-Person Workshops Fall 2005:

October 28, 2005, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
November 9, 2005, Strayer University-Lower Bucks County Campus, Trevose, PA

Public Library Association - 11th National Conference

Public Library Association - 11th National Conference - March 21-25 2006 - Boston, MA. The Early Bird deadline is January 11 and the Advance Registration deadline is February 22

Monday, October 10, 2005

Man Booker Prize winner for 2005

John Banville has been named the winner of the 50,000 pounds Man Booker Prize for Fiction with The Sea, published by Picador

New Communications Blogzine

New Communications Blogzine is dedicated to exploring new communications tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication, (including blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasts, search marketing, etc.), the growing phenomena of participatory communications and their effect on traditional media, professional communications, business, politics and society at large

The World Almanac E-Newsletter

The World Almanac E-Newsletter - Volume 05, Number 10 — October 2005 is now available

Internet Librarian International 2005 unofficial Wiki

Internet Librarian International 2005 unofficial Wiki for the conference being held in London, England on October 10-11, 2005 is now up and running

Information Today October journals

The October 2005 issues of Computers in Libraries, Information Today, Searcher, and ONLINE are now available

Find in a Library

Find in a Library lets you use Web search sites such as Yahoo! and Google to locate books, videos and other materials in a library near you. When your search term matches words associated with a library-owned item, such as the title or the author's name, your search results can include a link for that item with the prefix "Find in a Library"

ProQuest to create digital archive of British periodicals

ProQuest Information and Learning will digitize nearly 6 million pages of British periodicals from the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, creating direct access for humanities scholars to the breadth of texts that captured both daily life and landmark thought of the time. Upon its release in early 2006, the archive, entitled British Periodicals, will encompass 160 periodicals, building to nearly 500 within two years. ProQuest Information and Learning is an electronic publisher of content for libraries and educational institutions worldwide

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Scirus Partners with Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

Elsevier has announced a landmark partnership between Scirus, its free science-specific search engine, and the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations to add the extensive collection of theses and dissertations of its member institutes to Scirus. In addition to indexing the content on Scirus.com, Scirus will power a search service on the repository's site. The service will ensure this content will be easier to find on both the NDLTD and Scirus websites. The launch of the service was announced this week in Sydney at NDLTD's annual conference ETD2005

The Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge

The Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge - 7th Annual Conference - May 20-23, 2006 - Timberline Lodge, one hour east of Portland, on the slope of Mt. Hood

RFID Technologies: Standards and Integration in the Information Environment

NISO-Texas Center for Digital Knowledge Institute: RFID Technologies: Standards and Integration in the Information Environment - October 25-26, 2005 - University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Forthcoming titles from BioMed Central

Biological Knowledge
Biology Direct
Diagnostic Pathology
International Breastfeeding Journal
Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration
Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine
Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy
Synthetic and Systems Biology

New content now available in HeinOnline

HeinOnLine has announced the release of nearly 88,000 new pages. This update includes additions to both the Law Journal Library collection and Legal Classics Library collection. To date, there are 725 journals in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library collection, and more than 200 titles in HeinOnline's Legal Classics Library collection

Library of Congress announces award to Portico

The Library of Congress' National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) has announced that it is making a $3 million grant award for the development of Portico, a nonprofit electronic archiving service being developed by Ithaka. Ithaka is a nonprofit organization with offices in New York City and Princeton, N.J., that provides a range of services to assist in the creation and development of promising new projects that benefit higher education

Creative Commons Fundraising Campaign

Creative Commons needs your support.

Over the past three years, we have offered authors and creators simple tools to mark their content with the freedom they believe it should carry. These tools have helped build a movement. There are now over fifty-million objects on the web that link back to our licenses. There are hundreds of volunteers working to spread our free licenses across the globe. To come this far, we have relied upon the substantial support of major foundations. But now we need to show the world that our support reaches beyond foundation boardrooms

Info@UK Issue 55

Info@UK Issue 55, October 2005, is now available from The British Council

A Communication Handbook for Libraries

A Communication Handbook for Libraries from the American Library Association - This handbook was designed to help librarians and others develop and maintain effective relations with the media and win support for libraries and their programs, all with minimal use of precious resources. Starting with the basics, it explains what publicity is and how it can help a library attract attention, create interest and gain support and continues through creating a plan to connect with media

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Song Titles. Answers here

1. Which song did Elton John revive in 1997 as a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales?
2. A special phrase was popularized by singer Pearl Bailey in her 1952 hit song It Takes Two to...what?
3. Complete the title of this song performed by Procol Harum in the late 1960s: A Whiter Shade of...what?
4. A hit song performed by Bill Haley and the Comets popularized the 1950s phrase: See You Later...what?
5. Lou Reed's 1972 hit song "Walk on the Wild Side" was an ode to the denizens of the movies of which film-maker of the 1960s?
6. Which song by Bob Dylan, released in 1965 on his album "Bringing It All Back Home," became a hit for the Byrds?
7. Complete the title of this jazzy song from "The Threepenny Opera," which was a hit for Bobby Darin in 1959: Mack the... what?
8. What was the title of the song recorded by Band Aid in 1984 to help famine victims in Ethiopia?
9. Which 1996 hit song by the British rock band Oasis echoed the title of a 1956 play by John Osborne?
10. Dolly Parton was enabled to launch her solo career in 1974 with the international success of which song?

IWAW05 papers online

Papers and presentations from 5th International Web Archiving Workshop (IWAW05) held in conjunction with the 8th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries - September 22-23 2005, Vienna, Austria, are now available

Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue

The Alliance Library System, www.LibrariesMatter.com, and TumbleBooks Inc have announced the launch of a new animated online book entitled Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue. The book, in both online and downloadable format, is available free to all public libraries and elementary schools in North America for use on their websites. "Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue" is the charming tale, told in rhyming verse, of a young girl who shows her family and neighbors how important the library is to them and their community

The Nature Podcast

Each week Nature will be publishing a free audio show, featuring highlights from the current issue of Nature and interviews with the people behind the science. You can listen to the file directly, or subscribe via podcasting software such as iTunes with the RSS feed

Call for papers for IASSIST 2006

The International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology (IASSIST) invites your participation in its 32nd annual conference entitled Data in a World of Networked Knowledge on May 22-26, 2006 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The conference will be preceded by workshops and followed by optional weekend activities in the Ann Arbor area

Americans for Libraries listening tour

Americans for Libraries Council has announced that Salinas, California would be the first stop in a listening tour to hear citizens' visions for the future of their community libraries and to learn about funding approaches in different regions of the country. A public forum on Saturday, October 8, 2005 at the National Steinbeck Center will kick off the listening tour. Salinas' community leaders and members of the public will be asked to express their views on the future needs for information, learning programs and civic space, and their expectations regarding the libraries' capacities to meet these needs

Librarians' Internet Index New This Week

Librarians' Internet Index New This Week - October 6, 2005

Thursday, October 06, 2005

ALA 2006 Midwinter Meeting

ALA 2006 Midwinter Meeting - January 20-25, 2006 - San Antonio, Texas

Library 101

Library 101: What You Need to Know to Provide Good Library Service in the 21st Century. An Infopeople Online Learning Course aimed at new library staff and paraprofessionals without formal training in library science. It will answer basic questions about the kinds of fundamental library issues that can quickly turn into hot topics: staff rights and responsibilities, user access and fees for service, book selection and censorship, library funding and outsourcing, and reader privacy - November 15, 2005-December 19, 2005

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yahoo! Site Explorer

The Yahoo! search database contains detailed information about the structure of the web. In addition to the web pages themselves, the database stores information about links among pages, and uses that information (as well as additional algorithms) to gauge the popularity of a given page. Site Explorer gives you access to this information so you can learn about a site. To explore a site, you submit a URL using a search box, just as you would for a normal web search. You can then click links on the results page to see detailed information

SPARC Open Access Newsletter

SPARC Open Access Newsletter, issue #90 - October 2, 2005 is now available

Knowledge Wise - September 2005

Knowledge Wise - Content, Publishing and Knowledge Management Trends in Context - September 2005 issue now available

The CWA Gold and Silver Daggers shortlist

These daggers are awarded to the best crime novel of the year and the runner-up. As well as the daggers, winners receive a cheque for respectively 3000 and 2000 pounds. This award is sponsored by the membership of the CWA. The winners will be annouced, and the awards made, at the Dagger Awards Luncheon in London on November 8. The guest speaker will be Terry Pratchett

Library and Information Research

The Spring 2005 Special Issue of Library and Information Research on the LIRG/SCONUL Impact Initiative is now freely available

Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks, 1897-1911

The Library of Congress's Rare Book & Special Collections Division has announced the release of a new digital collection, Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks, 1897-1911: From the collection of Elizabeth Smith Miller and Anne Fitzhugh Miller

2005 WLA/MPLA Conference Webcast and Blog

The Wyoming Library Association and the Mountain Plains Library Association have announced that they will be webcasting their joint conference October 12-14, 2005

Blogging Outloud: Shifts in Public Voice

At the LITA National Forum last week in San Jose, Danah Boyd gave a keynote address called Blogging Outloud: Shifts in Public Voice. A rough, unedited crib of the actual talk is now available

CLIR Issues - Number 47

CLIR Issues - Number 47 September/October 2005 - is now available from the Council on Library and Information Resources

Cambridge University Press Journals helps Hurricanes Katrina and Rita victims

Any librarians for whom online access to Cambridge Journals Online has been disrupted, print collections have been damaged, or for whom 2006 renewals are an area of concern, are asked to please contact Kathy Leary, Journals Sales Associate, at 212-337-5997 or kleary@cambridge.org. Likewise, any researchers whose arrangements have been affected are also asked to please contact Kathy Leary

Internet Librarian International 2005 unofficial Wiki

Internet Librarian International 2005 unofficial Wiki for the conference being held in London, England on October 10-11, 2005

i2010 Digital Libraries

Digital Libraries are organised collections of digital content made available to the public. They can consist of digital copies of books or be based on information produced in digital form. The i2010: Digital Libraries initiative aims at making European information resources easier and more interesting to use in an on-line environment

HarperCollins Library Services

HarperCollins Library Services offers information on everything from booking authors at your library, reading group guides, authors on the road, library conferences, newsletter sign-ups, book giveaways and much more

Hackfest projects needed

Hackfest 2005, associated with the Access conference (Edmonton, Alberta, October 17) needs projects! A roomful of library geeks stand ready to realize your dream application! (Or at least come as close to it as possible in a day's work)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Orange Prize for Fiction Best of the Best winner

Andrea Levy's Small Island was chosen by a panel comprising the ten chairs of judges from the ten years of the Orange Prize for Fiction as the best Orange Prize for Fiction winner over the 10 years that the Prize has been running

October 2005 issue of First Monday

October 2005 issue of First Monday is now available online

Seeking out the hidden web

City Information Group October seminar: Seeking out the hidden web presented by Karen Blakeman - 13 October 2005 - London, UK

The Company of Biologists 2006 journal pricing

The Company of Biologists has announced 2006 pricing for its journals, Development, Journal of Cell Science and The Journal of Experimental Biology

E-book: the new serial?

E-book: the new serial? - A seminar on e-books: business models, usage and marketing - The British Library, London - 9 November 2005

Digital Watch

Digital Watch - This OJS publication contains articles and other items related to Digital Libraries written/produced by members of the LIS2901 Digital Libraries Seminar within the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh

Keep Up! Practical Emerging Technologies for Libraries

Keep Up! Practical Emerging Technologies for Libraries - This timely and exciting full-day workshop explores a wide variety of emerging library technologies and concepts that are both important and practical for all libraries. Discover, discuss and learn to understand which emerging tech tools can help you ensure your library thrives even as its services change and develop in the "new information landscape" we are all entering - Various places and dates

Stalinka: Digital Library of Staliniana

Stalinka: Digital Library of Staliniana - archive of images of Joseph Stalin. From the University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library

Monday, October 03, 2005

Nestle Children’s Book Prize 2005 Shortlist

The shortlist for the Nestle Children's Book Prize 2005 has been announced

Archives Hub Collections of the Month, October 2005: Gratulerer med dagen!

This year, Norway celebrates a century of independence, and this month Archives Hub is highlighting collections with a Norwegian flavour

The Basque Database

The Basque Database is now available through the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries, providing multilingual access to Basque-studies books, articles, chapters, dissertations, films and other materials written or produced after 1994. Over 2,300 articles (27%) are available in open-access full-text format through the database. Twenty-six "core journals" (17 with full text) are indexed completely while other journals are indexed selectively. The subject emphases are Basque history, language and culture. The Innovative Interfaces Inc. (III) platform provides Spanish and Basque interfaces, and most of the 4,650 records for Basque-language materials and 10,000+ records for Spanish-language materials are enhanced with English-language keywords

The Open Content Alliance

The Open Content Alliance (OCA) represents the collaborative efforts of a group of cultural, technology, nonprofit, and governmental organizations from around the world that will help build a permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia content. Content in the OCA archive will be accessible soon through this website and through Yahoo! The OCA will encourage the greatest possible degree of access to and reuse of collections in the archive, while respecting the content owners and contributors

Librarians' Internet Index

Librarians' Internet Index is the new name for the Librarians' Index to the Internet. The site has been re-designed and new features have been added

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Wise Guide

The Wise Guide - monthly portal to the many resources available from the U.S. Library of Congress - October 2005 now available

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Biblio Tech Review

The September 2005 issue of Biblio Tech Review is now available

National Medical Librarians Month

The Medical Library Association (MLA) has declared October as National Medical Librarians Month

Great Read In The Park

The New York Times Great Read in The Park will be an entertaining, interactive experience, an event where New Yorkers can indulge their passion for books and reading. This page-turning celebration will be packed with events and performances - October 2, 2005