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Monday, June 06, 2011

Get your hands inside a Haptic Cow at British Library Growing Knowledge Exhibition

Get your hands inside a Haptic Cow at British Library Growing Knowledge ExhibitionOn Tuesday 28 June, for one day only, our friends at The Royal Veterinary College are kindly bringing over some of their haptic technology, including the award winning Haptic Cow, and will be providing hands-on demonstrations throughout the day. Visitors will have the opportunity to "feel" whether the cow is pregnant, test their manual skills using touch feedback games and even make their own virtual touchable 3D model using interactive software! The Growing Knowledge Exhibition at the British Library explores the exciting evolution of research by showcasing a wide variety of innovative technologies and digital tools currently shaping the way we interact with information. Introducing a bit of serendipitous knowledge sharing and cross-disciplinary exploration, visitors and researchers are invited to experience new technologies, some not typically encountered in a traditional library setting, and be inspired by how the future of research is evolving. Haptic technology could be explored in the cultural heritage setting as a means of communicating the feel and touch of virtual objects for visitors and users of our collections. The cow is a fun and hands-on way of introducing this new bit of tech and sparking that conversation

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