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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #69

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #69 is now available for download. Topics:

1. Library Waives Fee for Sully's Waterlogged Book (NBC Los Angeles)

2. Children's Books Get One-Year Stay from Anti-Lead Law (AL Online)

3. Berkeley departments skirmish over 3M contract (San Francisco Chronicle)
Berkeley library given waiver to sign 3M deal (San Francisco Chronicle)

4. Dallas libraries let you pay to check out hot titles (Dallas Morning News)

5. Watched Any Good Books Lately? HarperCollins Tries 'Video Books' (Washington Post)

6. Libraries and copyfraud (Ragesoss 2.02)
Ball State Copyright Conference

7. Guinness World Records book in school libraries (Nebraska Library Commission)
Message posted to SYSTEMS mailing list

8. My Top Tech Trend: Social software deathwatch (See Also…)

9. Amazon To Drop Microsoft, Adobe e-Book Formats (Publishers Weekly)

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