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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

'Bothersome' books shelved by library in novel initiative

A radical Bodmin (UK) librarian has come up with a novel idea for getting people to read more interesting books - by letting them know the ones he can't stand. Books That We Hate, Books to Help You Fall Asleep and Great Classics or Boring Books are some of the new sections dreamed up by library manager Jesse Foot. Books he can't stand include those by chef Gordon Ramsey, The Insider by Piers Morgan, Michael Barrymore's autobiography and a thick tome devoted to garden gnomes. Books to nod off to include a huge volume on world politics, The Gold Book and the mammoth 825-page Building Regulations in Brief by Ray Tricker. Mr Foot said the new sections were intended to make people think about what they were reading and he hoped his innovative approach would be adopted by other libraries in Cornwall. He said he felt people would be able to get more out of books if they altered their reading habits and avoided titles like 101 Things to Do in a Shed. - thisiscornwall.co.uk

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