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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Wire for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Exact Editions has released The Wire for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. "The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine dedicated to informed, intelligent coverage of a wide range of progressive, adventurous and non-mainstream musics"

Preparing Your Library for RDA (USA)

Preparing Your Library for RDA - September 14-15, 2010 - Presented by Mary Beth Weber and Christopher Cronin - An ALCTS e-forum

What's the point of the public library? (BBC Radio)

What's the point of the public library? (BBCRadio)"Question: Where can you go to reduce your fear of crime, have a massage, ring a church bell, get some information about council tax, and engage in some heavy petting without being told off? Quentin Letts is surprised and sometimes disheartened by the answer; a library"

Monday, August 30, 2010

InSITE - August 23, 2010

InSITE: A Current Awareness Service of Cornell Law Library - Vol. 15, No. 24, August 23, 2010 is now available. Contents:

# Federal Register: the Daily Journal of the United States Government
# National Center for Education Statistics
# OpenNet Initiative

LISTen: The LISNews.org Podcast - Episode #118

LISTen: The LISNews.org Podcast - Episode #118. "This week's episode is a quick look at last week's zeitgeist, highlights of the "slushpile", and an editorial from Mike Kellat, the owner of Erie Looking Productions" Previous Podcasts can be found here

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Man Booker Prize app launched

Man Booker Prize app launchedThe Man Booker Prize has unveiled exciting new digital plans for the 2010 prize. These include the launch of the first literary prize app and an exclusive partnership with T-Mobile and GoSpoken

2010 Guardian first book award longlist

The longlist for the 2010 Guardian first book award has been announced:


* Mr Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt (Fig Tree)
* Boxer, Beetle by Ned Beauman (Sceptre)
* Things We Didn't See Coming by Steven Amsterdam (Harvill)
* Your Presence is Requested at Suvanto by Maile Chapman (Cape)
* Black Mamba Boy by Nadifa Mohamed (HarperCollins)


* Bomber County: The Lost Airmen of World War Two by Daniel Swift (Hamish Hamilton)
* Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error by Kathryn Schulz (Portobello)
* Romantic Moderns: English Writers, Artists and the Imagination from Virginia Woolf to John Piper by Alexandra Harris (Thames & Hudson)
* Curfewed Night: A Frontline Memoir of Life, Love and War in Kashmir by Basharat Peer (HarperCollins)


* The Floating Man by Katharine Towers (Picador)

JPEG2000 Seminar (UK)

JPEG 2000 for the practitioner. A free seminar to explore and examine the use of JPEG 2000 in the cultural heritage industry will be held at the Wellcome Trust. The seminar will include specific case studies of JPEG 2000 use. It will explain technical issues that have an impact on practical implementation of the format, and explore the context of how and why organisations may choose to use JPEG 2000. Although the seminar will have an emphasis on digitisation and digital libraries, the papers will be relevent to a range of research and creative industries. Places are limited to 80 attendees. Papers will be made available online after the event. 16 November 2010, London,UK

5th Manchester Literature Festival 2010 (UK)

5th Manchester Literature Festival 2010 - 14-25 October 2010 - Manchester, UK - "Writers will be travelling to Manchester from as far afield as North Africa, China, Scandinavia and the United States to take part in this year's festival. Our distinguished line up of guests includes UK Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney, beloved novelists Bernard Cornwell, Caryl Phillips, Lionel Shriver and Barbara Trapido, and award-winning screenwriter Heidi Thomas. The programme features a Historical Readers' Day and a series of events commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of pioneering Manchester writer, Elizabeth Gaskell. Looking to the future, we present some unique MLF commissions, including the inaugural Manchester Sermon to be delivered by Jeanette Winterson, and the translation of a short story by acclaimed Chinese writer Ding Liying. We will also be showcasing some of the UK's hottest new talent, and inspiring the next generation of readers and writers with a tempting selection of family-friendly activities. With everything from a Moomin storytelling event to a debate on horror fiction, there's something to suit all literary tastes and ages"

CARL E-Lert # 389

CARL E-Lert # 389, August 20 2010 from Canadian Association of Research Libraries. Some of this week's items: Long-form census supporters flock to committee; The University of Alberta School of Library and Information Studies welcomes Mr. Ernie Ingles as Director; Scholars Test Web Alternative to Peer Review; Looming copyright crackdown could stifle Internet users, researchers, academics say; Oracle's Android lawsuit: A Pandora's box of serious evils

Above the Fold - 20 August 2010

Above the Fold is a Web-based newsletter published by OCLC Research. It has been developed to serve a broad international readership from libraries, archives and museums - August 20, 2010 - Vol. 3, No. 28 now available

BioOne announces 2011 collections

The following titles will make their debut in BioOne on January 3, 2011:

To BioOne.1:
* Ardea, published by the Netherlands Ornithologists' Union
* Evansia, published by the American Bryological and Lichenological Society

To BioOne.2:
* Adansonia, published by the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France
* Anthropolozoologica, published by the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France
* Geodiversitas, published by the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France
* Zoosystema, published by the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France

De Gruyter 2011 subscription prices now available

Walter De Gruyter has published its 2011 price lists in USD and EUR

Friday, August 27, 2010

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog - August 25, 2010 update

The August 25, 2010 edition of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog from Charles W. Bailey, Jr. is now available. It provides information about new works related to scholarly electronic publishing, such as books, e-prints, journal articles, magazine articles, technical reports, and white papers

SPARC enews/August 2010

SPARC e-news - August 2009: a bimonthly newsletter features the latest SPARC activities, an industry roundup, upcoming workshops and events, as well as articles related to developments in scholarly communication

Official Google Blog: Google Realtime Search: a new home with new tools

Official Google Blog - "When we first introduced our real-time search features last December, we focused on bringing relevance to the freshest information on the web. Our goal was to provide real-time content from a comprehensive set of sources, integrated right into your usual search results. Today we’re making our most significant enhancements to date, giving real-time information its own home and more powerful tools to help you find what you need. Now you can access Google Realtime Search at its own address, www.google.com/realtime (the page is rolling out now and should be available soon. Use this link if you want to try out the new features right away)"

Symposium: The Life of Information

The Life of Information: a one-day symposium on the design and use of online dictionaries, encyclopedias and collections - 24 September 2010 - Australian National University

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - August 27, 2010

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Rock and Pop Groups. "This brainteaser is about rock and pop groups in popular music" Answers here.

1. Which Swedish pop group won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 with "Waterloo"?
2. "Wannabe" was the chart-topping debut single in 1996 by which pop group?
3. Paul Hewson is the lead singer of which Irish rock group formed in the 1970s?
4. "Behind the Front" was the 1998 debut album by which US hip-hop group?
5. In 1965, which pop group sang a song including the lyric "Hope I die before I get old"?
6. Which member of the Rolling Stones died in 1969?
7. Caleb Followill is the lead vocalist of which American group?
8. Fleetwood Mac got its name from the names of two of the group's members. Who were they?
9. Which pop manager created Boyzone, the Irish boy band?
10. What was the real name of Sly Stone, who led Sly & the Family Stone?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

International Journal of Library Science

"The main aim of the International Journal of Library Science is to publish refereed, well-written original research articles, and studies that describe the latest research and developments in the area of library Science and information. This is a broad-based journal covering all area of library Science, technology, information and interdisciplinary research. The library science is an interdisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives and tools of management, information technology, education and other areas to libraries. The collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information are also included in library science. International Journal of Library Science (IJLS) is a peer-reviewed journal and published two times in a year"

NTIS Technical Reports Newsletter - August 2010

NTIS Technical Reports Newsletter - Volume 3, Number 2, August 15, 2010 is now available from the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA, USA

New titles in PubMed Central

Journal of Nucleic Acids

International Journal of Peptides

Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism

Journal of Obesity

Stroke Research and Treatment

International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

Journal of Parasitology Research

Anesthesiology Research and Practice

New report, "Collaboration Contexts: Framing Local, Group and Global Solutions"

"This short report provides the scaffolding for the agenda of the upcoming "Yours, Mine, Ours: Leadership Through Collaboration" forum (20-21 September 2010 at the Smithsonian Institution) that will explore local, group and global collaboration contexts in greater depth. In addition to sketching out the benefits and limitations inherent in each of these settings as a high-level guide to the trajectory of the event, the report serves as a resource in its own right for assessing collaborative activities."

Choice Outstanding Academic titles now available from ebrary

ebrary has announced that it now offers more than 860 Outstanding Academic Titles (OAT) selected by Choice

Podcast: MI5 file release August 2010

Professor Christopher Andrew introduces the 25th Security Service records release, which contains 170 files, bringing the total number of its records in the public domain to more than 4,500 (UK National Archives)

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship - Number 62, Summer 2010

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship - Number 62, Summer 2010 - is now available

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Elsevier is launching SciVerse

"Elsevier is launching SciVerse to bring together solutions like ScienceDirect, Scopus, the web content from Scirus, and SciTopics into one point of access, enabling more efficient search and discovery for our users. Beginning in 2008, Elsevier interviewed over 3,000 researchers, research librarians and application developers to discern the obstacles the scientific community is encountering most. We found that researchers need a better way to search, discover, store, share and reuse the data that is most important to their individual research. Developers need access to research data to be able to develop the applications that will best assist them. Librarians are under pressure to maximize the content they already have in their collections, and prove a return on investment for the services they purchase. The launch of the SciVerse platform aims to fulfill all these needs by providing a new single-point of access that will enable collaboration across these three groups"

Mashed Library 2010 – MashSpa (UK)

"The sixth Mashed Library event known as MashSpa will be held in Bath, UK, on 29 October 2010. Designed for librarians and technical staff, the one-day event is an opportunity for them to meet, share knowledge and create new mashups. The morning will be given over to a couple of talks while the afternoon will be dedicated to mashing and creating new ideas for your library" The Twitter tag is #mashspa

Royal Society Prize for Science Books 2010 shortlist

Royal Society Prize for Science Books 2010 shortlist:

* A World Without Ice by Henry Pollack (Avery Books, Penguin Group)
* Everyday Practice of Science: Where Intuition and Passion Meet Objectivity and Logic by Frederick Grinnell (Oxford University Press)
* God's Philosophers: How the medieval world laid the foundations of modern science by James Hannam (Icon Books)
* Life Ascending by Nick Lane (Profile Books)
* We Need To Talk About Kelvin by Marcus Chown (Faber and Faber)
* Why Does E=mc2? by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw (Da Capo Press, Perseus Books Group)

The winner will be announced on 21 October 2010 and the winning book will receive £10,000. £1000 per book is awarded to the author(s) of the shortlisted books

No price increase for IMechE journals E-only subscriptions in 2011

The E-Only subscription price for all the IMechE's journals will remain at 2010 levels for 2011

ALCTS Course: Fundamentals of Acquisitions

Four-week online course that focuses on the basics of library acquisitions:

* goals and methods of acquiring monographs and serials
* financial management of library collections budgets
* relationships among acquisitions librarians, library booksellers, subscription agents, and publishers.

This course provides a broad overview of the operations involved in acquiring materials after the selection decision is made.

* September 6–October 1, 2010
* October 11–November 5, 2010

FreePint Newsletter 308

FreePint Newsletter 308 - 26 August, 2010 now available

Canongate puts titles on the iBookstore (UK)

"Canongate has become the first publisher after the launch of the iBookstore in the UK to make its books available on the Apple iPad, with titles such as Yann Martel's Life of Pi and Barack Obama's Dreams of my Father going on sale. The independent publisher joins Hachette, HarperCollins, Penguin and Macmillan all of which had their titles available at launch on 28th May. Pricing is largely in line with paperback r.r.p. with Life of Pi priced at £7.99 and Dreams of my Father priced £8.99. Dreams of my Father is already available on the Kindle priced at £2.99, whlle Life of Pi is available on Kindle for £3.80" - The Bookseller

Huntington Library to give original Nuremberg Laws to National Archives (USA)

The National Archives reports that a California library is transferring to the Archives the two original sets of the notorious Nuremberg Laws, the Nazis' spare, anti-Semitic manifesto endorsed by Adolf Hitler that helped lead to the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II. The laws are being transferred by the Huntington Library, in San Marino, where they have been held since they were placed there by Gen. George S. Patton Jr. in 1945. Each set of the 1935 laws is typed on four pieces of paper, said Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper. One set is believed to have been signed by Hitler

University of Michigan Press launches ebook rental program

The University of Michigan Press has announced that it launched a new ebook rental program for more than 250 of its scholarly titles, allowing students or faculty to rent digital copies of the books at a discount for a month or six months

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática

Journal of Surgical Case Reports


International Journal of VLSI Design & Communication Systems


Journal of Environmental Biology

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide by Jessamyn C. West

"Teaching novice computer users, including seniors and individuals with disabilities such as low vision or motor skills, how to do what they want and need to do online is a formidable challenge for library staff. Part inspirational, part practical Without a the Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide is a summary of techniques, approaches, and skills that will help librarians meet this challenge. Jessamyn C. West's experience as a librarian is deeply immersed in technology culture, yet living in rural America makes her uniquely qualified to write this book. Taking a big-picture approach to the subject, she demystifies and simplifies tech training for the busy librarian, providing an easy-to-use handbook full of techniques that can be used with all of a library's many populations. As an added bonus, she also examines the players in the library technology arena to offer firsthand reports on what works, what doesn't, and what's next" - to be published March 30, 2011

Two thirds of Britons have not been to the library in the last year

Two thirds of Britons have not been to the library in the last year"The number of adults using public libraries at least once a year has fallen from 48.2 per cent in 2005/06 to just 39.4 per cent in 2009/10 according to Government statistics. The number of people who visit a library on a weekly basis has dropped by 32 per cent in five years to just 5.4 per cent. Libraries are expected to face significant cuts as councils are told to reduce their budgets. In some rural areas, such as Hudswell in the Yorkshire Dales, closures have forced residents to set up volunteer-staffed libraries in the local pub. Meanwhile, the villagers of Westbury-sub-Mendip in Somerset have created what could be the world's smallest library in a former red telephone box"

ProQuest Dialog launched

Dialog has launched the first release of the ProQuest Dialog service

OCLC Research to host Global Books Webinar on 16 September 2010

"Join Post-Doctoral Researcher Timothy J. Dickey for an overview of an OCLC Research data mining project that looked at WorldCat data to reveal transnational patterns in literary publishing, the preservation of individual countries' literary heritage, and the cultural diversity present in the books" - 16 September 2010

Modern Librarian seeking submissions

"Modern Librarian is currently accepting manuscripts for its inaugural issue. The journal's mission is to advance the the profession of librarianship and those who practice it, as well as to examine those questions and challenges faced by the institutions and practitioners of Library Science. We are dedicated to encouraging and publishing scholarship that is focused on the challenges of librarianship and accessible to all practitioners of library science. We particularly welcome work that is grounded in empirical research, but other forms of scholarship are also welcome"

Visualising China

Visualising China"Visualising China is an exciting, JISC-funded project to develop an innovative, web-based resource that allows users to explore more than 6000 digitised images of historical photographs of China taken between 1870 and 1950. It will provide new tools for working with existing resources such as Historical Photographs of China and a wide range of other online resources"

New Youth Library in Ethiopia makes impossible dream reality

"The need in Ethiopia is great but the vision and perseverence of Yohannes Gebregeorgis is greater, which helps explain why a new library worthy of any developed country opened August 20 in Mekele, the first of its kind in this small and grindingly poor city. The Segenat Children and Youth Library in the region of Tigray (or Tigrai) is located in a sturdy, free-standing building donated by the municipal authorities. It's fully loaded with some 10,000 books and a computer room with ten stations; two e-book readers and 8,000 more books are on the way. A companion donkeymobile regularly transports some 2,000 additional books to more distant parts of Tigray, powered by two beasts of burden named Sege and Nat" - American Libraries

BBC audio slideshow "The secret of life" highlights Wellcome digitisation project

BBC audio slideshow "The BBC has published an audio slideshow about the Wellcome Library's newly announced digitisation project. The slideshow focuses primarily on the Crick archive, which, at 300 boxes of material, represents some quarter of a million pages to be made freely available online at the end of a 2 year pilot project. Dr Simon Chaplin, Head of the Wellcome Library, narrates the slideshow describing the content, the significance of Crick's research and the impact this online resource will have on the research community. Images in the slideshow feature key items from the Crick archive (and other collections to be digitised related to the foundations of genetic research). The images also provide a behind the scenes view of conservation, preparation and photography"

Wellcome Library launches major digitisation project (UK)

"The Wellcome Library has announced the launch of an ambitious digitisation project, to provide free, online access to its collections, including archives and papers from Nobel prize-winning scientists Francis Crick, Fred Sanger and Peter Medawar. Creation of the Wellcome Digital Library will throw open the doors of the Wellcome Library and its unique collections to a worldwide audience, providing a global resource for the study of the history of medicine and modern bioscience. The Wellcome Trust has approved a budget of £3.9 million to begin a two-year pilot project on the theme of Modern Genetics and its Foundations. Drawing on the Wellcome Library's internationally renowned collections, content will include 1400 books on genetics and heredity published between 1850 and 1990, along with important archives including the papers of Francis Crick and his original drawings of the proposed structure of DNA"

BBC Genome: The Complete Broadcast History of the BBC (UK)

Helen Papadopoulos, Project Manager of BBC Genome, writes "In September we will begin the full-scale project of digitising over 80 years' worth of broadcast records. That's approximately 400,000 pages of Radio Times, 3 million programmes and 300 million words to recognise through OCR. In less than a year we expect the Radio Times digitisation project to be completed and for the first time there will be, in one place, a comprehensive record of every programme"

New Netskills workshop programme released (UK)

"Three brand new workshops have been launched in Netskills' training programme for the autumn. Placing an emphasis on an emerging features of the social web, two of the new workshops focus on 'Community participation with blogs and social networking' and 'Digital storytelling for teaching and learning'. The third new workshop, 'Introduction to instructional design for e-learning' provides information and guidance to help you effectively design, plan, implement and deliver better quality e-learning materials with high-impact results. The programme will also contain a range of one-day and two-day workshops on a variety of subjects in web development, e-learning, and information skills, including four accredited events. The new events are scheduled between 11 October and 19 November"

Harvard Library Lab (USA)

Harvard University Library has established the Harvard Library Lab in order to create better services for students and faculty and to join with others in fashioning the information society of the future. By offering infrastructure and financial support for new enterprises, the Lab offers opportunities for individuals to innovate, cooperate across projects, and make original contributions to the way libraries work. The Lab promotes the development of projects in all areas of library activity and leverages the entrepreneurial aspirations of people throughout the library system and beyond. Proposals from faculty and students from anywhere in the university will also be welcomed and the Lab will encourage collaboration with projects being developed at MIT

British Library to share millions of catalogue records

http://www.bl.uk/news/images/bllogo100.gif"The British Library is to make its extensive collections of bibliographic records available for free to researchers and other libraries. The UK national library has around 14 million catalogue records comprising a wealth of bibliographic data. The initiative announced today will help expose this vast dataset to users worldwide, allowing researchers and other libraries to access and retrieve bibliographic records for publications dating back centuries and relating to every conceivable subject area. The new free service will operate in parallel to the British Library's priced bulk MARC data supply activity which is used extensively by large commercial customers"

Oxford Alumni Weekend focuses on the library collections and treasures

Oxford Alumni Weekend focuses on the library collections and treasures"The Oxford Alumni Weekend (24-26 September 2010) is the University's flagship event for alumni. Held each September, this three-day event aims to highlight some of the ground-breaking research undertaken by Oxford's academic staff, as well as showcase the achievements of many former students. In 2010 the theme of the Weekend is 'Shared Treasures' and the Bodleian will be playing a particularly prominent part. Last year, Oxford University's museums, libraries and archives were awarded the prestigious Queen's Anniversary Prize in recognition of their outstanding quality and their high public benefit"

Tales from the Terminal Room - July/August 2010

Tales from the Terminal Room - July/August 2010, Issue No. 91 is now available. Tales from the Terminal Room is an electronic newsletter that includes reviews and comparisons of information sources; useful tools for managing information; technical and access problems on the Net; and news of RBA's training courses and publications. Editor: Karen Blakeman. Published by RBA Information Services

Monday, August 23, 2010

USSR in Construction: a digital presentation of the seminal Soviet propaganda journal (Canada)

USSR in Construction is a photographic propaganda journal published in the Soviet Union throughout the years 1930 to 1941, and briefly in 1949. It was published in Russian, French, English, German, and, from 1938, Spanish, and its self-proclaimed purpose was to "reflect in photography the whole scope and variety of the construction work now going on the USSR". It was an important foreign relations tool and was used to portray a positive image of the developments occurring in the Soviet Union to the rest of the world. The journal informed readers abroad of the rapid construction and industrialization taking place within the Soviet Union and depicted the nation as a leading industrial power (University of Saskatchewan)

PASE Domesday (UK)

PASE Domesday (UK)"PASE Domesday links information from the Domesday survey (1086) to maps showing the location of estates throughout England. It has been created by a team of researchers from the University of Cambridge and King's College, London. The site enables users to list, map and quantify the estates of all the landholders named in William the Conqueror's great Domesday survey of 1086 at the click of a button. Visitors can find out who owned their town or village, create maps and tables of the estates held by the same lords elsewhere in England, and examine the scale of the dispossession of the English by the Normans following the conquest of 1066"

LISTen: The LISNews.org Podcast - Episode #117

LISTen: The LISNews.org Podcast - Episode #117. "This week's episode includes an interview with Will Manley discussing his recent forays into looking at politics and the profession. A miscellany of items is presented of items that caught our attention but were not expanded upon into larger items. OhioLinuxFest 2010 is mentioned as there is going to be a main track presentation about libraries & librarians at an event that really isn't librarian-focused" Previous Podcasts can be found here

British Library receives London Green 500 "Platinum" Award 2010

"The British Library has invested in an ongoing programme of energy efficiency lighting upgrades as part of its energy action plan. This programme of activity, implemented jointly between the Library's Estates Team and service provider, Cofely, resulted in the Library being awarded a London Green 500 'Platinum' Award for reducing its carbon emissions substantially in 2010. This 'Platinum' award follows the 'Gold' award received by the Library in 2009 and demonstrates the Library's ongoing commitment to reducing its energy emissions"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

WorldCat Mashathon - Boston, USA

"Join fellow coders for a two-day WorldCat Mashathon at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD). Sponsored by the OCLC Developer Network and Brandeis University, the WorldCat Mashathon gives participants the opportunity for two full days of brainstorming and coding mash-ups with local systems and other Web services to take advantage of all that WorldCat has to offer" - 23-24 September, 2010 - Boston, USA

Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L) 2011 Conference

Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L) 2011 Conference - February 28 to March 2, 2011 - Austin, Texas, USA

Open Access Journals Bibliography Version 1

Open Access Journals Bibliography Version 1 from Charles W. Bailey, Jr. "presents selected English-language scholarly works that are useful in understanding open access journals. It does not cover works about e-prints or works that include open access journals in a treatment of diverse types of research materials. Most sources have been published from 1999 to the present; however, a few key sources published prior to 1999 are also included. The bibliography primarily includes books and published journal articles. A limited number of magazine articles and technical reports that are deemed to be of exceptional interest are also included. The bibliography includes links to freely available versions of included works. Such links, even to publisher versions and versions in disciplinary archives and institutional repositories, are subject to change. Note that e-prints and published articles may not be identical"

Kelpies Prize 2010 winner

"Aberdeenshire author Caroline Clough is the winner of the Kelpies Prize 2010 with her novel Red Fever. The announcement was made at a packed ceremony at the Edinburgh International Book Festival attended by representatives from all aspects of Scotland's lively literary scene. Caroline received a cheque for GBP2,000 on the night. Her book will become the latest release in the Kelpies range published 21 October 2010"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oxford Dictionary of English - 3rd edition just published

"Did you spend part of your staycation this year watching the World Cup and tweeting about the infuriating sound of the vuvuzela? A lot of people did. These words are now so familiar that it's easy to forget how recently they were coined - staycation is first recorded in 2005, while Twitter wasn't set up until 2006, yet has already spawned other new terms such as hashtag and tweetup. The new third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English has just been published, and you can explore it on this site right now"

Dimensions from The BBC

Dimensions from The BBC"Dimensions is an experimental prototype for the BBC. We want to bring home the human scale of events and places in history. The D-Day landing beaches measured from London to Norfolk in the UK. How far would the Titanic stretch down your street? Dimensions simply juxtaposes the size of historical events with your home and neighbourhood, overlaying important places, events and things on a satellite view of where you live. Certain "Dimensions" can be transformed into short walks, so you can get a physical appreciation of the distances involved"

The Permanente Journal added to PubMed Central

The Permanente Journal, from Kaiser Permanente, has been added to PubMed Central

Rice University Press to shut down

"Rice University Press is being shut down next month, ending an experiment in an all-digital model of scholarly publishing. While university officials said that they needed to make a difficult economic decision to end the operation, they acted against the recommendations of an outside review team that had urged Rice to bolster its support for the publishing operations" - Inside Higher Ed

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Caderno de Educação Física : Estudos e Reflexões

Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics (CJAL)

Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies Journal


International Journal of Managing Information Technology

International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications

International Journal of Database Management Systems

International Journal of Multimedia & Its Applications

International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications

Galicia 21 : Journal of Contemporary Galician Studies

Revista de Literatura dos Transportes


International Journal of Combinatorics

International Journal of Nephrology

Journal of Pregnancy

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Neurology Research International

International Journal of Inflammation

Journal of Aging Research

Journal of Amino Acids

Molecular Biology International

Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering

Journal of E-Government Studies and Best Practices

Acta Technica Corviniensis

Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology

CARL E-Lert # 388

CARL E-Lert # 388, August 20 2010 from Canadian Association of Research Libraries. Some of this week's items: Hearing on Public Access to Federally Funded Research; ORION Helps Transmit First Results from Large Hadron Collider; LC Unlocks Doors for Creators, Consumers with DMCA Exceptions; Proposed WIPO Strategic Plan Shows Positioning For Uncertain Future

CARL E-Lert # 387

CARL E-Lert # 387, August 13 2010 from Canadian Association of Research Libraries. Some of this week's items: CARL Pre-Budget Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance; A Campus Force for Canada's Digital Future; Bill C-32 and the Access Copyright Tariff: Double Trouble for Educators and Students; LC Announces National Digital Stewardship Alliance

Above the Fold - 12 August 2010

Above the Fold is a Web-based newsletter published by OCLC Research. It has been developed to serve a broad international readership from libraries, archives and museums - August 12, 2010 - Vol. 3, No. 27 now available

Friday, August 20, 2010

James Tait Black Memorial Prizes winners

Authors AS Byatt and John Carey have joined giants such as DH Lawrence in winning Britain's oldest book awards. The winners of the James Tait Black Memorial Prizes have been announced by best-selling crime writer Ian Rankin at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The prizes are awarded annually by the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - August 20, 2010

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Last Things. "This week's brainteaser is about last things: things that come last or that have "last" in their name or title" Answers here.

1. What is the subject of the famous picture by Leonardo da Vinci painted on a wall in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan?
2. Name the 1826 novel by James Fennimore Cooper featuring Uncas, a noble Native American who helps a family of British settlers.
3. What is the title of a well-known 1878 picture by W. F. Yeames featuring a small Royalist boy being interrogated by Cromwellian soldiers?
4. What was the English title of a French film made by Alain Resnais in 1961, a virtually plotless story set in a surreal, sculptured world?
5. One of the first hits for the pop group called the Monkees was Last Train to...where?"
6. What is the title of the last book of the Bible?
7. What was the title of Hubert Selby Jr.'s first collection of short stories in 1964, for which an obscenity trial was held in England?
8. The Drifters had their biggest hit in 1960 with Ben E. King as lead singer. What was its title?
9. Whose "Last Essays of Elia" were published in 1833?
10. What is the usual name for the 17th-century theorem which was finally solved by English mathematician Andrew Wiles in the 1990s?

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library (USA)

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial LibraryThe Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library is a public benefit, nonprofit organization championing the literary, artistic, and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist and Indiana native Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. The Library is creating a library that will also serve as a cultural and educational resource center, functioning as a museum, art gallery, and reading room for readers, writers, and students. In addition, the library will support language and visual arts education for the local community. The KVML has been offered free space for the library by Katz and Korin, PC at the Emelie Bldg. in Indianapolis. The library will have 1,100 square feet to fill. The library is expected to open in Fall 2010.

IFLA World Report 2010

IFLA World Report 2010The World Report series is a biennial report series that reports on the state of the world in terms of freedom of access to information, freedom of expresion and related issues. The reports are available online and can be downloaded free of charge. The 2010 Report has been designed as a customizable interactive electronic publication and can be accessed in different formats

2011 pricing now available from BioScientifica

BioScientifica has announced that its 2011 subscription prices are now available

Bodleian Libraries launches Oxford's Big Book public art installation

Members of the public are invited to write in 'The Big Book' public art installation in the Bodleian Library's Clarendon Quadrangle from 20th to 24th August. The installation will be launched at 12.30pm on Friday 20th August by Richard Ovenden, Associate Director and Keeper of Special Collections, Bodleian Libraries.The Big Book sculpture, created by Oxford artist Diana Bell, is 2.2m high and constructed out of wood with canvas pages. The sculpture is symbolic of the power of books and its title is 'Imagine'. Everyone is welcome to write on the canvas pages inside to create a unique book for Oxford

Achieving Strategic Change in Research Libraries - Fall Forum

ARL and CNI are co-hosting a forum on, "Achieving Strategic Change" October 14–15, 2010, in Washington DC, immediately following the ARL Membership Meeting. The forum is open to all. In particular, directors and other senior leaders of research and academic libraries are encouraged to attend, along with staff members who have responsibilities for managing change in their organizations

ARL-ACRL ISC Webinar Series, Sixth Webinar Opens: Broader Library Involvement in Building Programs

Registration has opened for the sixth webinar in the ARL-ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication (ISC) series, Strengthening Programs through Collaboration. The webinar, "Broader Library Involvement in Building Programs-Organizational Strategy," is scheduled for September 21, 2010, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. EDT, and is the first of two that will focus on the shifting roles of libraries and their staffs, specifically as those roles relate to sustaining scholarly communications programs. Speakers will discuss how libraries are conceiving of their work differently and how they are filling these needs. Case studies will highlight the time and energy taken up by scholarly communications activities at their institutions and how the work is managed. The registration deadline is September 14, 2010

E-News for ARL Directors - August 2010

E-News for ARL Directors - August 2010 is now available online from the Association of Research Libraries

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evolving English: One Language, Many Voices (British Library)

Evolving English: One Language, Many Voices (British Library)Evolving English: One Language, Many Voices - A major exhibition and events programme at the British Library - 12 November 2010 to 3 April 2011. "This is the first exhibition to explore the English language in all its national and international diversity. Iconic books and manuscripts will be set alongside engaging everyday texts to show the many social, cultural and historical strands from which the language is woven. Treasures such as the only surviving manuscript of Beowulf, Shakespeare 'quartos', the King James Bible, Dr Johnson’s dictionary and recorded speech by Pankhurst, Churchill, Gandhi and Mandela will be on show - together with posters, lists of slang, early newspapers from around the world, trading records, comics, adverts, children’s books, dialect recordings, text messages and web pages"

City Stories Walks - Medical London

City Stories Walks - Medical LondonProduced with Wellcome Collection, this walk guides you through the history of medicine in and around Bloomsbury. From psychopaths to homeopaths, from body-snatchers to bohemians, you’ll discover some of the most compelling characters who walked these streets

Living the Poor Life: untold history of the poor now online (UK)

Living the Poor Life: untold history of the poor now online (UK)"Thousands of pages of Victorian workhouse and poor law records have been made available online following the conclusion of a major project by The National Archives. Living the Poor Life involved more than 200 volunteers across the country, including local and family historians, researching and cataloguing 19th century records from the huge Ministry of Health archive (MH12). The records comprise letters, reports and memos passed between local and national poor law authorities and help shed light on the lives and experiences of the Victorian poor. Dr Paul Carter, Project Director and Principal Modern Records Specialist, said: 'The importance of this series of records cannot be overestimated. The Poor Law Union correspondence is unrivalled in giving us that window in the archives to examine the lives of the Victorian poor"

Medical Library Association journal price-freeze list

For a second year, the Medical Library Association's Ad Hoc Committee for Advocating Scholarly Communications has compiled a listing of publishers who have frozen 2011 prices at 2010 levels, in recognition of continued economic constraints

National eBooks Study Day: The Future of the eBook in Health & Medicine (UK)

National eBooks Study Day: The Future of the eBook in Health & Medicine - 21 October 2010 - The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK

Reminder: Access 2010 early bird deadline September 3 (Canada)

Registration for Access 2010, the premier library technology conference in Canada, is open and taking place Winnipeg. Be sure to register before September 3 to take advantage of the early bird rate ($375 +GST). Access 2010 will be held at the Hotel Fort Garry from October 14-16 (Hackfest on the 13th at UofW). Michael Geist is the closing keynote, and full program details are available

NASIG 2011: Gateway to Collaboration -call for proposals

NASIG 2011: Gateway to Collaboration - June 2-5, 2011 - St. Louis, Missouri. "The 2011 Program Planning Committee invites proposals for preconference, vision, strategy, and tactics sessions. The program planners are interested in hearing from publishers, vendors, librarians, and others in the field of serials and electronic resources about issues relating to scholarly communication, publishing, and resource acquisition, management, and discovery. Proposals based on emerging trends, case studies, and descriptive and experimental research findings are encouraged. This Call for Proposals will close on September 17, 2010"

Cites & Insights 10:11 (November 2010)

Cites & Insights 10:11 (November 2010) is now available for downloading. Edited and published by Walt Crawford

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UK SoundMap

The UK SoundMap is a new community-led survey in sound of the acoustic landscape ('soundscape') of Britain. You can help answer these questions:

* What does the UK sound like today?
* What impact do these sounds have on our lives?

The SoundMap is a partnership project of the British Library and the Noise Futures Network. It uses widely available mobile technology in a novel way to capture and aggregate research-quality audio samples. Your recordings will be studied by experts from the Noise Futures Network and we shall post an overview of the research results once sufficient data has been collected and analysed

Law Library Management (AALL course)

Law Library Management: A six-week online course, that will be held from September 28 to November 2, 2010, designed to help you achieve higher management performance and advance your career potential. Aimed at managers and aspiring managers from all type of law libraries, the Law Library Management online course will give you the opportunity to hone your managerial skills, engage with a small group of your peers, and consult with lead instructor Maureen Sullivan, all without the need to travel or take days off from work - AALL

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wellcome Library Item of the Month: Pencil drawings by an unknown Prisoner of War (August 2010)

Wellcome Library Item of the Month: Pencil drawings by an unknown Prisoner of War (August 2010)"The picture, left, was drawn in 1944, when the artist was interned in Tamuang camp, Thailand. This drawing, along with two others by the same artist, came to the Wellcome Library as part of a small collection of papers belonging to Dr. John Simpson. We do not know how Simpson acquired this drawings, but the signature is clearly not his. John Simpson was a Flight Lieutenant in the medical branch of the RAF. In late 1941 24 year old Simpson was posted to Singapore, which fell to the Japanese shortly afterwards"

Finalists for inaugural Ngaio Marsh Award announced

The three finalists for the inaugural Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel, which will be presented at a ceremony at the upcoming The Press Christchurch Writers' Festival in September, have now been confirmed. The award is made for the best crime, mystery, or thriller novel written by a New Zealand citizen or resident, published in New Zealand during 2009. A panel of seven local and international judges has been considering the best of locally written crime and thriller fiction published last year.

The three finalists are:

* Cut & Run by Alix Bosco (Penguin)

* Burial by Neil Cross (Simon & Schuster)

* Cointainment by Vanda Symon (Penguin)

Digital Preservation Training Programme - October 2010

The next Digital Preservation Training Programme takes place 4-6 October 2010 at The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London. "The DPTP is an intensive 3-day course designed for all those working in institutional information management who are grappling with fundamental issues of digital preservation. It provides the skills and knowledge necessary for institutions to combine organisational and technological perspectives and devise an appropriate response to the challenges that digital preservation needs present. DPTP is operated and organised by the University of London Computer Centre with contributions from leading experts in the field"

MLA News EBulletin - Issue 322 (UK)

MLA News EBulletin - Issue 322, 16 August 2010 is now available online from The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, UK

BBC - Archive - In Their Own Words: British Novelists

"Great writers have always fascinated their readers. We want to know how they create the characters we love or hate, the evocative settings, and the plots that have us reading late into the night, desperate to know what happens next. Throughout its history, the BBC has aimed to help audiences delve into the imagination of writers. This collection of interviews with some of the 20th Century's most read authors reveals something of those imaginations and the personalities which lie behind some of the greatest modern novels"

InfoCamp Seattle 2010

"InfoCamp is an unconference for the information community. It's for anyone interested in user experience, information architecture, interaction design, user-centered design, information design, library & information science, online search, information management, informatics, and related fields" - October 2-3, 2010 - Seattle, USA

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wordnik launches thesaurus

"Wordnik has launched a new, smarter online thesaurus that shows related words in context to help writers find the right word quickly and accurately"

Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Supplement, scanned archive is complete

The scanned archive is complete for the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Supplement - Volumes 1-7(1948-1953) (PubMed)

Code4Lib Journal call for papers for 12th issue

The Code4Lib Journal is now accepting proposals for publication in its 12th issue. Don't miss out on this opportunity to share your ideas and experiences. To be included in the 12th issue, which is scheduled for publication in mid December 2010, please submit articles, abstracts, or proposals at http://journal.code4lib.org/submit-proposal or to c4lj-articles@googlegroups.com by Friday, September 17, 2010. When submitting, please include the title or subject of the proposal in the subject line of the email message

Ariadne - Issue 64 - July 2010

Ariadne - Issue 64, July 2010 is now available. Ariadne is targeted principally at information science professionals in academia, and also to interested lay people both in and beyond the Higher Education community. Its main geographic focus is the UK, but it is widely read in the US and worldwide. Subscribe to the RSS Feed

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Annals of the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara

Boletín de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras

Journal of Neuroparasitology

Medical and Health Science Journal

The Publishers Association on Twitter (UK)

"The Publishers Association (UK) has created a new account on Twitter. We will be using Twitter as a way to quickly update members and any interested parties on the work we do here at The Publishers Association. Expect to see tweets on policy meetings we have attended, international piracy raids we have helped to orchestrate, relevant news for the publishing sector and where you might find us popping up in the media. The Publishers Association's Twitter username is 'PublishersAssoc'. Please follow us to find out what we're getting up to on behalf of the publishing sector"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI7)

The next CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI7), will be held at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, on 22-24 June 2011. "The workshop will follow the successful format of previous workshops mixing practical tutorials, presentations from cutting-edge projects and research, discussion groups, posters, and an intense social programme to maximise interaction and communication. It will be possible to register for a part or all of the programme"

Law Library Journal 102, no.3

Law Library Journal 102, no.3 is now available from the American Association of Law Libraries

Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Thurber Prize for American Humor finalists

Three finalists have been selected for the 2010 Thurber Prize for American Humor. The winner, who will receive $5,000 and a commemorative crystal plaque, will be named at a ceremony in New York City October 4. The shortlist includes:

Why Is My Mother Getting a Tattoo by Jancee Dunn (Villard)

How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely (Black Cat)

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home by Rhoda Janzen (Holt)

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - August 13, 2010

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Sequels. "As we recently had a brainteaser about remakes (remade films. etc.), it seemed appropriate to have a quiz about sequels. A sequel is a book, film, play, etc. produced to continue an earlier work or expand on the story" Answers here.

1. What was the sequel to Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"?
2. What is the title of the first sequel to the blockbuster 1977 movie "Star Wars"?
3. David Mamet wrote the screenplay for "Hannibal" (2001), the sequel to which film?
4. "How to Save Your Own Life" was the 1977 sequel to Erica Jong's first novel. What was that first novel's title?
5. Keanu Reeves starred in the film "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey", which was a sequel to which film?
6. "Catriona" was the sequel to which 1886 novel by Robert Louis Stevenson?
7. American crime writer Elmore Leonard wrote "Be Cool", the sequel to which 1990 novel that was filmed in 1995?
8. Liza Minnelli starred in the 1981 film "Arthur" and its 1988 sequel "Arthur II". What was the sub-title of the second film?
9. Which American singer recorded "It's My Party" and its sequel "Judy's Turn to Cry" in 1963?
10. "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is a sequel to which book?

Oxford Journals - Institutional Price List 2011

Oxford Journals - Institutional Price List 2011 now available

E-Science and Data Support Services, published by ARL

"The Association of Research Libraries has published E-Science and Data Support Services: A Study of ARL Member Institutions, which synthesizes data collected in a 2009 survey with subsequent interviews of several responding libraries. Authored by Catherine Soehner, Catherine Steeves, and Jennifer Ward, the study was sponsored by the ARL E-Science Working Group to build an understanding of how libraries can contribute to e-science activities in their institution and identify organizations and institutions that have similar interests in e-science to leverage research library interests"

Above the Fold - 5 August 2010

Above the Fold is a Web-based newsletter published by OCLC Research. It has been developed to serve a broad international readership from libraries, archives and museums - August 5, 2010 - Vol. 3, No. 26 now available

Thursday, August 12, 2010

2011 journal subscription prices from Springer

Springer has announced its 2011 subscription price list

Photographer Carol Highsmith launches 21st-century America Project

"The cities, towns and countryside of 21st-century America, and the life of its people, are being documented by distinguished photographer Carol M. Highsmith, who is donating her photographs copyright-free to the Library of Congress to ensure worldwide access and preservation"

The Portrait Gallery of Canada Program celebrates the 400th anniversary of Canada's first English settlement in Cupids, Newfoundland and Labrador

Library and Archives Canada has officially launched the Portraits in the Street: Cupids 400 installation in Cupids, Newfoundland and Labrador. Developed by the Portrait Gallery of Canada, a program of Library and Archives Canada, and in collaboration with Cupids 400 Inc., this outdoor portrait installation celebrates the 400th anniversary of Canada's first English settlement. Taken from the national portrait collection at Library and Archives Canada, the installation features 18 quality reproductions of works brought together under the theme of new beginnings and first contacts. The portraits tell the story of known individuals such as Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Demasduit, George Cartwright, and Grey Owl, as well as everyday citizens whose lives and actions have shaped this country from the Atlantic to the Pacific over the past four centuries.

BMJ Group selects ScholarOne Manuscripts as peer review workflow management system

Thomson Reuters has announced that BMJ Group has selected ScholarOne Manuscripts as the peer review workflow management system for all of its journals. BMJ Group publishes 33 leading specialist titles, and the British Medical Journal

Nova Scotia-wide library e-book service launched (Canada)

A new Nova Scotia-wide library service allows borrowers to sit at their home computers to withdraw electronic books, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The digitized tomes, which may be in audio or text format, can be stored in a laptop, desktop computer or on a special electronic reader designed for the purpose and read from the devices' screens. Audio files may also be stored in hand-held devices for listening and some can be burned to CDs for portability

Breast Cancer : Basic and Clinical Research added to PubMed Central

Breast Cancer : Basic and Clinical Research, from Libertas Academica, has been added to PubMed Central

New, enhanced Gateway enables any institution with OAI-compliant repository to maximize Web visibility of digital content via WorldCat

"Repository managers from libraries, museums, archives and other cultural heritage and research institutions can now contribute metadata records for digital materials to WorldCat using the new, enhanced WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway, increasing visibility and accessibility of special collections, institutional repositories, and other unique digital content to Web searchers worldwide. In July 2009, OCLC introduced the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway to users of OCLC CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management software. Based on the OAI protocol, the Gateway enabled CONTENTdm users to upload the metadata of their digital collections to WorldCat. Recent enhancements to the Gateway now make it possible for any OAI-compliant repository to contribute metadata to WorldCat to gain broader visibility for their digital content"

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Iranian Journal of Parasitology

International Neerlandistiek

Revista Ibero-Americana de Estratégia

Trends in Evolutionary Biology

Türk Kütüphanecilig(i / Turkish Librarianship

International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education

Journal of African American Males in Education

Revista Iberoamericana de Arritmologia

Apuntes de Investigación del CECYP

Informatics in Education

Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

Poljoprivreda (Osijek)

Scientia Magna


Heldref Publications sells 37 titles to Taylor & Francis

Heldref Publications has announced that it recently completed the sale of 37 of its journals and magazines to UK-based Taylor & Francis. Heldref retained only two titles, its flagship public policy publication, World Affairs, as well as Demokratizatsiya

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FreePint Newsletter 307

FreePint Newsletter 307 - 12 August, 2010 now available

China's biggest e-publisher launches Bambook e-reader and e-bookstore

China's biggest E-Publisher launches Bambook E-Reader and E-bookstore"China's largest e-publisher, Shanda Literature Group, has launched the Bambook, a dedicated e-reader, as well as an e-bookstore featuring more than three million titles. A report from GAPP, China's government agency responsible for publishing, compares the Bambook favorably to Amazon's Kindle, on which the design is closely based" - Publishing Perspectives

New Bodleian Publication: The First English Dictionary of Slang 1699

New Bodleian Publication: The First English Dictionary of Slang 1699"The first dictionary of slang, out of print for 300 years, is being published by the Bodleian Library from a rare copy unearthed in its collections. Originally entitled A New Dictionary of Terms, Ancient and Modern, of the Canting Crew, its aim was to educate the polite London classes in 'canting' – the language of thieves and ruffians – should they be unlucky enough to wander into the 'wrong' parts of town. With over 4,000 entries, the dictionary contains many words which are now part of everyday parlance, such as 'Chitchat' and 'Eyesore' as well as a great many which have become obsolete, such as the delightful 'Dandyprat' and 'Fizzle'. Remarkably, this landmark of English from 1699 was compiled and published anonymously, by an author who has left us only his initials – 'B.E. Gent [gentleman]"

Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards 2010 finalists announced

Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards 2010 finalists announcedThe finalists for the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards 2010, held in partnership with the Crime Writers' Association, Cactus TV, and ITV3 have been announced as a retail campaign is rolled out including posters and stickered books, and trailers on ITV1 and ITV3. The winners will be announced on 8 October at a ceremony broadcast on ITV3 on 12 October. The finalists:


Blacklands Belinda Bauer (Corgi/Transworld)
Blood Harvest S J Bolton (Bantam Press/Transworld)
Shadowplay Karen Campbell (Hodder & Stoughton)
The Way Home George Pelecanos (Orion)


A Loyal Spy Simon Conway (Hodder & Stoughton)
Innocent Scott Turow (Mantle)
The Dying Light Henry Porter (Orion)
The Gentlemen's Hour Don Winslow (Heinemann/Random House)


Acts of Violence Ryan David Jahn (Macmillan New Writing)
Rupture Simon Lelic (Picador)
The Holy Thief William Ryan (Mantle)
The Pull of the Moon Diane Janes (Constable & Robinson)

IOP Publishing 2011 journal publishing pricing

In a show of support to the scientific and library community, IOP Publishing is pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year there will be no price increase for electronic-only access to all IOP-owned publications. This means that 2011 journal subscriptions remain at 2009 prices for the majority of titles. As part of your subscription, you will receive the current year's journal content, as well as free access to its 10 year back-file. For IOPscience extra subscribers, the pricing model will continue to be based on a number of factors, including the size of relevant research output at your institution, and your geographic location

Black Drama: Second Edition is complete (Alexander Street Press)

Black Drama: Second Edition is complete (Alexander Street Press)Over 80 new plays have been added to Black Drama: Second Edition, bringing this online collection to completion. A 2004 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title, the collection now contains more than 1,460 plays written by authors from North America, the Caribbean, English-speaking Africa, and other African diaspora countries. Many of the plays in Black Drama: Second Edition are rare, and over 40% are previously unpublished

Emerald Literati Network Award winners free online until 31 August

Emerald Group Publishing Limited is offering free access to Emerald Literati Network Awards winning articles until 31 August 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fotopedia and UNESCO launch World Heritage application

"Fotopedia, in collaboration with the UNESCO World Heritage Center, has created a breathtaking new application for the iPhone and iPad. The app builds on the concept of a coffee table book, updating and enhancing the browsing experience for the web. UNESCO World Heritage 'seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.' With 911 properties, UNESCO has identified 890 heritage sites around the world. Now for the first time, you can access these sites as one comprehensive collection via the Fotopedia Heritage project"

Computers in Libraries 2011

Computers in Libraries 2011Whether we are planning or designing services for our library community, or delivering services of value to them, we have to align our community's needs, cultures, and opportunities. Learn about the latest trends affecting your community and your clients at Computers in Libraries 2011. The conference program is filled with ideas, innovative practices, tips and techniques for identifying community needs and opportunities as well as designing and delivering strategic and creative services that are of primary importance to our communities. The emphasis is on creating strategic value for our user communities and using new web tools to build innovative and priority services - March 21-23 - Washington, DC, USA

FAST guide book and map-based demo interface now available

"A guide to principles and applications of the Faceted Application of Subject Terminology schema has just been published by Libraries Unlimited, and OCLC Research has released a demo prototype using a Google Maps interface to FAST Geographic authority records. FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology, by Lois Mai Chan and OCLC Researcher Edward T. O'Neill, a guide to principles and applications of the FAST metadata schema, is now available from the publisher and other outlets. It will also be available as an eBook. The Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is perhaps the best known bibliographic control system in existence, but it is cumbersome and not always user friendly. The Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) schema reworks LCSH's authority rules so that they are easier to use, understand, and apply. The result is a schema designed to handle a large volume of materials with less effort and cost"

August 2010 batch of Early Reviewer books now available at LibraryThing

The August 2010 batch of Early Reviewer books is now available at LibraryThing. There are 1779 copies of 75 books available this month

Cambridge University Library takes delivery of the personal archive of musician, broadcaster and writer Deryck Cooke (1919-1976)

"Cambridge University Library has taken delivery of the personal archive of musician, broadcaster and writer Deryck Cooke (1919-1976). Musicologist Cooke is perhaps best known for his 1959 book The Language of Music and his work on a 'performing version' of the unfinished draft of Mahler's 10th Symphony, the first version of which was performed at the 1964 Proms. The material has been donated to the Library by Hazel Hyde, who was Cooke's partner for the last six years of his life and has kept the collection intact since his sudden death at the age of 57. The collection contains materials relating to all aspects of Cooke's life and work, including juvenilia and documents from his student days at Selwyn College, Cambridge as well as his service in the Royal Artillery during World War Two. The majority of items, however, relate to Cooke's activities as a writer and broadcaster between 1947 and 1976"

Welsh Ballads Website

Welsh Ballads WebsiteOver the centuries the ballad has played an important and influential role in Welsh social and cultural life. Broadside ballad production was in its heyday in Wales in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Although not usually poetry of the highest order, this popular verse is an invaluable field of study for anyone interested in the language, literature, history, religion and music of modern Wales. These poems are also an indispensable source for the study of the daily life and world-view of the common people of Wales in the modern period. This website is dedicated to the study of Welsh ballads, and includes the following sections:

* Studying Welsh Ballads (UNDER CONSTRUCTION), including electronic articles by Dr E. Wyn James
* Digital images of a cross-section of ballads from the Salisbury Library
* Welsh Ballads Online
* Bibliographies and Indices, including Welsh Ballads Bibliography
* Useful Links
* Anterliwtiau/Interludes (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
* Completing the British Ballads Network: A JISC Project
* Copyright

Mobcast launch Android eBook shops for leading European operators

"Mobcast is enabling mobile operators to sell thousands of best-selling books to their Android and smart phone customers, billed directly to their mobile phone account. T-Mobile UK & Orange UK are the first operators taking advantage of the latest version of the Mobcast digital book platform. The operator-branded stores allow book lovers to browse, sample and buy ebooks & audiobooks from the world’s biggest authors"

Open Planets Foundation

Open Planets Foundation"Our world is digital. Over the coming decade, organisations expect a twenty-five fold rise in the volume of digital information that they hold along with a sharp increase in its diversity. Organisations face increasing financial, legal and social demands to ensure access to digital information for the long term. Digital information is brittle and short-lived unless we take active steps to preserve it now. The Open Planets Foundation provides technology, advice and on-line services that enable its members to recognise and address threats to their valuable digital content. OPF builds on the €15 million investment made by the European Union and the Planets project consortium, which brought together sixteen major research and national libraries, national archives, leading technology companies and research universities. OPF members benefit from the Planets results, new developments and the growing OPF community that includes experts at some of the most prestigious research, technology and memory institutions in Europe"

IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines - 2nd edition

IFLA Public Library Service GuidelinesIFLA Public Library Service Guidelines - 2nd edition, edited by Christie Koontz and Barbara Gubbin. Published by De Gruyter Saur, 2010. "The public library is the prime community access point designed to respond to a multitude of ever-changing information needs. These guidelines are framed to provide assistance to library and information professionals in most situations. They assist to better develop effective services, relevant collections, and accessible formats within the context and requirements of the local community. In this exciting and complex information world it is important for professionals in search of knowledge, information and creative experience to succeed"

Wiley Online Library now available

Wiley Online Library now available"Wiley Online Library is now live. this site replaces Wiley InterScience and provides access to over 4 million articles from 1500 journals, 9000 books, and hundreds of multi-volume reference works, laboratory protocols and databases from John Wiley & Sons, including content from the key imprints of Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley-VCH, Jossey-Bass, and from hundreds of scholarly and professional societies. It features a clean and easy-to-use new user interface, intuitive navigation, enhanced discoverability, expanded functionalities, and a range of personalization and alerting options"

Monday, August 09, 2010

Codex: the Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL - 2nd issue

"Codex: the Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL is an international peer-reviewed publication focusing on research, trends, and issues in academic librarianship and libraries which publishes twice a year (fall/winter and spring/summer). The intended audience includes faculty and staff of academic libraries and students and faculty in library science programs. Codex focuses predominantly on academic librarianship in the U.S. but welcomes English-language articles from abroad. Codex also welcomes reviews of books and software that pertain to its focus and scope" - 2nd issue available

Alexander Street expands partnership with NINES to include The Romantic Era Redefined

"In an ongoing effort to improve scholarly access to digital humanities resources, Alexander Street Press has partnered with The Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship (NINES) and its sister organization, 18thConnect: Eighteenth-Century Scholarship Online, to enable cross-search access to all relevant eighteenth- and nineteenth-century content from Alexander Street online collections, including, most recently, The Romantic Era Redefined"

JISC Content - gateway of JISC resources (UK)

JISC Content has recently been set up to provide a more user friendly way of navigating the content that JISC funding has helped made available to the HE and FE communities. The site is not aiming to give item level access to each collection, i.e. it is not a federated search in the manner of Europeana. Rather it is a gateway that provides an brief descriptions of each collection, and offers users different, and hopefully, engaging ways to browse through these descriptions, and learn more about what is on offer.

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Open Access Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Library of Congress launches National Digital Stewardship Alliance

"The Library of Congress has announced the formation of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA), a partnership of institutions and organizations dedicated to preserving and providing access to selected databases, web pages, video, audio and other digital content with enduring value. The alliance is an outgrowth of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), which the Library has administered since 2000. In establishing the program, Congress directed the Library to work with other federal agencies and a variety of additional communities to develop a national approach to digital preservation. NDIIPP has achieved substantial success though partnering with more than 170 institutions to provide access to a diverse national collection of digital content. This work demonstrates that a collective effort can achieve far more than individual institutions working alone"

NEXT: A Library Futures Symposium (Canada)

NEXT: A Library Futures Symposium"The symposium is designed to help members of Alberta's library community think about major cultural, demographic, societal and economic shifts that are affecting libraries, and come up with viable strategies to meet the challenges. Confirmed speakers include Thomas Frey and R. David Lankes. Several other high profile speakers will be announced shortly. Thomas Frey is the Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute, a non-profit think tank based in Colorado. R. David Lankes is Director of the Information Institute of Syracuse University, an Associate Professor at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, as well as Director of the school's library science program." 21-22 October, 2020 - Edmonton, Canada

Amazon.co.uk Kindle content store launched‏

Amazon.co.uk has launched the UK Kindle Store. Over 400,000 books are now available including 84 of the 100 Nielsen UK Bestsellers

The Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award 2010

"The Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award encourages library users to recognize the accomplishments of exceptional public, school, college, community college, or university librarians. 2010 is the third year of the award, which will continue annually through 2012"

Watergate becomes sore point at Nixon Library

Watergate becomes sore point at Nixon Library"The sign at the entrance to the largest exhibition room devoted to a single subject at the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum reads "Watergate." But on Friday, the exhibit was nearly empty, dominated by a 30-foot blank slate of a wall that is testimony to a new battle set off by this still-polarizing former president: how to mark the scandal that forced him from office 36 years ago. Officials at the National Archives have curated a searing recollection of the Watergate scandal, based on videotaped interviews with 150 associates of Richard M. Nixon, an interactive exhibition that was supposed to have opened on July 1. But the Nixon Foundation - a group of Nixon loyalists who controlled this museum until the National Archives took it over three years ago — described it as unfair and distorted, and requested that the archives not approve the exhibition until its objections are addressed" - New York Times

Saturday, August 07, 2010

New content added to Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries - Alexander Street Press

New content added to Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries"Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries, the online collection created in partnership with the American Antiquarian Society, has just been updated with 197 pages of original manuscripts. The Allen-Johnson collection has been updated considerably, and two new collections of manuscripts are now available. Subscribing libraries will now see the Ellen Tucker Emerson Letters (1863-1865) and Sara Osborn Letters (1743-1799). Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries is available to libraries and educational institutions worldwide"

Nutrition and History in the Twentieth Century conference

Nutrition and History in the Twentieth Century - a one day conference at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, jointly organised by the Centre for History in Public Health and the LSHTM Archives, will bring together historians, archivists and past and present members of the Nutrition Unit at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The archival holdings of the Nutrition Unit are being catalogued with funding from the Wellcome Trust. The conference will draw attention to nutrition archives at LSHTM and at the Wellcome Library. There will be a 'witness' session with past members of the Nutrition Unit including Professor Philip Payne and Dr Liza Draper - 15 September, 2010

Blio eReader software from KNFB Reading Technology

"The Blio eReader software is the new touchstone for the presentation of electronic books, magazines, and digital content. Its feature-rich design is perfect for today's power readers, who increasingly rely on digital content for work, leisure, and learning. The extensive Blio Bookstore was created in partnership with Baker & Taylor"

University Press Ebook consortium moves forward (USA)

"The team of directors spearheading a university press-branded consortium to sell collections of ebooks to academic libraries - Steve Maikowski, New York University Press; Eric Halpern, University of Pennsylvania Press; Alex Holzman, Temple University Press; and Marlie Wasserman, Rutgers University Press - has announced a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for $47,000, to be used to advance the venture toward its fall 2011 launch. Fifty-five university presses have expressed a strong interest in participating in this project"

Maney Publishing - Journal of the Month - August 2010

Maney Publishing's Journal of the Month for August 2010 is Italian Studies, the Journal of the Society for Italian Studies. From 1 August to 15 September 2010 three years of 'Italian Studies' content will be available to view online free of charge

Friday, August 06, 2010

The HeinOnline Newsletter - July 2010

The HeinOnline Newsletter - July 2010 - Issue #7 is now available online

EDUCAUSE Review - July/August 2010

EDUCAUSE Review Volume 45, Number 4, July/August 2010 is now available online. Follow EDUCAUSE Review on Twitter

School Librarian of the Year 2010 (UK)

The School Librarian of the Year 2010 Honour List was announced on Thursday 5 August. The six exceptional librarians who were included on the Honour are:

Sue Bastone - Licensed Victuallers' School, Ascot
Rebecca Jones - Malvern St James, Worcestershire
Shiona Lawson - Rothesay Academy, Isle of Bute
Denise Reed - Hurst Prep School, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Kevin Sheehan - Offerton School, Stockport
Duncan Wright - Stewart's Melville College, Edinburgh

The School Librarian of the Year 2010 will be announced at the award ceremony at London Zoo on 4 October 2010