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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Royal Society Prize for Science Books 2010 shortlist

Royal Society Prize for Science Books 2010 shortlist:

* A World Without Ice by Henry Pollack (Avery Books, Penguin Group)
* Everyday Practice of Science: Where Intuition and Passion Meet Objectivity and Logic by Frederick Grinnell (Oxford University Press)
* God's Philosophers: How the medieval world laid the foundations of modern science by James Hannam (Icon Books)
* Life Ascending by Nick Lane (Profile Books)
* We Need To Talk About Kelvin by Marcus Chown (Faber and Faber)
* Why Does E=mc2? by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw (Da Capo Press, Perseus Books Group)

The winner will be announced on 21 October 2010 and the winning book will receive £10,000. £1000 per book is awarded to the author(s) of the shortlisted books

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