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Monday, June 15, 2009

LISTen: The LISNews.org Podcast - Episode #76

LISTen: The LISNews.org Podcast - Episode #76. "This week's episode is longer than our past couple. We feature two interviews this week. The first interview is with independent consultant Karen Coyle. In that chat we discuss the leviathan that is OCLC and breach questions as to OCLC's nature. Following the discussion with Karen Coyle, the next discussion was with Rangeview Library District Director Pam Smith. In this chat the depths of WordThink were further explored and explained. Although the production team is aware of the situation in Iran, right now reports remain sporadic. The team also got very close to a hard upper limit on time this week. If we have reports of special interest to LIS audiences, we might post specials as required.". Previous Podcasts can be found here

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