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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Crime Writers. Answers here

1. Name the priest featured in detective stories by G. K. Chesterton.
2. Which US crime writer's novels "The Big Sleep," "Farewell, My Lovely" and "The Long Goodbye" were all made into films?
3. Detective fiction writer Agatha Christie wrote a play which has been showing in London's West End since 1952. What is its title?
4. Which Belgian crime writer created Inspector Maigret in 1931?
5. Which English writer of detective fiction wrote "Murder Must Advertise," "The Nine Tailors" and "Gaudy Night"?
6. Which Russian author wrote the novel "Crime and Punishment?"
7. Inspector Morse first appeared in the 1975 book "Last Bus to Woodstock" - written by which author?
8. Which 19th-century US writer created the detective Auguste Dupin, who solved the "Murders in the Rue Morgue?"
9. In which 1887 novel did Arthur Conan Doyle introduce the characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson?
10. Which writer of crime fiction with a feminist angle created the private investigator V. I. Warshawski?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Research Information October/November 2005

Research Information October/November 2005 from Europa Science Ltd. is now available online

The Essential Shakespeare Live

The Essential Shakespeare Live - The British Library and the Royal Shakespeare Company join forces to publish this remarkable treasury of live Shakespeare recordings. Selected from an extensive collection of recordings made by the British Library Sound Archive, this set offers scenes and speeches from some of the most celebrated Shakespeare productions in the history of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Available from 26 October 2005

Free Pint Newsletter 191

Free Pint Newsletter 191 - 29 September 2005 - now available

Netskills workshops

Netskills has announced its programme of workshops for October 2005 to January 2006

Nature Publishing Group introduces post-cancellation rights

Nature Publishing Group is amending its site license policy to provide customers with post-cancellation rights to content associated with their licensed publications, subject to payment of an annual access fee. At the same time, the period of content associated with site licenses will be redefined. Currently the content accessible via a site license includes all content published during the site license period, plus specified archive content; usually back to 1997, or the first issue of the journal on the nature.com platform. This will be maintained for licenses starting in 2006


Archive.NewYorker.com - archive of entire contents of The New Yorker on eight DVDs. Browse and search through 80 years

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Partnership for a Nation of Learners collaboration grants

The Partnership for a Nation of Learners, a collaboration between the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, has announced its first-ever community collaboration grants. The grants, totaling $1,447,022, will fund museums, libraries, and public broadcasters in seven communities as they work together to address specific, jointly identified community needs ranging for asthma education to historic material conservation

Average prices of British and USA academic books

Average prices of British and USA academic books - Academic librarians all over the world buy large numbers of English language academic books published in the UK and the USA. LISU's firmly established bi-annual series giving the average prices for these materials have recently been revised, and are now available electronically. The information is particularly helpful to librarians for budgeting purposes

DLF Fall Forum 2005

Draft program: DLF Fall Forum 2005 - November 7-9, 2005 - Charlottesville, Virginia

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot! Political subversion in the library

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot! Political subversion in the library - an Association of Independent Libraries event - 4-5 November 2005 - Bath, UK

2006 John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award

Competition is open now for the 2006 John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award contest, sponsored by the H. W. Wilson Company and the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA). The deadline for entries is December 9, 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Canadian Library Week 2005

The Canadian Library Association has announced the establishment of Canadian Library Week 2005. The idea for a week dedicated to library and information services in Canada was developed by provincial and territorial library partners from across the country to help raise public awareness of the valuable role that libraries play in local communities. Canadian Library Week will be held from October 17-24, 2005 and will celebrate the theme "Lifelong Libraries - Discover Us!"

The National Archives tackles digital compliance

In conjunction with the UK Data Archive, The National Archives have released a report comparing their preservation practices to the leading internationally recognised standard for digital archives. This provides a model for other organisations to test the compliance of their own systems

Internet Resources Newsletter - Issue 133

Internet Resources Newsletter - Issue 133 - October 2005 - edited by Roddy MacLeod, Heriot-Watt University, is now available

FirstGov adding new search and news capabilities

The U.S. General Services Administration has announced that new Web Search and News capabilities will be added to FirstGov.gov, the U.S. Government's official Web portal. The new capabilities will help the portal function as a swift and efficient source for Americans to locate, identify and utilize information and government services at all levels from local to federal

Autonomy Corporation and NetLibrary partnership

Autonomy Corporation has announced that NetLibrary, a division of the worldwide library cooperative OCLC, Inc, has chosen Autonomy as its technology partner to provide academic, public, corporate and special libraries with improved facilities to locate and access information

Nominations for Movers & Shakers 2006

The editors of Library Journal need your help in identifying the emerging leaders in the library world. The fourth annual Movers & Shakers supplement will profile 50-plus up-and-coming individuals from across the United States and Canada who are innovative, creative, and making a difference. From librarians to vendors to others who work in the library field, Movers & Shakers 2006 will celebrate the new professionals who are moving our libraries ahead. Deadline for submissions is November 1, 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Hotchkiss Map Collection

The Library of Congress' Geography and Map Division has announced the release of a new American Memory collection: The Hotchkiss Map Collection: Confederate Army Maps. The Hotchkiss Map Collection contains cartographic items made by Major Jedediah Hotchkiss (1828-1899), a topographic engineer in the Confederate Army. Hotchkiss made detailed battle maps primarily of the Shenandoah Valley, some of which were used by the Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson for their combat planning and strategy. Several of the maps have annotations of various military officers, demonstrating their importance in the military campaigns. The collection also includes maps made or used by Hotchkiss during his post-war years, including maps with information about railroads, minerals and mining, geology and history, most of which focus on Virginia and West Virginia, but also cover other states and even the world

SLA Europe Seminar

SLA Europe Seminar - So you put all your content in a content management system - what happens next? - 6 October 2005 - London, UK

Book Review Digest Retrospective: 1905-1982

The H.W. Wilson Company has announced the debut of Book Review Digest Retrospective: 1905-1982, a unique online record of books and reviews reflecting nearly eight decades of the library reference standard Book Review Digest

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Actors and Actresses. Answers here

1. Which English actor, born in 1904, won an Academy Award for his role as the butler in the 1981 film "Arthur?"
2. Which American actor starred in the television comedy series "Mork and Mindy" and the films "Good Morning Vietnam" and "Mrs. Doubtfire?"
3. Which actress starred in the films "Hideous Kinky" and "Iris?"
4. "Awesome Welles" was a nickname used by American actor Tony Curtis for which overweight actor?
5. Which Swedish actress appeared in the films "Casablanca", "Gaslight" and "Notorious?"
6. Which British actor also wrote witty comedies like "Hay Fever" and "Private Lives?"
7. Which US actress, noted for her full figure, had an inflatable life-jacket named after her?
8. Which English actress, born in 1650, became Charles II's mistress?
9. Which American actress won her first Academy Award for the 1933 film "Morning Glory" and also appeared in nine films with Spencer Tracy?
10. Dr. Johnson said of which 18th-century actor "His profession made him rich and he made his profession respectable?"

Webcast: National Book Festival Gala: Celebrating America's Stories

Prior to the annual Library of Congress National Book Festival, the Library hosts a gala event featuring and honoring authors and storytellers who have come to Washington for the Festival. This year's gala will include remarks from Librarian of Congress James Billington, First Lady Laura Bush, and Laysha Ward of the Target Foundation. The following authors will read from their works: Linda Sue Park, author of Bee-bim Bop! and Single Shared; Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair; David McCullough, author of John Adams and 1776; and Tom Wolfe, author of The Bonfire of the Vanities and I Am Charlotte Simmons - September 23, 2005, 7-8 p.m. Coolidge Auditorium

Illinois Alive!

The Alliance Library System, the Mid-Illinois Talking book Center and the Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service have announcef the launch of a unique and innovative new website, Illinois Alive! Early Illinois Heroes and Heroines: a Multimedia Montage. The site is designed to bring important historical characters in central Illinois to life for schoolchildren and others interested in Illinois history, and to make the images accessible to the visually impaired

Poetry Olympics Twenty05

Poetry Olympics Twenty05 celebrates the 40th anniversary of the First Poetry Internationale at Royal Albert Hall in 1965, the 25th year of Poetry Olympics festivals, and the 70th birthday of torchbearer/co-ordinator Michael Horovitz - 25 September, 2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hindawi Publishing Corporation Institutional Memberships

Hindawi Publishing Corporation is now offering Institutional Memberships for its Open Access journal collection. By becoming an Institutional Member of Hindawi's Open Access publishing program, authors from Member Institutes will be able to publish their work in any of the Hindawi Open Access journals free of charge. Moreover, universities and research institutes will be able to show their support for this promising new publishing model

4th International Convention CALIBER-2006

4th International Convention CALIBER-2006 on Dynamic Interoperable Web based Information Systems - Feb 2-4, 2006 - Jointly Organised by INFLIBNET Centre and Gulbarga University - Karnataka, India

LLRX.com updated

LLRX.com September 18, 2005 update is now online

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

National Leadership Grants for 2005

The Institute of Museum and Library Services has announced the recipients of its prestigious National Leadership Grants for 2005. More than $17 million is being awarded to 41 museums and libraries throughout the country in this highly competitive grant program. The recipients will match the awards with an additional $15,522,757

The Internet Public Library Symposium: A Global Standard for Digital Librarianship

The University of Michigan School of Information will be sponsoring The Internet Public Library Symposium: A Global Standard for Digital Librarianship on September 23-24. The meetings will be held on the UM campus in Ann Arbor and are free and open to all. The entire program will be captured and the audio of the sessions will be made available via the IPL website as soon as possible

Classical Music Library expansion

Alexander Street Press is expanding its music listening services to 170,000 tracks. Classical Music Library will include 45,000 additional tracks from EMI that will highlight (among other things) great contemporary works and opera and include all of their digitized music to date, including new releases. This addition will double the size of Classical Music Library. The new release also will include 9,000 new tracks from Sanctuary, Nuova Era, Haenssler, and Black Box. In addition, users will soon have the power to move around within a track to isolate specific sections of the track

TASI workshops

The Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI) has just released its Autumn workshop programme

Alacra Wiki

Alacra, Inc. has announced the launch of the Alacra Wiki, a free collaborative Web site designed to help people find sources of business information. The Alacra Wiki provides descriptions and links to in-depth business and financial databases ranging from archival news services to industry-specific directories

Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award

The finalists in the inaugural Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award have been announced. The judges met in New York to decide on the six books which, in their opinion, provided "the most compelling and enjoyable insight into modern business issues".

University of California Press Journals RSS feeds

University of California Press Journals now has RSS feeds for all its publications

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Go-Geo! is the UK academic spatial data portal operated and maintained by EDINA National Data Centre, University of Edinburgh. The portal is a key component of the UK academic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and is financially supported by the Joint Information Services Committee (JISC). Go-Geo! offers access to information about all things spatial for researchers, teaching staff and students in UK further and higher education institutions. Its principle function is as a data discovery tool, searching metadata catalogues across the UK. This is now augmented by a Metadata Editor tool, allowing individuals to create and edit their own metadata to describe spatial data they either have collected or curate. Go-Geo! also offers links to other GI-related quality controlled resources, such as books in print, photographs, online mapping and data services, software, training courses, events, discussion forums and useful organisations. Go-Geo! aims to support the full research project life cycle

5th International Web Archiving Workshop

5th International Web Archiving Workshop held in conjunction with the 8th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries - September 22-23 2005, Vienna, Austria

Simmons GSLISCE online workshops Fall 2005

Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science Office of Continuing Education is offering a number of online workshops for Fall 2005

Call for Proposals 2006 Online Northwest

Call for Proposals 2006 Online Northwest - A one-day conference focusing on the use of technology within libraries, attracting librarians from the Pacific Northwest and around the country. It is sponsored by the Oregon University System - February 10, 2006

Tales from the Vault!: Canadian Pulp Fiction, 1940-1952

Library and Archives Canada presents its Canadian pulp art and fiction collection, straight from the special collections vault. The collection featured in this virtual exhibit, Tales from the Vault!: Canadian Pulp Fiction, 1940-1952, is one of the very few known pulp magazine holdings in Canada, and is available for consultation at LAC. This site is written in a snappy style similar to that used by the pulp writers of the 1940s and 1950s. It highlights and exhibits portions (covers and some text) of the English and French sections of the collection while providing an introduction to the pulp fiction industry in general, the beginnings of the Canadian pulp fiction industry, and selected areas of discussion and themes found within the collection

Monday, September 19, 2005

RSS, blogs and wikis: why and how to use them

Don't know your RSS from your elbow? Not sure where the blogroll should go? And wasn't Julius Caesar into wikis? If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, or just want to get behind the jargon and find out how these technologies can benefit you, come along to this evening session at the aptly named Great Expectations. Karen Blakeman will take you through the essentials, explain why you should be using them as part of your communications strategy, and show you how to get started. The meeting is arranged BBOD (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire District of the South East England Branch of CILIP). Date and venue: Tuesday 4th October at the 'Great Expectations', 33 London Street, Reading, Berkshire

OECD and Ingenta: the third generation

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) has signed a new long-term contract with Ingenta to deliver a third generation of SourceOECD, OECD's very successful e-library comprising all its books, journals, statistical databases, working papers and reference works. The contract will ensure that OECD continues to provide an innovative online publishing service to a growing global community of academics, students and researchers in governmental and corporate institutions

2006 ALPSP Learned Journals Collection

Pricing for the 2006 ALPSP Learned Journals Collection is now available

Sunday, September 18, 2005


LIBCOM-2005 - Ninth International Conference and Exhibition Information Technologies, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries - November 14-18, 2005 - Zvenigorod, Russia

Learning resources area for the Oxford English Dictionary

A Learning resources area for the Oxford English Dictionary has been established.

On this part of the site, we are collecting a variety of materials which will help education professionals to incorporate OED Online into their teaching, and introduce students to research techniques which encourage them to explore the riches of the Dictionary. We aim to offer materials suitable for all levels from age group 11 to 14 through to University level, and we invite teachers to share any OED-related activities which they have devised and found useful. As well as sample lesson plans and exercises, we will be adding more quizzes and word stories, and offering links to other sites on which similar materials for language study can be found

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Scientific Publishing: What Does the Future Hold?

Scientific Publishing: What Does the Future Hold? - Scientific publishing is in a state of flux. Hear a set of distinguished speakers with first-hand involvement present a spectrum of views on the challenges and issues that we face as we move fully into the digital age. This conference is aimed at users and producers of scientific and technical scholarship. Sponsored by the Lehigh University Chapter of Sigma Xi and Lehigh University Library and Technology Services - November 12, 2005 - Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Wiley InterScience Newsletter

Wiley InterScience Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 6, September 2005 now available

ALPSP/Charlesworth and ALPSP Awards 2005

The winners of this year's ALPSP and the ALPSP/Charlesworth Awards were announced at the Association's annual dinner held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on 15 September 2005. The awards recognise significant achievement in the field of learned and professional publishing

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Constitution Day. September 17th is Constitution Day in the United States, commemorating the signing of the US Constitution. In fact, there are Constitution Days in a dozen other countries as well. Try to answer these questions about the US Constitution and related matters. Answers here

1. Was the US Constitution signed in 1747, 1787 or 1847?
2. Does the United Kingdom have a written constitution: yes or no?
3. Who was the first president of the United States?
4. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution affirms the right of the people to keep and bear...what?
5. Who insisted on the right to draw up a new constitution for France when he accepted the post of French Prime Minister in 1958?
6. What are the first three words of the preamble to the US Constitution?
7. How many amendments to the US Constitution were adopted in 1791: two, five or ten?
8. What is the name for the meeting place of the US Congress in Washington?
9. Which amendment to the US Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and of the press?
10. In 1787, who said of the proposed US Constitution "I have the happiness to know that it is a rising, and not a setting sun?"

Finding and using statistics

Finding and using statistics - this publication provides quick tips on locating information on the Statistics Canada website. Originally published in the 1980's and revised as part of the 1994 Statistics Canada Catalogue, this electronic guide has been created especially for users needing a step-by-step review on how to find, read and use data

DCC and ERPANET Workshop

DCC and ERPANET Workshop on the Long-term Curation and Preservation of Medical Databases - Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal - 13-14 October 2005

One Book Many Formats: The Magic of Multimedia

The Alliance Library System, the Mid-Illinois Talking Book Center, and the Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service have announced the second annual Audio Ebook Expo: One Book Many Formats: The Magic of Multimedia. The Expo will be held at Alliance headquarters in East Peoria on Wednesday September 28, 2005

D-Lib Magazine September 2005

D-Lib Magazine September 2005 is now avialable

Librarians' Index to the Internet

Librarians' Index to the Internet - New This Week - September 15, 2005


Classcaster is a course blogging system that provides faculty, librarians, and staff of The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) member schools with a new way to interact with students and communities. A Classcaster blog provides authors with tools for posting not only traditional blog articles but also tools for podcasting and sharing any documents and/or files with students and communities

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Grampian Information Annual Conference

Grampian Information Annual Conference - 18 November 2005 - Aberdeen, Scotland

Alice's Adventures Under Ground

On 21 September 2005, the original manuscript of Alice's Adventures Under Ground, one of the world's most popular and well known children's books, will be available to internet users for the first time. This latest addition to the British Library's Turning the Pages is a fully digitised version of the original manuscript containing 90 pages and 37 illustrations. Its pages can be 'virtually' turned and viewed on-line on the British Library's website, in the Treasures Gallery of the British Library and on a new CD-ROM

Adopt a Library Program

To help the libraries in the Gulf region that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the American Library Association has set up an Adopt a Library Program. The program provides an opportunity for libraries of all types in the US to provide assistance to the libraries in need

Military Librarians Workshop

Registration is open for the Military Librarians Workshop 2005, December 5-9, 2005. The 49th Annual Workshop is sponsored by the Military Librarians Division of SLA and hosted by Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, Technical Library, China Lake, CA at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

ALA Cultural Communities Fund receives $50,000 pledge from H.W. Wilson Foundation

The American Library Association Public Programs Office has announced that that H.W. Wilson Foundation has made a pledge of $50,000 to support the ALA Cultural Communities Fund. The first endowment of its kind, the Cultural Communities Fund will help libraries of all types develop and host programs in the arts and humanities, serving diverse communities nationwide

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New design for the HighWire Press Portal Site

The newly-designed HighWire Press Portal Site will be available on September 19 at these URLS:


In the meantime, you can connect to the demonstration site at


2006 British Columbia Library Conference

Call for proposals: 2006 British Columbia Library Conference: Sharing a Vision: The Power of Collaboration. The conference will be held at the Burnaby Hilton, from April 20 to April 22, 2006

CAB Abstracts Plus

CABI Publishing has announced the forthcoming launch of CAB Abstracts Plus. This new full text enhancement to CAB Abstracts will provide researchers with access to thousands of additional full text documents direct from the database

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Free access to SAGE journals until 31 October, 2005

To celebrate SAGE's 40th anniversary and the 1st anniversary of SAGE Journals Online, institutions subscribing to one or more SAGE journals have free online access to all SAGE journals until 31 October, 2005

Gadgets and Libraries

Gadgets and Libraries with Hope Tillman - an audio conference. September 13, 2005. This talk is for anyone with an interest in new technologies, especially portable or wireless ones, which have uses in libraries today or will have in the future

Making Sense of Social Software in the Library

On September 28 WebJunction will host a live, online presentation on Making Sense of Social Software in the Library. Panel members Aaron Schmidt (Thomas Ford Memorial Library, IL), Andrea Mercado (Reading Public Library, MA), and Regan Robinson (Stevens County Rural Library District, WA) will demystify blogs, wikis, Flickr, and answer your questions about what it all has to do with libraries

EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service

The latest list of journals available on the EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service now covers 12324 titles


LibriVox is an open source audio-literary attempt to harness the power of the many to record and disseminate, in podcast form, books from the public domain

Connotea Code version 1.5 released

The latest version of Connotea Code, the open source release of the software that runs Connotea, is out. This version contains all the new features developed for Connotea over the past few months. Connotea is a place to keep links to the articles you read and the websites you use, and a place to find them again. It is also a place where you can discover new articles and websites through sharing your links with other users

Let's Talk About It: Jewish Literature

The American Library Association Public Programs Office and Nextbook, a gateway to Jewish literature, culture and ideas, have selected 30 public and academic libraries to receive grants for Let's Talk About It: Jewish Literature programs

Monday, September 12, 2005

Latest figures from Directory of Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Journals now lists 1752 journals. 433 journals are searchable at article level and 77576 articles are included

The British Library's strategy 2005-2008

Redefining the Library: The British Library's strategy 2005-2008.
Libraries have traditionally existed to collect and organise information, make access to knowledge more democratic, and preserve the record of ideas for future generations. Now, information is ubiquitous: 500 million web pages are just a keystroke away. Their content mutates constantly, and is subject to no structure. Google and other search engines have revolutionised the way people expect to access information. How do we redefine the role of the library in such a rapidly changing context?...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Agatha Christie week

The first Agatha Christie week starts on 12 September, celebrating 75 years of Miss Marple

New Aslib Training courses

Aslib Training has announced a number of new courses

Xreferplus live demonstrations

Xreferplus live demonstrations are taking place September 12 and September 13

New journals from SAGE Publications

SAGE Publications has announced that the following titles are now available online:

Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research
Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment
Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership

Treasured Maps at The New York Public Library

Treasured Maps: Celebrating The Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, a remarkable exhibition of more than 80 rarely seen maps and atlases, has opened at The New York Public Library. The exhibition highlights the depth and breadth of the Library's Map Division holdings, prior to its reopening in December 2005, after a complete renovation. Treasured Maps is on view through April 9, 2006 in the Edna Barnes Salomon Room, at The New York Public Library's Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. Admission is free. To complement the exhibition, the Library will present a series of free curatorial talks beginning in September by Alice Hudson, Chief of the Map Division

Saturday, September 10, 2005

BooksfromScotland.com launching November 2005

BooksfromScotland.com - a new global commercial website along the lines of Amazon.com and dedicated to showcasing just books by Scottish authors, or those published in Scotland. To be launched in November, it is the brainchild of the Scottish Publishers' Association and will be a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary with an initial "list" up to 15,000 titles, an online "shopfront" and an online ordering facility offering delivery worldwide

Friday, September 09, 2005

Xrefer CEO John G. Dove on Hurricane Katrina

A Message from Xrefer CEO John G. Dove regarding the devastation of Hurricane Katrina

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Buildings and Architects. Answers here

1. Which New York skyscraper was the highest building in the world from 1931 until 1972?
2. Oscar Niemeyer was the principal architect of the new city which replaced Rio de Janeiro as the capital of Brazil in 1960. What is the new city called?
3. What shape is the vast glass sculpture, designed by I. M. Pei, which forms the main entrance to the Louvre in Paris?
4. In which city is the Sears Tower which was once the tallest building in the world?
5. Name the Spanish architect who worked mainly in Barcelona, where his Church of the Holy Family is still under construction.
6. In 1999-2000, the former Bankside power station in London was converted into which art gallery by Herzog and de Meuron?
7. Which US architect designed the Guggenheim Museum in New York?
8. Which British architect designed the Pompidou Centre in Paris, as well as the Lloyds building and the Millennium Dome in London?
9. The Swiss-born French architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret adopted what name by which he is best known?
10. Which US architect designed the Dymaxion house and the geodesic dome?

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography Version 59

Version 59 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography is now available. This selective bibliography presents over 2,480 articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet


colLib is the collaborative platform for organizing Open Access materials in Library & Information Science (LIS). colLib harvests metadata-records from OAI-PMH-compliant repositories and enables manual 'tagging' of these records to cluster them by subject or other meaningful categories. Tags are represented by pages in a wiki, that can be annotated with links to related tags, external links and any other text deemed relevant

SirsiDynix abd Queens Library partner for wireless access

SirsiDynix has announced that it recently partnered with Bluesocket Inc. to develop and install a secure wireless patron access solution at Queens Library in New York

Lexis-Nexis Hurricane Katrina coverage

Lexis-Nexis has created a special portal to its Hurricane Katrina coverage, offering users free access to any article it has about the unfolding state of emergency on the Gulf Coast

US National Archives and Records Administration selects Lockheed Martin

The US National Archives and Records Administration has announced the selection of Lockheed Martin Corporation to build the Electronic Records Archives (ERA) system at the National Archives and Records Administration. Lockheed Martin Corporation was selected based on the following best value factors: 1) best technical solution, 2) system and software engineering methodology, and 3) management

XVIII Moscow International Book Fair

The XVIII Moscow International Book Fair is currently underway in Moscow

Librarians' Index to the Internet

Librarians' Index to the Internet - New This Week - September 8, 2005

NASIG Newsletter

NASIG Newsletter - September 2005 - is now available

The 2005 Man Booker Prize Shortlist

The 2005 Man Booker Prize Shortlist has been announced. The result will be announced 10 October, 2005

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Xrefer signs Dorling Kindersley as 50th Publishing Partner

Xrefer has announced that it has signed an agreement with Dorling Kindersley to add the Financial Times World Desk Reference to Xreferplus' Ready-Reference service

What Women Want: Stories from The Women's Library

Freedom. Equality. Security. Adventure. Domestic Bliss. This autumn, The Women's Library continues its programme of innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions with What Women Want, an exhibition and events programme assessing what women have campaigned, fought and longed for, both past and present. The exhibition will be drawn from The Women's Library's unique collections and will showcase the extraordinary range of material the Library holds and the stories that it can tell - 6 October 2005 - 26 August 2006

Info@UK Issue 54

Info@UK Issue 54, September 2005, is now available from The British Council

Canadian Library Association accepting donations to Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf Coast of the United States included damage to or the destruction of hundreds of public, school and academic libraries. While the current focus is and should be on humanitarian aid – and we urge those who can give to do so to reputable agencies like the Canadian Red Cross – the library community is already looking ahead to efforts to preserve, restore and rebuild library collections and services in the affected area.

The Canadian Library Association is accepting donations to a Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, and will issue tax receipts for donations of $25 or more.

Money collected will be sent to funds recognized by the American Library Association. It appears Louisiana has been hardest hit, and at this time plans are to send the money raised to the Louisiana Library Disaster Relief Fund.

For more information, please contact CLA Executive Director Don Butcher at dbutcher@cla.ca; 613-232-9625 ext. 306

Fourth METS Opening Day

The METS (Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard) Editorial Board will be presenting an all day workshop as a pre-conference to the Access 2005 Conference. The METS Board has been hosting a series of METS Opening Day events to provide an introduction to the METS standard and a chance to discuss the technical issues surrounding METS' implementation. The Board has announced that the fourth METS Opening Day has been scheduled for October 15, 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Free Pint Newsletter 190

Free Pint Newsletter 190 - 8 September 2005 - now available

Cites & Insights 5:11

Cites & Insights 5:11 (October 2005) is now available for downloading

SSA Cares

The Society of Southwest Archivists (SSA) has established a weblog to capture and share information about colleagues and friends from Louisiana and Mississippi, who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina

Call for computer equipment from Louisiana

The State Library of Louisiana has sent out this call for computer equipment. If you are interested and able to send computers, here is the request from the Louisiana State Librarian, Rebecca Hamilton:

To all - we are in desperate need of computers/printers. We are being inundated with evacuees needing to file FEMA applications, unemployment, search for loved ones, etc. and are coming into our public libraries to use the computers. Our libraries have greatly extended their hours to accommodate the people but they need additional computers and printers. If you can please put the word out that if anyone wants to help immediately, this is our greatest need.

Equipment Specs:
Pentium 3
Windows 2000, prefer XP
Laser printers if you can still get toner for them

Send equipment to:
State Library of Louisiana
701 North 4th Street
Baton Rouge, La. 70802-5232

If you are able to assist them, please let Rebecca know via email at rhamilton@crt.state.la.us to help her know what to expect

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Premium Collection from Project MUSE

Project MUSE has announced details for its new Premium Collection of online scholarly journals, available for subscription beginning in 2006. The list price for the Premium Collection is $24,500, with over forty new journals confirmed for inclusion

Holtzbrinck Podcasts

Holtzbrinck Podcasts is the podcast website of Holtzbrinck Publishers, a privately owned company that owns a number of trade and educational publishers, including St. Martin's Press, Henry Holt, Farrar Straus & Giroux, Picador, and Tor/Forge. From this website you'll be able to sample an assortment of new Holtzbrinck titles every week, including material that you can't find or hear anywhere else, such as live recordings of author appearances and special interviews with the authors and editors

eCO Search to debut

An improved copyright searching system called eCO Search will be available on the Copyright Office website about October 1, 2005. eCO Search offers new features, including keyword searching and the use of a single database containing records since 1978 for monographs, serials, and recorded documents. All the approximately 20 million records for registrations and recorded documents in the current system will be migrated to the new eCO Search database, which is a search system similar to that used by other parts of the Library of Congress

ERIC Adds New Content for New School Year

ERIC has announced the availability of a substantial amount of new 2004 and 2005 content. Highlights of this content addition include approximately 20,000 new records for users to search, more than 10,000 bibliographic journal records from more than 300 current journals, and over 1000 ERIC documents (most documents and some journal articles are available in full text)

Win an iPod in the 2005 IWR survey

Tell Information World Review what you think of Google and the rest of the info industry and win Apple iPods and Sony digital cameras

Nominations sought for 2006 ALCTS awards

Nominations are being accepted for the 2006 Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) awards. Each year ALCTS presents eight awards to honor individuals whose work represents the finest achievements in research, creative work, leadership and service in the field of library collections and technical services. The deadline for nominations and supporting materials is December 1, 2005

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

British Library published Cities of the World, A History in Maps

Cities of the World, A History in Maps, a new British Library publication by Peter Whitfield, holds up a mirror to sixty-four of the world's greatest cities, and is the first book of its kind to trace their historic form and special character through maps and panoramic views produced over the centuries. Drawing from the British Library's extensive map collection, Cities of the World contains a selection of familiar places such as Rome, Paris, and New York as well as some of the more unusual cities of Isfahan, Palmanova and Karlsruhe

The Internet Archive needs Katrina websites

The Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library, needs help in finding URL's of sites and blogs that contain documents related to Katrina

Indian classical treasure-trove goes digital

A million rare manuscripts, palm leaves, copper plates and age-old classical literature are to be digitised under a project jointly undertaken by Carnegie Mellon University and the Indian ministry of communications and information technology. CMU will provide proprietary software and hardware to the Digital Library of India (DLI) for $5 million - HT Media Ltd

Online Information & Education Conference 2005

Online Information & Education Conference 2005, takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, 16-19 November 2005. Workshops include the Google effect on libraries; Institutional repositories; LOCKSS; and Project management for digital collection development. The theme of the conference is Balancing the external and traditional libraries

Saturday, September 03, 2005

1901 England Census - Free access in September

The complete 1901 UK Census index is now available to you at no charge for the entire month of September. Free registration required


Geosphere is the Geological Society of America's first Open Access journal

A Kaleidoscope of Digital American Literature

A Kaleidoscope of Digital American Literature - by Martha L. Brogan - Published by the Council on Library and Information Resources and Digital Library Federation, September 2005

Renaissance Festival Books

Renaissance Festival Books - digitized Renaissance-era books from the British Library about grand festivals and ceremonies in Europe from 1475 to 1700, such as marriages, funerals, and coronations

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Dates. Answers here

1. Did the French Revolution begin in 1789, 1798 or 1879?
2. Was the US president John F. Kennedy assassinated in 1961, 1963 or 1966?
3. Was the first atomic bomb used in warfare dropped on Hiroshima in 1939, 1945 or 1946?
4. Did Elvis Presley release his first hit record, "Heartbreak Hotel," in 1956, 1958 or 1960?
5. Was the Berlin Wall dismantled in 1985, 1987 or 1989?
6. Was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated in 1948, 1953 or 1958?
7. Did Marconi first transmit long-wave radio signals across the Atlantic Ocean in 1891, 1901 or 1911?
8. Did Walt Disney's first full-length animated feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," appear in 1927, 1932 or 1937?
9. Was William Shakespeare born in 1564, 1584 or 1614?
10. Was Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony first performed in 1808, 1818 or 1828?

Middletown Thrall Library Katrina guide

Middletown Thrall Library, New York, has created the Hurricane Katrina Information Guide. Links include news items, emergency and relief organizations, blogs, general information on hurricanes, and more. The guide has been updated numerous times over the past couple of days since it was established as new information became available, and it will continue to be updated as is necessary

Brill journals 2006 prices

The 2006 rates for all Brill Academic Publishers, VSP and Martinus Nijhoff journals are now available

SourceOECD 2006 subscription prices

OECD Publishing has released 2006 subscription prices for SourceOECD services and periodicals

Duke University Press 2006 site license

Duke University Press has announced that the site license for the new e-Duke Scholarly Collection is now available for download

American Chemical Society chooses ScholarOne

The American Chemical Society and ScholarOne, Inc. have announced that the Publications Division of the American Chemical Society has chosen ScholarOne Manuscript Central to expand and enhance its online peer review and manuscript management capabilities. Implementation of the new system, which will be called The ACS Paragon Plus Environment – Powered by ScholarOne Manuscript Central, is scheduled to commence in Autumn 2005

JISC agreement with Scopus

Scopus has announced that the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), the UK government body that supports higher education by providing strategic guidance, advice and opportunities to use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to support education and research, has concluded an agreement for Elsevier's Scopus

The LLA Disaster Relief Fund

The Louisiana Library Association has established The LLA Disaster Relief Fund and is accepting monetary donations to assist school, public, and academic library restoration efforts in Southeastern Louisiana

AALL LawLibAssist blog

AALL LawLibAssist is a blog set up by members of the American Association of Law Libraries to help their colleagues, the attorneys they serve, and law school students in the affected areas of the Katrina disaster

Librarians' Index to the Internet

Librarians' Index to the Internet - New This Week - September 1, 2005

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Information Today September journal issues

The September 2005 issues of Computers in Libraries, Information Today, Searcher, and ONLINE are now available

Fundraising for librarians

Fundraising for librarians - A day aimed at library and information staff working in the voluntary and academic sectors. Participants will gain a basic understanding of fundraising in order to identify sources of funds and make successful applications to Trusts and other public bodies - 26 October 2005 - London, UK

Archives Hub updated

Archives Hub in the UK has made some major changes to its website

Hurricane Katrina Information Resources

Hurricane Katrina Information Resources compiled by Cavan McCarthy, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, School of Library and Information Science

Geaux Library Recovery on Yahoo! Groups

Geaux Library Recovery on Yahoo! Groups - a moderated list open to only those professionals interested in helping with recovery efforts after the devestation of Hurricane Katrina

Internet Resources Newsletter - Issue 132

Internet Resources Newsletter - Issue 132 - September 2005 - edited by Roddy MacLeod, Heriot-Watt University, is now available

National Library of Australia newsletter

National Library of Australia newsletter for September 2005 is now available