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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Open Planets Foundation

Open Planets Foundation"Our world is digital. Over the coming decade, organisations expect a twenty-five fold rise in the volume of digital information that they hold along with a sharp increase in its diversity. Organisations face increasing financial, legal and social demands to ensure access to digital information for the long term. Digital information is brittle and short-lived unless we take active steps to preserve it now. The Open Planets Foundation provides technology, advice and on-line services that enable its members to recognise and address threats to their valuable digital content. OPF builds on the €15 million investment made by the European Union and the Planets project consortium, which brought together sixteen major research and national libraries, national archives, leading technology companies and research universities. OPF members benefit from the Planets results, new developments and the growing OPF community that includes experts at some of the most prestigious research, technology and memory institutions in Europe"

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