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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Podcast: Tourists and booking clerks - information for family historians in the Thomas Cook Archives (UK)

Paul Smith, company archivist of Thomas Cook UK & Ireland, offers a general account of the holdings of the Thomas Cook Archives, with particular reference to records that might prove useful for family historians, such as staff magazines, contracts of employment and passenger lists (UK National Archives)

UK government publications - 30 July 2010

The latest round up of new UK government publications this week - July 30 2010 from Intute and the LSE Library

The Journal of the Medical Library Association - Volume 98(3) July 2010

The Journal of the Medical Library Association - Volume 98(3) July 2010 - is now available online

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog - July 30, 2010 update

The July 30, 2010 edition of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog from Charles W. Bailey, Jr. is now available. It provides information about new works related to scholarly electronic publishing, such as books, e-prints, journal articles, magazine articles, technical reports, and white papers

Current Cites - July 2010

Current Cites (edited by Roy Tennant) - July 2010 is now available

CARL E-Lert # 386

CARL E-Lert # 386, July 30 2010 from Canadian Association of Research Libraries. Some of this week's items: University of Ottawa Press launches innovative open access collection; Canadian researchers hope to green the web, make Canada the world's web server; Bringing Data Mining Into the Mainstream; Driving UK Research. Is copyright a help or a hindrance? A perspective from the research community

British Library, British Museum and V&A announce future plans with Indian Partner Institutions

"Building on the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 9 June between the Indian Ministry of Culture (on behalf of Indian Cultural Institutions) and the British Library, the British Museum and the V&A, the Director of each of the three UK institutions has outlined their respective plans with Indian partner institutions. The announcements were made as part of the Prime Minister's visit to India"

Underground Gallery: London Transport Posters 1920s–1940s (USA)

Underground Gallery: London Transport Posters 1920s–1940s (USA)Underground Gallery: London Transport Posters 1920s–1940s - July 28, 2010 to January 11, 2011. "After World War I, striking modern posters began to trans­form the stations of London's underground railway system into public art galleries. The posters, designed by significant artists like László Moholy-Nagy, Zero (Hans Schleger), and Abram Games, were the crucial face of a pioneering public transport campaign for coherence and efficiency that also included station architecture, train interiors, and Harry Beck's iconic Underground map (1931–33). This installation at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, presents over twenty posters that speak to the experience of modern London - from the promotion of culture and entertainment to the anxieties of daily life during WWII"

Linked Data: The Future of Knowledge Organization on the Web (UK)

Linked Data: The Future of Knowledge Organization on the Web - 14 September, 2010 - London, UK - "Since Tim Berners-Lee first wrote in detail about it in July 2006, Linked Data has remained something of a shadowy mystery for many. Yet, the principle is simple: you can add value to your information by linking it to that of others. This ISKO UK one-day conference examines how this linking can be done using Semantic Web technologies like URIs, RDF and SKOS, and how real-world examples of Linked Data in action are here, now, and are growing. The conference offers an opportunity for all information professionals and information workers to catch up with where Linked Data is now, where it is going, and why you need to know about it"

Dare to share: new approaches to long-term collections management (UK)

Dare to share: new approaches to long-term collections management - Research Libraries UK / Preservation Advisory Centre Joint Conference - 6 September 2010 - London, UK - "This one day conference examines how libraries and other research institutions can benefit from integrating preservation into broader, long-term collections management strategies, with a particular emphasis on collaborative preservation ventures. Speakers from the UK and abroad present current thinking on hybrid collections; using collection strengths to inform integrated strategies for resource allocation; how digitisation affects what we keep; protecting investment in digitisation projects; lifecycle costing of digital collections; and opens up the question about the UK Research Reserve being a model for other library materials"

Friday, July 30, 2010

TeckKNOW - July 2010

TechKNOW - the quarterly review of bright ideas published by the Technical Services Division of the Ohio Library Council - Volume 16, Issue 2, July 2010 is now available

Frankfurt Book Fair 2010

Frankfurt Book Fair 2010The Frankfurt Book Fair will take place 6-10 October, 2010 with more than 7,300 exhibitors from 100 countries, 299,000 visitors and over 10,000 journalists

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - July 30, 2010

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Weights and Measurements. All kinds of words are used to describe how heavy, long, etc. things are. Check your knowledge of weights and measures with this brainteaser. Answers here.

1. "Mg" is an abbreviation for which measure of weight?
2. How many pints are there in a quart?
3. Which unit of length was introduced by the French in the 18th century as one ten-millionth of the distance from the Equator to the North Pole?
4. How many grams are there in a kilogram?
5. What is the word for the metric unit of area equal to 10,000 square metres?
6. "Cwt" is an abbreviation for which measurement of weight?
7. How many furlongs are there in a mile: six, eight or twelve?
8. What system of weight got its name from a city in France which was the site of a noted medieval fair that developed its own system of weights?
9. Which ancient unit of measurement was originally equal to the length of the forearm from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow?
10. "Ramp weight" is the weight of what sort of thing?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Associates - July 2010 issue

The July 2010 (Vol. 17, no. 1) issue of Associates: The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal is now available

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Journal of Spatial Information Science

Scientific Herald of the Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Fe Dergi : Feminist Elestiri

Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine

Meta : Avaliação

Photonics Letters of Poland

Praktiske Grunde : Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kultur- og Samfundsvidenskab

INNOVAR : Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales


Addiction and Health

Archivo Español de Arte



Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals

Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy

Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology

Opinión Jurídica

Revista Argentina de Dermatología

Aktuelnosti iz Neurologije, Psihijatrije i Granicnih Podrucja

Annals of Neurosciences

Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

International Journal of Preventive Medicine


New RSC Publishing platform launched - Royal Society of Chemistry

The new RSC Publishing platform has been launched by the Royal Society of Chemistry:

* Save time by searching across all RSC-hosted journal, book and database content using one simple search
* Discover new research as the platform will automatically include related articles
* Find the right content fast through filtered searching which allows you faster access to relevant information by displaying authors and RSC publications that have published related work
* Share & recommend research with tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Google
* Register and create a personalised account which will allows you to store searches and receive search results as alerts

2010 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Fall Forum

2010 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Fall Forum - 1-3 November, 2010 - Palo Alto, California, USA

2011 Wiley-Blackwell Journal Prices

The 2011 Journals Price List for all Wiley-Blackwell titles is now available, along with the 2011 Journal Changes document

Video Interview: Brian Lavoie on the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access

"OCLC Research Scientist Brian Lavoie recently visited JISC's Strategic Content Alliance and took a few minutes (7:37, actually) to speak about the Task Force and its work. Lavoie was co-chair of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access, which was set up to look at digital preservation from an economic perspective

First Monday - August 2010

First Monday - Volume 15, Number 8, 2 August 2010 now available


legislation.gov.uk is managed by The National Archives on behalf of HM Government. Publishing all UK legislation is a core part of the remit of Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO), part of The National Archives, and the Office of the Queen's Printer for Scotland

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wellcome Library Item of the month, July 2010: The name of the rose

Wellcome Library Item of the month, July 2010: The name of the rose"Six years ago today, Francis Crick died of colon cancer in San Diego at the age of 88. Most famous for his 1953 discovery (with James Watson) of the structure of DNA, Crick was also a keen rose cultivator, filling the garden of Wells Cottage, his summer retreat in Suffolk, with blooms. When the BBC wrote to him in the late 1980s to ask if he would participate in a proposed series 'Portrait of the Twentieth Century', Crick pithily replied 'Nice of you to ask me but I think I'd rather water my roses...'

Dublin named 'city of literature'

"Dublin has designated a city of literature by the cultural arm of the United Nations, Unesco. It is the fourth city to receive the award. Minister for Culture and Tourism Mary Hanafin said Dublin was granted the accolade "because of the rich historical literary past of the city, the vibrant contemporary literature, the variety of festivals and attractions available and because it is the birthplace and home of literary greats". The title was bestowed on Dublin by Unesco director-general Irina Bokova. The previous recipients of the title, which is permanent, are Edinburgh, Melbourne and Iowa City"

IFLA Genealogical and Local History Section Newsletter - July 2010

IFLA Genealogical and Local History Section Newsletter - July 2010 is now available online

FreePint Newsletter 306

FreePint Newsletter 306 - 29 July, 2010 now available

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

University of Ottawa Press launches innovative open access collection (Canada)

"The University of Ottawa Press is pleased to announce the launch of a new open access collection that supports free and unrestricted access to scholarly research. As of July 30, 2010, a total of 36 UOP books will be available free to the online community, an initiative under the UOP's digital publishing plan. The collection consists of both French-language and English-language in-print titles in the arts, humanities and social sciences"

Journal of Cardiovascular Ultrasound - new title in PubMed Central

Journal of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, from the Korean Society of Echocardiography, has been added to PubMed Central

The new SpringerLink platform

Springer has announced that the new SpringerLink platform is scheduled to be launched on 7 August 2010. On this date the current site will be discontinued and all users will automatically enter the new platform

Longlist announced for Man Booker Prize 2010

Longlist announced for Man Booker Prize 2010The judges (pictured right) for the 2010 Man Booker Prize for Fiction have announced the longlist for the prize. A total of 138 books, 14 of which were called in by the judges, were considered for the 'Man Booker Dozen' longlist of 13 books. The longlist includes:

* Peter Carey Parrot and Olivier in America (Faber and Faber)
* Emma Donoghue Room (Pan MacMillan - Picador)
* Helen Dunmore The Betrayal (Penguin - Fig Tree)
* Damon Galgut In a Strange Room (Grove Atlantic - Atlantic Books)
* Howard Jacobson The Finkler Question (Bloomsbury)
* Andrea Levy The Long Song (Headline Publishing Group - Headline Review)
* Tom McCarthy C (Random House - Jonathan Cape)
* David Mitchell The Thousand Autumns of Zacob de Zoet (Hodder & Stoughton - Sceptre)
* Lisa Moore February (Random House - Chatto & Windus)
* Paul Murray Skippy Dies (Penguin - Hamish Hamilton)
* Rose Tremain Trespass (Random House - Chatto & Windus)
* Christos Tsiolkas The Slap (Grove Atlantic - Tuskar Rock)
* Alan Warner The Stars in the Bright Sky (Random House - Jonathan Cape)

NTIS Technical Reports Newsletter - July 2010

NTIS Technical Reports Newsletter - Volume 3, Number 1, July 15, 2010 is now available from the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA, USA

University of Wales Dylan Thomas Prize longlist announced

The longlist for the University of Wales Dylan Thomas Prize has been announced:

Adebe D.A., 23 - Ex Nihilo (Frontenac House)
Caroline Bird, 23 - Watering Can (Carcanet)
Elyse Fenton, 29 - Clamor (Cleveland State University Poetry Center)
Katharine Kilalea, 28 - One Eye'd Leigh (Carcanet)
Dora Malech, 28 - Shore Ordered Ocean (The Waywiser Press)
Leanne O'Sullivan, 27 – Cailleach (Bloodaxe Books)
Johnny Mayer, 28 - American Volunteers (City on a Hill Productions)
Eleanor Catton, 24 - The Rehearsal (Granta)
Brian DeLeeuw, 29 - In This Way I Was Saved (John Murray Publishers)
Ciara Hegarty, 29 - The Road to the Sea (Macmillan New Writing)
Emilie Mackie, 27 - And This is True (Sceptre)
Karan Mahajan, 26 - Family Planning (Harper Perennial)
Nadifa Mohamed, 28 - Black Mamba Boy (Harper Collins)
Amy Sackville, 29 - The Still Point (Portobello Books)
Ali Shaw, 28 - The Girl with Glass Feet (Atlantic Books)
Craig Silvey, 27 - Jasper Jones (Windmill Books (Random House)

The British Library’s 2009/2010 Annual Report

The British Library's 2009/2010 Annual Report, entitled "The Value of Knowledge", is now available in a number of formats

New website for the New England Journal of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine has launched its new website

Video: A Tour of Edinburgh Central Library (Scotland)

"Enjoy a short tour of Edinburgh Central Library. Susan Varga takes us round the George Washington Browne building on George IV Bridge and illustrates some of the history behind this magnificent building"

10th Annual Knowledge and Information Management for the Public Sector (UK)

10th Annual Knowledge and Information Management for the Public Sector (UK) - 28-29 September, 2010 - London, UK

CARL E-Lert # 385

CARL E-Lert # 385, July 23 2010 from Canadian Association of Research Libraries. Some of this week's items: Statistics Canada chief falls on sword over census; House committee [U.S.] to hold hearing on public access to publicly funded research; Billion-euro boost to EU science; Digital Preservation in the Canadian Landscape

CARL E-Lert # 384

CARL E-Lert # 384, July 16 2010 from Canadian Association of Research Libraries. Some of this week's items: Interview with former Statistics Canada Chief Statistician, Ivan Fellegi, and Dean del Mastro, Conservative MP for Peterborough and a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage; Long-form census change; Access key theme in digital strategy comments; Universities and Libraries Move to the Mobile Web

Sweden's Enquist awarded Austrian literature prize

"Sweden's Per Olov Enquist, a prolific writer of historical novels and one of his country's most famous authors, has been awarded Austria's State Prize for European Literature. The 25,000-euro ($32,275) prize was given to him late Sunday in Salzburg by Culture Minister Claudia Schmied, who described the 76-year-old as 'a great European story-teller'"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Apostolic Vatican Library to reopen this fall

"After being closed for three years for restructuring and restoration, the Apostolic Vatican Library will reopen on September 20, 2010. The renewed facilities will provide easier access to the wealth of information it houses"

Federal Register 2.0 Beta to launch today (USA)

According to the US National Archives' official press release Federal Register 2.0 Beta will go live today at FederalRegister.gov

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New journals from Medknow Publications added to PubMed Central

The following new journals from Medknow Publications have been added to PubMed Central:

Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

Pharmacognosy Magazine

Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia

Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology

Indian Journal of Palliative Care

Oman Journal of Ophthalmology

2010 Annual RLG Partnership Meeting and Symposium Outputs available online

Slides, audio recordings and other outputs from these events are available on the meeting agenda pages of the OCLC Research Web site. Webinar recordings of three amplified sessions from the 2010 RLG Partnership Meeting are also available on the OCLC Research Web site and in iTunes

MLA News EBulletin - Issue 321 (UK)

MLA News EBulletin - Issue 321, 22 July 2010 is now available online from The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, UK

Space Hop, the 2010 national Summer Reading Challenge in libraries (UK)

With 725,000 children aged 4-11 taking part, the Summer Reading Challenge is the biggest national reading initiative. It runs in libraries throughout the summer holidays, with incentives, activities and events designed to create a real buzz around children's reading. The challenge is simple - to read six or more library books over the summer

QBook from Kiwa Media (New Zealand)

QBook from Kiwa Media (New Zealand)"QBook is an interactive read-along digital colour picture book format designed by Kiwa Media for young children. QBook is an eBook, iPhone and iPad app that combines a narrators voice with original picture illustrations and touchable text that is synchronised to highlight and sound when words are touched. QBook allows kids to learn through association, helping them to memorise letter and word sounds. It's like having a teacher or parent right there. Touch any word and it leaps into life, hold a word down and every letter will stand out and introduce itself"

Faulkner at Virginia: An Audio Archive

Here you can listen in on William Faulkner's sessions with audiences at the University of Virginia in 1957 and 1958, during his two terms as UVA's first Writer-in-Residence

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Library of America launches a blog

"The Library of America, the nonprofit publishing house dedicated to creating an in-print library of editions of America's greatest works, launched its first blog Friday. Called Reader's Almanac, it focuses on joining the current online discussions that touch on the works and authors in the publisher's catalog, such as William Faulkner, Jack Kerouac, Mark Twain and Walt Whitman"

7th Annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy Conference

7th Annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy Conference takes place October 1-2, 2010 in Savannah, USA

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Journal of Physical Therapy

International Journal of Advancements in Technology

Earth Science India

International Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Actas y Comunicaciones del Instituto de Historia Antigua y Medieval

Romanian Journal of European Affairs (RJEA)

Linguagens e Diálogos


Journal of Advances in Developmental Research

Revista Española de Documentación Científica

AGRIS on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics

European Journal of Education and Psychology

Quinto Sol

Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies

Revista de Pesquisa : Cuidado é Fundamental Online

2011 journal prices now available from The Policy Press

"The Policy Press has announced that its 2011 subscription prices are now available, covering the journals: Policy & Politics, Evidence & Policy, Journal of Poverty & Social Justice (formerly known as Benefits) and the newly launched Voluntary Sector Review"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives News - July 2010 (UK)

The July 2010 edition of Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives News is now available

Ellory takes home Theakstons win (UK)

Ellory takes home Theakstons win (UK)"Orion author R J Ellory has been awarded the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year award for the first time, beating a shortlist of authors that included Ian Rankin and Peter James. His A Simple Act of Violence was announced the winner this evening [22nd July] at the opening night party of the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate. Ellory takes home GBP3,000 plus a handmade, engraved beer barrel"

DL.org Autumn School 2010

The European project, DL.org (Digital Library Interoperability, Best Practices and Modelling Foundations) has announced its Autumn School on "Digital Libraries and Digital Repositories: Modelling, Best Practices, and Interoperability", which takes place in Athens, Greece, 3-8 October 2010

New a-la-carte Library in HeinOnline- Scottish Legal History: featuring publications of the Stair Society

"HeinOnline has partnered with the Stair Society to bring the history of Scots Law to the forefront, providing access in an online searchable format that has never been available before! HeinOnline's Scottish Legal History library is built upon our new legal research platform which brings together the primary sources on Scots Law and other sources, including books, abridgments and links to scholarly law review articles, into one database"

Wiley Online Library launching August 7- 8, 2010

"Wiley Online Library will host the world's broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science and the humanities. Built on the latest technology and designed with extensive input from scholars around the world, Wiley Online Library will deliver seamless integrated access to over 4 million articles from 1500 journals, 9000 books, and hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols and databases from John Wiley & Sons and key imprints including Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley-VCH and Jossey-Bass"

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - July 23, 2010

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Remakes. A remake is a new version of something - most often a film but sometimes a TV programme, a song, or some other form of entertainment. Try to answer these questions about remakes of various kinds. Answers here.

1. Which US actor won critical acclaim for her starring role as estranged twin sisters in the 1998 remake of "The Parent Trap" (1961)?
2. Which female US actor who appeared in "A Fish Called Wanda" and "True Lies" also appeared in Disney's family film remake "Freaky Friday" (2003)?
3. "10 Things I Hate About You" (1999) was a modern movie remake of which Shakespeare play?
4. Which film director's original production and remake of "The Ten Commandments" were the top-grossing films of the twenties and fifties, respectively?
5. What was the title of the 1987 American film which was a remake of a 1985 French film called "Trois Hommes et un couffin"?
6. "All in the Family" was a US television series based on which British television series about a working-class Londoner: an archetypal royalist and racist?
7. Which children's classic book has been filmed three times, starring Katharine Hepburn in 1933, June Allyson in 1949, and Claire Danes and Winona Ryder in 1994?
8. Which US actor became identified with screen villainy through such roles as the sadistic sergeant in the 1966 remake of "Beau Geste"?
9. Which 1956 film was a musical remake of "The Philadelphia Story"?
10. Which musician made the 1975 record album "Slow Dazzle", which included what one critic called a "perverse remake" of Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel"?

KM Newsletter - June 2010

Issue Number 10 of the KM newsletter is now available. Topics include:

* Letter from the Chair
* Gothenburg KM Programme
* Interview with KM Keynote Speaker Margaret Nelke
* FOCUSS: Using Social Media for Global Development
* International IDEA: One Database for All
* Mannheim City Library: Intellectual Capital Statement
* University of Pretoria: Information Literacy and Whole-Brain Thinking
* New IFLA Initiative: Adopt a Student
* KM Conferences 2010

UK government publications - 22 July 2010

The latest round up of new UK government publications this week - July 22 2010 from Intute and the LSE Library

Practical Academic Librarianship: The International Journal of the SLA Academic Division

Practical Academic Librarianship: The International Journal of the SLA Academic Division - Peer-reviewed journal for librarians serving academic departments or affiliated institutions including centers, institutes, specialized collections, & special units within or related to academic units

Research Library Issues, no. 270 (June 2010)

The Association of Research Libraries has released issue 270 of Research Library Issues

Thursday, July 22, 2010

School libraries in the UK: a worthwhile past, a difficult present - and a transformed future?

"There is a growing gap between the best services and those where resources and management support are failing, according to a new CILIP School Libraries Group report. The national survey of UK school libraries has just been completed, with detailed replies from 1,547 secondary, middle, special and independent schools and exhaustive activity reports from over 1,000 of these, supplemented by information from 655 primary schools. The final report School Libraries in the UK: a worthwhile past, a difficult present - and a transformed future? concludes that the vision and support of senior management is vital to success. It is crucial that school management recognise the difference that a good school library can make"

OCLC and the Califa Library Group announce partnership

"As Partners, OCLC and Califa will collaborate on programs and activities to enhance services and expand educational opportunities to members of both organizations. This new partnership enables both organizations to explore new ways to anticipate and address the needs of shared members. Initiatives will include improving access to information to maximize the use of OCLC products and services, collaborating on online events and conferences with a focus on new technologies, and opportunities to expose new trends in funding and education"

Workshop: Advanced Google Searching (UK)

"Google is the first port of call for many of us when it comes to searching the Internet, and with more data and services being added all the time it seems the obvious place to start. More information, more search features but not necessarily more relevant results. This hands-on workshop will look at the latest developments in Google and how to focus your search to obtain better results" - Workshop leader: Karen Blakeman. Thursday, 23rd September 2010 in London,UK

JISC Inform 28

JISC Inform 28 is now available from the Joint Information Systems Committee

International Preservation News - August 2010

International Preservation News - Issue 51, August 2010, is now available online. International Preservation News is a publication of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Core Activity on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) that reports on the preservation activities and events that support efforts to preserve materials in the world's libraries and archives

Driving UK Research - Is copyright a help or a hindrance?

Released today (22 July) a new report from the research community, compiled by the British Library, looks at the UK's existing intellectual property framework - reflecting the challenges researchers face on a daily basis and highlighting a consensus across all sectors on the need for reform to meet the demands of a modernising world

People's Book Prize winners (UK)

The winners of the People's Book Prize have been announced:

* Fiction: Lesley Thomson - A Kind of Vanishing

* Non-fiction: Brett Alegre-Wood - The 3+ 1 Plan

* Children: David Walliams - Mr. Stink

Four in 10 universities face cuts (UK)

"Almost four in 10 universities will see their public funding slashed this year, new figures show. Some 51 of England's 130 universities have received cuts in cash terms for 2010/11 compared to 2009/10, according to information published by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). The figures include an GBP82 million cut to teaching funding. Among the biggest losers is the London Business School which has had its funding cut by 12% in cash terms for 2010/11, while the Courtauld Institute of Art's funding has been slashed by 11.2%. This could be due to more research funding going to science-based subjects."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

International Journal of Digital Curation - Vol 5, No 1 (2010)

International Journal of Digital Curation - Vol 5, No 1 (2010) is now available online

Dream Voices: Siegfried Sassoon, Memory and War - Cambridge University Library

Dream Voices: Siegfried Sassoon, Memory and War - Cambridge University LibraryThe treasures of Siegfried Sassoon's personal archive, including his diary recounting the first day on the Somme and the telegram summoning him to HQ after his "Soldier's Declaration", have gone on public display for the first time. Dream Voices: Siegfried Sassoon, Memory and War opens today at Cambridge University Library, after its GBP1.25m acquisition of the archive held by Sassoon's relatives. The purchase was supported by Andrew Motion, Sebastian Faulks and Michael Morpurgo

Researchers of Tomorrow (UK)

"Researchers of Tomorrow was commissioned by the British Library and JISC to establish a benchmark for research behaviour, against which future generations can be measured – and also to provide guidance for librarians, information specialists and policy makers on how best to meet the research needs of Generation Y scholars. The first annual report of this longitudinal study has just been completed and includes evidence-gathering from three groups of doctoral students in the UK, including: a cohort of 60 Generation Y doctoral students from 36 universities; responses to a national context-setting survey returned by over 2,000 Generation Y scholars and responses to the same national context-setting survey returned by 3,000 older doctoral students"

Free access to Ethnographic Video Online until August 31, 2010

Free access to Ethnographic Video Online until August 31, 2010Alexander Street Press invites you to access Ethnographic Video Online free-of-charge until August 31, 2010.

The username is peterscott
The password in ethnovideo

Akazome wins prestigious Akutagawa Award for budding writers; Nakajima takes Naoki Prize

Akazome wins prestigious Akutagawa Award for budding writers; Nakajima takes Naoki PrizeAkiko Akazome has been named the winner of the 143rd Akutagawa Award for budding writers for her work "Otome no Mikkoku" (The Anonymous Tip of a Virgin), while the 143rd Naoki Award for popular fiction went to Kyoko Nakajima for "Chiisai O-Uchi" (Small Home), the selection committee has announced

Introducing the MyRI project - Measuring Your Research Impact (Ireland)

Four Irish academic libraries are collaborating to produce online learning resources to support bibliometrics and research assessment awareness and training

Illuminea - July 2010 issue

Illuminea is a quarterly newsletter published by Oxford University Press for academic librarians and information professionals. This publication will keep readers up-to-date with the latest developments at OUP and across the publishing world

The BookLiberator Project

BookLiberator is a set of free software and hardware to digitize books: it lets you photograph all the pages in a book without harming the book. The resulting images can be processed with free, open source software to make user-friendly files in a variety of formats

LITA National Forum 2010

LITA National Forum 2010: The cloud and the crowd - September 30 to October 3, 2010 - Atlanta, GA, USA

New publication: Going Green in North American Public Libraries

A new publication is now available called Going Green in North American Public Libraries: A Critical Snapshot of Policy and Practice and it will be presented 10 August 2010 – 15 August 2010 (in Gothenburg, Sweden) at the Environmental Sustainability and Libraries SIG Open Session

Sachin Tendulkar's blood used to prepare special edition of his memoirs

Sachin Tendulkar's blood used to prepare special edition of his memoirs"Worship of cricket's "little master", Sachin Tendulkar, is set to cross a new boundary, as a luxury book publisher brings out a special edition of his autobiography made with the batsman's blood. Only for the most dedicated of fans, the "blood edition" of the Tendulkar Opus, which also includes unpublished family pictures and Tendulkar's thoughts about his career, weighs 37kg, measures half a metre square and stretches to 852 pages edged in gold leaf, costing $75,000 (GBP49,000). Out next February, only 10 copies are being printed and they have all already been pre-ordered" - Guardian

Japanese novelist bypasses publishers to release straight-to-iPad book

"In yet another blow to the publishing industries, Japanese author Ryu Murakami has gone directly to the iPad for his new book, A Singing Whale. The acclaimed novelist of In the Miso Soup and Piercing has side-stepped the old-school publishing houses and will release his novel exclusively on the iTunes App Store. Slated to retail for 1,500 yen (US$17), the e-book is currently pending Apple's approval" - Taxi

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrate the Book (Pennsylvania)

The Friends of Bosler Memorial Library host the first book festival of its kind in central Pennsylvania: Celebrate The Book. Our mission is to bring together writers and readers and to promote and celebrate books, reading, literacy, and literary culture - October 23, 2010 - Carlisle, PA, USA

Repository Fringe 2010 (Scotland)

"Enjoying two successful years, Repository Fringe is back again… and this year we have moved to the end of the Edinburgh Festival, and to the e-Science Institute. Always innovative, and always looking forward, this year we are looking at the OPEN: Open Data; Open Access; Open Learning; Open anything. The programme for the event is, as ever, created by the participants, however there will be a focus on group discussion rather than long talks. Pecha Kucha will make an appearance again, as will the round-table discussions… and we will be hosting a Great Debate on the Thursday Evening (with wine& nibbles). We are looking for submissions from coders, managers & blue-sky thinkers; we are looking for Pecha Kucha talks & round-table discussion ideas…. and one of them we’ll take on for the Great Debate" 2-3 September 2010

InSITE - July 19, 2010

InSITE: A Current Awareness Service of Cornell Law Library - Vol. 15, No. 22, July 19, 2010 is now available. Contents:

# Human Rights Web Archive
# US Supreme Court Center
# Virtual Museum & Archive of the History of Financial Regulation

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Journal of Leadership Education

Science Journal Ubon Ratchathani University

Revista Brasileira de Crescimento e Desenvolvimento Humano

SPARC enews/July 2010

SPARC e-news - July 2009: a bimonthly newsletter features the latest SPARC activities, an industry roundup, upcoming workshops and events, as well as articles related to developments in scholarly communication

Above the Fold - July 16, 2010

Above the Fold is a Web-based newsletter published by OCLC Research. It has been developed to serve a broad international readership from libraries, archives and museums - July 16, 2010 - Vol. 3, No. 24 now available

Monday, July 19, 2010

Finalists announced for 2010 Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards

The Canadian Children's Book Centre has announced the finalists for the 2010 TD Canadian Children's Literature Award, Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse, Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award, Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-Fiction and Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People. The winners of the English-language awards will be announced at an invitation-only gala event at The Carlu in Toronto on November 9, 2010. The winners of the Prix TD de literature canadienne pour l'enfance et la jeunesse will be announced at an invitation-only gala event at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal on November 2, 2010. Overall, $110,000 in prize monies will be awarded

Southampton librarians postpone strike over volunteers (UK)

Southampton librarians postpone strike over volunteers (UK)A second strike by Southampton's librarians angry at plans to replace some of them with untrained volunteers has been postponed for a week. The librarians, who held a one-day strike on 21 June, believe volunteers lack their skill and commitment. Southampton City Council said it was responding to "difficult economic times ahead". The Unison union said the strikes had been delayed while a new offer from the authority was considered

JISC Podcast: Digital Economy Act advice for universities and colleges

"The controversial Digital Economy Act 2010 has generated much public debate, and the implications for colleges and universities remain unclear. The Act aims to tackle online copyright infringement by giving Ofcom, the communication industry regulator, new powers to deal with it. JISC is advising all institutions to consult the Ofcom codes by 31 July 2010 and to start preparing now to understand the implications of the law. Nicola Yeeles from JISC spoke to Kirsty McLaughlin, legal information specialist at JISC Legal, to find out what the new Act could mean for those who work and learn in universities and colleges"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

MedlinePlus relaunched (USA)

MedlinePlus from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, has a new look and new features

Tara Brabazon: Digital dieting, a guide through information obesity

A video of Tara Brabazon's keynote at the Middlesex University Learning & Teaching conference in June 2010

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Athletic Training Education Journal

Revista Psicología CES

Veterinaria Italiana

Eastern Journal of European Studies

International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science

Epigenetics & Chromatin

Europe's Journal of Psychology

Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research

Boletim do Observatório Ambiental Alberto Ribeiro Lamego

Fire Ecology

Foot and Ankle Online Journal

Iranian Journal of Child Neurology

UK National Archives Annual Report and Resource Accounts 2009-10 published

The seventh annual report and resource accounts for The UK National Archives is now available. This publication also incorporates the seventh annual report of the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives.

Google acquires Metaweb

From the Google Blog: "Over time we've improved search by deepening our understanding of queries and web pages. The web isn't merely words - it's information about things in the real world, and understanding the relationships between real-world entities can help us deliver relevant information more quickly. Today, we've acquired Metaweb, a company that maintains an open database of things in the world. Working together we want to improve search and make the web richer and more meaningful for everyone"

E-News for ARL Directors - July 2010

E-News for ARL Directors - July 2010 is now available online from the Association of Research Libraries

Old Possum's Children's Poetry Competition 2010

Roger McGough is to chair the judging panel for a worldwide poetry competition for 7-11 year olds. The Competition is organised by the Children's Poetry Bookshelf, a poetry book club for young people run by the Poetry Book Society. To link with National Poetry Day on Thursday 7 October, children will be asked to write a poem in English on the theme of 'Home'. Now in its fifth year, the competition is open to both individuals and schools. Cash prizes of £250 for first prize, £100 for second and £50 for third will be awarded, along with books and CPB memberships, in two age groups, 7-8 year-olds and 9-11 year-olds. Entries will be accepted from Friday 10 September, up until the closing date of Friday 15 October. The winners will be announced at a gala celebration in London in December

New journals from Inderscience Publishers

International Journal of Biomedical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

International Journal of Computers in Healthcare

International Journal of Economics and Accounting

International Journal of Environmental Policy and Decision Making

International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics

International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making

Kelpies Prize 2010 shortlist (Scotland)

Edinburgh-based publisher Floris Books has announced the shortlist for its annual Scottish children's fiction competition, the Kelpies Prize. The Kelpies Prize looks for previously unpublished works of fiction, set in contemporary Scotland and suitable for children aged 8 to 12:

* The Angel Ashariel by Ritske Rensma
* Operation Bonobo by Elizabeth Spalton
* Red Fever by Caroline Clough

Friday, July 16, 2010

Google and Dutch national libraries team up to create digital library

Google is teaming up with the National Library of the Netherlands to scan more than 160,000 of the books in its collection

Ovid's Resource of the Month - July 2010

"Each month, Ovid's Resource of the Month program allows you to "test drive" different products for free. This month's resource: Inspec - "The Inspec database contains over 11 million bibliographic abstracts and indexing to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports and other literature in the fields of science and technology"

The Serving Soldier (UK)

"The Serving Soldier provides online access to unique original documents and photographs held by the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives at King's College London. The Serving Soldier will eventually provide access to thousands of nationally significant historical archives revealing the broad interests, talents and accomplishments of servicemen and their families at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Their role as peacekeepers, technical innovators, explorers, colonial administrators and veterans is revealed through diaries and first hand accounts, scrapbooks, reports and photographs. Wartime propaganda, social programmes and sporting fixtures can be searched - from car races at Brooklands to hockey matches in the Himalayas"

Alexander Streaming music collections go mobile

"Electronic publisher Alexander Street Press has launched mobile access to its complete line of streaming music collections - including Classical Music Library, Jazz Music Library, and Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries - making it possible for patrons at subscribing libraries to listen using internet-enabled smart phones and other mobile devices.Says Alexander Street president Stephen Rhind-Tutt, 'Mobile access is steadily gaining ground, and soon it will be the preferred way to access many different kinds of content. Mobile access makes it possible for libraries to provide even greater value and ease of access to their patrons.'"
The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Energy. One of the sources recently added to the Credo Reference database is the "Encyclopedia of Energy". All these questions can be answered from this. Answers here.

1. In describing electric current, what kind of current does "AC" stand for?
2. What is "desalination"?
3. Is the "neap tide" a high tide or a low tide?
4. The tanker Amoco Cadiz caused an oil spill in 1978 off the coast of which country: France, Canada or the USA?
5. What is "biomass"?
6. The chemical composition of the sun includes 71% of which element?
7. In connection with oil production, what does "OPEC" stand for?
8. The Gulf War of 1990-1991 disrupted the "desert pavement". What is the "desert pavement"?
9. Describing oil tankers, what is a "Suezmax"?
10. What is the primary source of energy on the earth?

IFLA Journal - June 2010

IFLA Journal - Volume 36, Number 2, June 2010, is now available

MELIBEA - directory and validator of institutional open-access (OA) policies regarding scientific and academic work

"MELIBEA is a directory and validator of institutional open-access (OA) policies regarding scientific and academic work. As a directory, it describes the existing policies. As a validator, it subjects them to qualitative and quantitative analysis based on fulfillment of a set of indicators that reflect the bases of an institutional policy"

D-Lib Magazine - July/August 2010

D-Lib Magazine - July/August 2010 is now available

VuFind out of beta with 1.0 release

VuFind is a library resource portal designed and developed for libraries by libraries. The goal of VuFind is to enable your users to search and browse through all of your library's resources by replacing the traditional OPAC to include:

* Catalog Records
* Locally Cached Journals
* Digital Library Items
* Institutional Repository
* Institutional Bibliography
* Other Library Collections and Resources

VuFind is completely modular so you can implement just the basic system, or all of the components. And since it's open source, you can modify the modules to best fit your need or you can add new modules to extend your resource offerings

NISO Newsline - July 2010

NISO Newsline - July 2010 is now available from the National Information Standards Organization, USA

2010 Prime Minister's Literary Awards shortlist (Australia)

The 2010 Prime Minister's Literary Awards Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adult Fiction and Children’s Fiction shortlists have been announced. Nine children's fiction and seven young adult fiction works, as well as seven fiction and six non-fiction works have made the 2010 shortlist, selected from more than 320 entries:

Children's fiction

* Cicada Summer by Kate Constable
* The Terrible Plop by Ursula Dubosarsky and illustrator Andrew Joyner
* Just Macbeth by Andy Griffiths and illustrator Terry Denton
* Mr Chicken goes to Paris by Leigh Hobbs
* Running with the Horses by Alison Lester
* Star Jumps by Lorraine Marwood
* Mannie and the Long Brave Day by Martine Murray and illustrator Sally Rippin
* Tensy Farlow and the Home for Mislaid Children by Jen Storer
* Harry and Hopper by Margaret Wild and illustrator Freya Blackwood


* Summertime by J. M. Coetzee
* The Book of Emmett by Deborah Forster
* The Lakewoman by Alan Gould
* Dog Boy by Eva Hornung
* Ransom by David Malouf
* Lovesong by Alex Miller
* As the Earth turns Silver by Alison Wong


* The Water Dreamers: The Remarkable History of Our Dry Continent by Michael Cathcart
* Strange Places: A Memoir of Mental Illness by Will Elliott
* The Colony: A History of Early Sydney by Grace Karskens
* The Life and Death of Democracy by John Keane
* The Blue Plateau: A Landscape Memoir by Mark Tredinnick
* The Ghost at the Wedding by Shirley Walker

Young adult fiction

* Stolen by Lucy Christopher
* The Winds of Heaven by Judith Clarke
* Confessions of a Liar, Thief and Failed Sex God by Bill Condon
* The Museum of Mary Child by Cassandra Golds
* Swerve by Phillip Gwynne
* Jarvis 24 by David Metzenthen
* Beatle meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams

Handheld Librarian 3

TAP Information Services and LearningTimes offer Handheld Librarian 3. More people than 1000 people attended the first ever Handheld Librarian Conference in July 2009 and the second Handheld Librarian conference in February 2010, both which featured a wide array of collaboration, learning and networking activities focused on Mobile Library Services. The Handheld Librarian 3, organized by TAP Information Services and LearningTimes, will continue the dialog with a 2-day online conference scheduled for July 28 and 29, 2010 and is now accepting registrations

Thursday, July 15, 2010

CLIR Issues - Numbers 75-76, May-August (double issue) 2010

CLIR Issues - Numbers 75-76, May-August (double issue) 2010 - is now available from the Council on Library and Information Resources

OCLC joins Directory of Open Access Journals

OCLC is now a member of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). DOAJ provides access to quality controlled open access journals. It aims to be comprehensive and cover all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use an appropriate quality control system. The aim of the Directory is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access journals in order to boost their usage and impact

Britannica Quiz - Scottish Heritage

To celebrate Britannica's Scottish heritage, we are running an online interactive quiz which is open to all library users in Scotland.

* Win an iPod nano – for children age 5 – 11 years
* Win an iPod touch – for students age 12 to 18 years
* Win a MacBook Pro – for adults over 18 years

For your chance to win one of these amazing prizes, simply click on the appropriate link for your age group and answer 10 Scottish themed questions. All of the answers can be found within Britannica Online which you can access for free at your local library or from your own home, via the library website! The closing date is 5pm on Saturday 15 August, 2010 and the three winners will be contacted by 31 August 2010. Winners will be invited to a prize-giving event in Edinburgh on 8 September

UK government publications - 14 July 2010

The latest round up of new UK government publications this week - July 14 2010 from Intute and the LSE Library

Announcing ITAL Preprints

From the Information Technology and Libraries blog: Beginning July 12, 2010, we will post preprints of forthcoming articles at the ITAL Web site. Preprints will be added when available and will be removed upon publication. At this time we have the following:

* Kayla L. Quinney, Sara D. Smith and Quinn Galbraith: Bridging the Gap: Self-directed Staff Technology Training
* José R. Hilera, Carmen Pagés, J. Javier Martínez, J. Antonio Gutiérrez and Luis de-Marcos: An Evolutive Process to Convert Glossaries into Ontologies
* A. Malizia, P. Bottoni and S. Levialdi: Generating Collaborative Systems for Digital Libraries: a Model-Driven Approach
* Marijke Visser and Mary Alice Ball: The Middle Mile: The Role of the Public Library in Ensuring Access to Broadband

Branford Boase Award 2010 winner

Branford Boase Award 2010 winnerStolen by Lucy Christopher, edited by Imogen Cooper and published by Chicken House, has won the 2010 Branford Boase Award, which is given each year to the most outstanding work of fiction for children by a first time novelist. At the ceremony at Walker Books in London, former Children's Laureate, Jacqueline Wilson, presented Lucy Christopher with a cheque for GBP1,000 and both she and editor Imogen Cooper also received a unique, hand-crafted, silver-inlaid box

FreePint Newsletter 305

FreePint Newsletter 305 - 15 July, 2010 now available

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Capturing the sounds of Sheffield (UK)

"The British Library is initiating an interactive survey, UK SoundMap, launching as a regional trial in Sheffield. The survey will map the sounds of the acoustic landscape ('soundscape') and preserve the sounds of 2010 for the future. With the enhanced capabilities of cheap apps on smart phones, new and exciting possibilities for acquisition and content management are opening up for the British Library. In collaboration with the Noise Futures Network and Audioboo, the British Library is embarking on a mass observation exercise to create a significant body of audio data for environment researchers"

Bodleian Libraries secure planning permission to improve access to the Old Bodleian Building and Radcliffe Camera and to upgrade the Underground Bookstore

Bodleian Libraries secure planning permission to improve access to the Old Bodleian Building and Radcliffe Camera and to upgrade the Underground BookstoreOxford University's Bodleian Libraries has announced that plans to upgrade space within the central Bodleian site had been approved by Oxford City Council at an evening meeting of the Central South and West Area Committee on Tuesday, 13 July 2010. The improvements will enable greater access for library readers and visitors with limited mobility as well as supporting improved access to books and services

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Information Interaction in Context 2010 (USA)

The Information Interaction in Context conference (IIiX) explores the relationships between and within the contexts that affect information retrieval and information seeking, how these contexts impact information behavior, and how knowledge of information contexts and behaviors improves the design of interactive information systems - August 18-22, 2010 - New Brunswick, NJ, USA

UK government publications - 9 July 2010

The latest round up of new UK government publications this week - July 9 2010 from Intute and the LSE Library

2010 Thriller Awards

During a gala banquet and celebration held on Saturday, July 10 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, the International Thriller Writers announced the winners of the 2010 Thriller Awards:

Best Hard Cover Novel: The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner
Best Paperback Original Novel: The Coldest Mile by Tom Piccirilli
Best First Novel: Running from the Devil by Jamie Freveletti
Best Short Story: A Stab in the Heart by Twist Phelan
ThrillerMaster: Ken Follett, in recognition of his legendary career and outstanding contributions to the thriller genre
True Thriller Award: Mark Bowden
Silver Bullet Award: Linda Fairstein
Silver Bullet Corporate Award: US Airways

Wellcome Library 'Year in Review' published (UK)

Wellcome Library 'Year in Review' published (UK)"Read about the Wellcome Library's busiest year to date, and how it plans to meet the needs of both physical and online visitors in an increasingly digital environment"

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Indian Journal of Medical Specialities

Revista Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia

Studies in Sociology of Science

Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry

Chemical Sciences Journal

European Journal of Spatial Development

Revista de Ensino de Engenharia

Sir Tom Stoppard faces new row at the London Library (UK)

Sir Tom Stoppard faces new row at the London Library"Undeterred by the dramatic loss of members caused by his last price rise, Sir Tom Stoppard may cause a new row at the London Library, the workplace of some of the nation's leading writers. Mandrake learns that the St James's library, of which Sir Tom is president, plans to raise the cost of its subscriptions by an inflation busting 13 per cent next year" - The Telegraph

The Sixties grows by over 10K pages - Alexander Street Press

The Sixties grows by over 10K pagesFrom The Alexander Street Press blog: An exciting new update of The Sixties has just occurred, with new content available from Ramparts Magazine and partnering archives and institutions, as well as improved functionality. In partnership with The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, The Sixties now features the first set of materials from the Sexual Freedom League. These documents highlight the League's unique perspective on the sexual revolution, and more material will be added soon. Also available are materials from the Nettie Feinberg Button Collection and the Radical Education Project Collection, courtesy of Stony Brook University. And over 100 issues of the groundbreaking Ramparts Magazine are now included in The Sixties, with more to follow. In an effort to make all of the images, text, and ephemera in The Sixties easily readable, we've added new functionality that allows all content to be viewed as clear, navigable images in addition to text

WebJunction calendar updates

As library staff are finding their access to learning inhibited by rising prices and falling budgets, WebJunction is offering more free learning programs and resources than ever before. Upcoming events:

FAO is granting free and open access to its central data repository, FAOSTAT

FAO is granting free and open access to its central data repository, FAOSTAT"The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is granting free and open access to its central data repository, FAOSTAT, the world's largest and most comprehensive statistical database on food, agriculture, and hunger, the UN agency announced today. Previously, it was possible to download without charge a limited amount of information from FAOSTAT - which contains over one million data points covering 210 countries and territories - but access to larger batches of statistics required a paid annual subscription"

Monday, July 12, 2010

2009 Shirley Jackson Awards winners

The 2009 Shirley Jackson Awards winners were announced on Sunday, July 11 2010, at Readercon 21, Conference on Imaginative Literature, in Burlington, Massachusetts:

* Novel: Big Machine, by Victor LaValle
* Novella: Midnight Picnic, by Nick Antosca
* Novelette: Morality, by Stephen King
* Short Story: The Pelican Bar, by Karen Joy Fowler
* Single-Author Collection (tie): Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, by Kevin Wilson and Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical, by Robert Shearman
* Edited Anthology: Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Ellen Datlow

Above the Fold - July 9, 2010

Above the Fold is a Web-based newsletter published by OCLC Research. It has been developed to serve a broad international readership from libraries, archives and museums - July 9, 2010 - Vol. 3, No. 23 now available

International Conference on Digital Libraries and Knowledge Organization (India)

The call for papers & registration of the forthcoming International Conference on Digital Libraries and Knowledge Organization (ICDK 2011), to be jointly organized by Management Development Institute (MDI) and Indian Association for Special Libraries & Information Centres (IASLIC) during 14-16 February 2011, has been announced

TEI By Example

"TEI By Example offers a series of freely available online tutorials walking individuals through the different stages in marking up a document in TEI (Text Encoding Initiative). Besides a general introduction to text encoding, step-by-step tutorial modules provide example-based introductions to eight different aspects of electronic text markup for the humanities"

Shortlist for the 2010 Cork City - Frank O'Connor Short Story Award announced

The Munster Literature Centre has unveiled the shortlist for the 2010 Cork City - Frank O'Connor Short Story Award. At Euros35,000 it remains the world's richest prize for the form. It is awarded to what is judged to be the best, original collection of stories published in English in the 12 months preceding its award in September. This year we have the usual mix of veteran and debutante authors, although unusually, five of the six places this year have been taken by authors of one country: the USA. Another unusual feature is that as many as three of the books have been published by small presses. All of the shortlistees have agreed to come to Cork next September to attend the awards ceremony and to read from their books at the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival:

* If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This (Picador UK, 2010) by Robin Black
* Mattaponi Queen (Graywolf Press, 2010) by Belle Boggs
* Wild Child (Bloomsbury, 2010) by TC Boyle
* The Shieling (Comma Press, 2009) by David Constantine
* Burning Bright (HarperCollins, 2010) by Ron Rash
* What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us (Dzanc Books, 2009) by Laura van den Berg

Copac has loaded Cambridge College Special Collections (UK)

Records for a number of Cambridge College and Department special collections are now available to search via Copac. These complement the existing Copac coverage of the Cambridge University library and its four dependent libraries, and Russian and East European Studies records from the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI). Records now available include those of:

* Architecture and History of Art Library Special Collections
* Caius: Lower Library
* Centre of South Asian Studies
* Christ's College Old Library
* Education Faculty Library: Reference Archive material
* Haddon Library
* Homerton College Library, Children's Literature & Multimedia Collections
* King’s College: Rare Books & Rowe Rare Items
* Lucy Cavendish College Library
* Modern and Medieval Languages Library: Reserve pamphlets & Reserve Room
* Sidney Sussex College & Muniment Room
* Parker Library, Corpus Christi College
* Selwyn College Library
* St Catharine's College Library
* St John's College, Cambridge Special Collections
* Taylor Library, Corpus Christi College
* Trinity College: Basement; Cage Reserve; Lower Library; & Wren Reserve
* Whipple Library

Sunday, July 11, 2010

EDUCAUSE Quarterly - Volume 33, Number 2, 2010

EDUCAUSE Quarterly - Volume 33, Number 2, 2010 is now available

The golden age of steam? Railway accidents in the records (UK)

The golden age of steam? Railway accidents in the records (UK)We often think of steam trains in romantic terms, or in the context of their industrial and social significance. In reality, as records at The UK National Archives show, accidents were far more frequent and often involved greater loss of life than any that have happened in the UK in more recent years

MLA News EBulletin - Issue 320 (UK)

MLA News EBulletin - Issue 320, 9 July 2010 is now available online from The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, UK

Librarian of Congress appoints W.S. Merwin Poet Laureate

Librarian of Congress James H. Billington has announced the appointment of W.S. Merwin as the Library's 17th Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry for 2010-2011. Merwin will take up his duties in the fall, opening the Library's annual literary series on October 25 with a reading of his work

Cites & Insights 10:9 (August 2010)

Cites & Insights 10:9 (August 2010) is now available for downloading. Edited and published by Walt Crawford

Saturday, July 10, 2010


"CriticalPast.com was formed by a team of archival research, film, and Internet professionals, working together to create one of the largest privately held online archival footage sources in the world. The collection spans thousands of hours of video, millions of still photos, and continues to grow. It is easily searched by professionals and non-professionals alike, and placing an order for footage or photos is simple and straight-forward. Drawn largely from U.S. government agency sources, the clips and images in the CriticalPast.com collection are available for license without the clearance concerns encountered when ordering from typical stock footage providers. Our world-class storage and hosting environment and unique image processing algorithms allow us to instantly transcode our full-resolution moving images into your desired format on demand, filling your order in minutes instead of days or weeks. Our still photos are also available for download as JPEG files, or you may take advantage of our professional photo printing services and have prints delivered right to your door" RSS feed

FutureBook - in association with The Bookseller (UK)

FutureBook : in association with The Bookseller (UK)FutureBook, in association with The Bookseller, is a website dedicated to discussing how the digital revolution will re-shape publishing in the 21st Century. RSS feed

World Social Science Report 2010

Social science from Western countries continues to have the greatest global influence, but the field is expanding rapidly in Asia and Latin America, particularly in China and Brazil. In sub-Saharan Africa, social scientists from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya produce 75% of academic publications. In South Asia, barring some centres of excellence in India, social sciences as a whole have low priority. These are a few of the findings from World Social Science Report, 2010: "Knowledge divides". Produced by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and co-published with UNESCO, the Report is the first comprehensive overview of the field in over a decade. Hundreds of social scientists from around the world contributed their expertise to the publication. Gudmund Hernes, President of the ISSC, Adebayo Olukoshi, Director of the United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), Hebe Vessuri, Director, Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC), and François Héran, Director of Research, National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), France, are among the experts who presented the Report during its official launch at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 25 June 2010

HathiTrust Digital Library - Update on June 2010 Activities

HathiTrust Digital Library - Update on June 2010 Activities:

Directory of Open Access Journals - recently added titles

Confluenze. Rivista di Studi Iberoamericani

Diseño Urbano y Paisaje

AEDOS : Revista do Corpo Discente do Programa de Pós-Graduação em História da UFRGS

Economy Informatics

Sport Science


Synergy: News from ARL Diversity Programs - July 9, 2010

Synergy: News from ARL Diversity Programs - July 9, 2010 is now available from the Association of Research Libraries

Friday, July 09, 2010

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - July 9, 2010

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Musicals. Answers here.

1. Which 1959 musical was about a nun who becomes governess to the aristocratic Von Trapp family in Austria?
2. Which 1981 musical comedy was based on poems from "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" by T. S. Eliot?
3. In which 1972 film did Liza Minnelli play Sally Bowles, an American nightclub singer in 1930s Berlin?
4. Which musical includes the song "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina"?
5. Which 1978 film included the songs "Stayin' Alive" and "How Deep is Your Love"?
6. Which 1967 musical was billed as "the tribal love-rock musical"?
7. Which 1948 musical by Cole Porter was based on Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew"
8. Which composer wrote the musicals "A Little Night Music" and "Sunday in the Park with George"?
9. Which 1950 musical comedy by Frank Loesser was based on stories by Damon Runyon?
10. Which 1954 film was a musical version of Philip Barry's Broadway play "The Philadelphia Story"?

The Children's Bookshow 2010 (UK)

The Children’s Bookshow 2010 (UK)The Children's Bookshow 2010 is an annual tour of children's authors and illustrators from the UK and abroad. The theme for this, our 8th Bookshow, is Stories From Around the World, and we have an exciting line-up of award-winning artists to inspire school children with their enthusiasm and passion for stories

Credo Reference adds more titles from SAGE Reference

Credo Reference has signed an agreement to expand their SAGE Reference Collection on Credo, growing it from 68 titles to 125. Now, all SAGE Reference titles published between 2000 and 2010 as well as all titles to be published in 2011 will be available through the Credo Reference platform

National Archives announces launch of new "Our Archives" wiki (USA)

The U.S. National Archives has announced the launch of its first public wiki called "Our Archives" on Wikispaces. "Our Archives" provides a collaborative space for members of the public, researchers, and staff to share knowledge about National Archives records, resources and research. The wiki is an opportunity for researchers, historians, archivists, and citizen archivists to work together to create pages on specific records or topics as well as to share information and resources to connect with other researchers

The Doc Roach Fire Digital Collection at Boise State University Library

The Doc Roach Fire Digital Collection at Boise State University LibrarySpectacular fires, historic firefighting equipment, and Boise city streetscapes are among the images preserved in the William F. "Doc" Roach photograph collection at Boise State University. A Boise city firefighter for more than 50 years, Doc Roach was not a photographer himself, but rather a collector, especially in the latter years of his career when he was a fire marshal and fire prevention captain. This digital collection, which features images from 1904 to 1965, is drawn primarily from Doc Roach's photograph collection and is supplemented by related images from other collections in Boise State University Library Special Collections. The Doc Roach photograph collection is part of a larger manuscript collection (MSS 71) documenting his life and career with the Boise City Fire Department

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation opend new premises (UK)

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation opend new premises (UK)The International Anthony Burgess Foundation has now opened its new premises at the Engine House, Chorlton Mill, Cambridge Street, Manchester. We have an extensive new library, archive and study centre containing many of Burgess' manuscripts and his collections of books, and we also have a performance venue where we present new work by writers, artists and musicians from Manchester and beyond

2011 Better World Books/NCFL Libraries and Families Award (USA)

"Applications for the 2011 Better World Books/NCFL Libraries and Families Award are now available. Through this opportunity, NCFL and Better World Books will reward and enhance existing family programming and expand literacy-building practices of families in library settings. The three $10,000 grants awarded each year will connect more families to their local libraries and expand their literacy efforts in new and innovative ways. The deadline to apply is midnight EST on November 12, 2010"

Stanford ushers in the age of bookless libraries

From NPR (USA) - "The periodical shelves at Stanford University's Engineering Library are nearly bare. Library chief Helen Josephine says that in the past five years, most engineering periodicals have been moved online, making their print versions pretty obsolete - and books aren't doing much better. According to Josephine, students can now browse those periodicals from their laptops or mobile devices. For years, students have had to search through volume after volume of books before finding the right formula - but no more. Josephine says that "with books being digitized and available through full text search capabilities, they can find that formula quite easily." In 2005, when the university realized it was running out space for its growing collection of 80,000 engineering books, administrators decided to build a new library. But instead of creating more space for books, they chose to create less"

JFK Presidential Library partners with Endeca on historic build of nation’s first online presidential archives (USA)

"Endeca Technologies, Inc., a search applications company, has announced that the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation have selected Endeca to provide the software and technical assistance that will provide website users with a robust search engine experience when accessing the nation's first online digitized presidential archives"

First Monday - July 2010

First Monday - Volume 15, Number 7, 5 July 2010 now available

Best Books of the Year... So Far (Amazon.com)

Amazon.com Best Books of the Year... So Far: "Discover our favorite books of 2010 from January through June--we've selected the top 10 must-reads of the year so far, plus 10 picks each in fiction, nonfiction, and books for kids and teens"

CARL E-Lert # 383

CARL E-Lert # 383, July 9 2010 from Canadian Association of Research Libraries. Some of this week's items: Statistics Canada - Canadian University Hopes to Lead Fight Against High Subscription Prices; Census 2011 Changes : Opinion Survey; Stanford Ushers In The Age Of Bookless Libraries; 3 Million Orphan Books In Europe according to EC Report

British Library wins Nominent Internet Award

The British Library has been awarded the 'opening the world of knowledge' award for Timelines: Sources from History by the Nominet Internet Awards. The Nominet Internet Awards aim to recognise and celebrate individuals and organisations who are helping to make the Internet a secure, open, accessible and diverse experience for everyone who uses it

C&RL News - July/August 2010

C&RL News - July/August 2010The July/August 2010 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. With summer break in full swing at many institutions, academic and research librarians often take the opportunity of the slightly slower 'regular' work load to get caught up on projects. In my days a college librarian, that often meant updating pathfinders. In this month's issue, Ron Gilmour examines putting 'Old wine in new skins' and provides advice for creating and updating successful 21st-century Web guides. Tools such as LibGuides have definitely streamlined the process of providing guides to library resources. But some libraries are taking these tools beyond the usual topic or course-based guides. Librarians from Bloomington University of Pennsylvania provide an overview of a project 'Using LibGuides for an information literacy tutorial.' Sharon Weiner puts out a call to action for improving integration of 'Information literacy' instruction across campus, based on the findings of a recent Project Information Literacy report

Spear's Book Awards 2010 winners (UK)

The winners of the Spear's Book Awards 2010 have been announced

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Circle of Learning (USA)

The San José School of Library and Information Science is partnering with the American Indian Library Association to launch Circle of Learning - an initiative designed to recruit and support American Indians and Alaska Natives who are interested in earning a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree. The scholarship program is designed for Native students who want to earn a fully online ALA-accredited MLIS degree. Scholarship recipients will receive financial assistance and other support, including mentoring, career advisement, field experiences, involvement in professional conferences and workshops, and interaction with Native leaders in the profession. Because all courses are delivered fully online, students will be able to live anywhere while earning their MLIS degree

Alice's Day at the Bodleian (UK)

Alice's Day at the BodleianFor one day only, the Bodleian Library is putting on display a selection of items from its collections relating to Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland. The event is part of Oxford's Alice's Day celebrations taking place citywide this Saturday, 10 July. Items on show include twelve Alice in Wonderland illustrations with original woodcuts and an original etching by Salvador Dali dating 1969. Also on display will be a printing plate for The Mouse's Tale, a poem by Caroll, from c.1890, kindly lent by the Oxford University Press archive and a selection of earliest editions of Alice in Wonderland. The display includes a first edition printed by Oxford University Press in 1865 which was withdrawn by Carroll because the book's illustrator, John Tenniel, found the printing unsatisfactory. Other early editions of the work will also be on display including the first American publication from 1866. Various family activities, entertainments and displays are being held across Oxford as part of 'Alice's Day', including events in the Ashmolean Museum, Botanic Garden, Christ Church, Museum of History of Science and the Museum of Natural History. The Bodleian Alice display is open on Saturday, 10 July between 10am and 5pm in the Proscholium. At 1.15pm, Alice and the White Rabbit from the Curious Company performance group will make an appearance in the Old Schools Quadrangle of the Bodleian Library

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