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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Credo Reference facilitates access to its online reference content

"It's now easier to access Credo Reference remotely. As a result of significant enhancements to the remote user login process, it's much easier for users to find libraries to which they belong and that subscribe to Credo’s award-winning online reference library. The new login process aids remote users in discovering a library through which they can access Credo Reference's online collection of over three million cross-searchable entries from over 400 key titles and 63 publishers. Credo's library discovery page provides three ways for users to locate their library:

* Based on the geo-location of a user's IP address, the discovery page displays links to libraries closest to the user.
* For users who may not be physically close to their library, the discovery page allows them to select a library using country, region and city dropdown menus.
* Users who are travelling can also search for their library by name"

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