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Friday, June 26, 2009

Road to Copenhagen: December 2009 (UK)

From the UK Government:
In December 2009, Denmark will host a major United Nations conference in Copenhagen. At this conference, a meaningful global agreement must be reached to tackle climate change for when the current Kyoto protocol - governing reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases - expires in 2012. Climate change is a global threat, and Copenhagen represents our best opportunity yet to tackle it effectively. The UK Government is aiming to reach an ambitious agreement at Copenhagen, supported by effective domestic action. Together with our EU partners we have already made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% below 1990 levels by 2020, with an offer to reduce emissions by 30% if an ambitious global deal is agreed.
As part of the countdown to Copenhagen, the Government has published:

* A Road to Copenhagen document, [2MB PDF] laid before Parliament, that sets out why a deal is so important and, for the first time, the details of what kind a deal the UK Government is pushing for.

* Thousands of Road to Copenhagen pamphlets [1MB PDF], which will be sent out to schools, citizens advice centres and libraries explaining why a global deal is vital and giving 15 top tips on what each of us can do to cut our carbon footprint as part of the global effort. You can order the hardcopy pamphlets by emailing actonco2@cambertown.com

* Launching - www.actoncopenhagen.gov.uk – the official UK government website that presents the position on climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, 2009. It will act as the domestic and international hub for information and communications in the lead up to Copenhagen

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