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Friday, February 06, 2009

ALA provides advocacy toolkit

"Across the country, families are facing tough economic times. Americans are visiting their local public libraries more often and checking out items with greater frequency. Libraries across the United States report that more people are turning to libraries in record numbers to take advantage of the free resources available there. And students visit school libraries almost 1.5 billion times during the school year. Ironically, at the same time, libraries are being forced to reduce hours, cut staff and even close their doors. Those who love libraries know that libraries are America's great information equalizers - the only place people of all ages and backgrounds can find and freely use a diversity of resources, along with the expert guidance of librarians. In times like these, when many Americans have fewer resources, shortening library hours or reducing programs and services hurts those who have the least access to such resources outside the library. This toolkit contains resources and tools, including newsclips, op-eds and statistics to help library supporters make the case for libraries in tough economic times."

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