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Thursday, June 30, 2011

'In lean times, schools squeeze out librarians' - New York Times

The library shared by Public School 9 and Middle School 571 in Brooklyn was recently renovated, but has no librarian. Budget belt-tightening threatens to send school librarians the way of the card catalog. The schools superintendent in Lancaster, Pa., said he had to eliminate 15 of the district's 20 librarians to save full-day kindergarten classes. In the Salem-Keizer school district in Oregon, all 48 elementary and middle school librarians would lose their jobs under a budget proposal that faces a vote next week. In Illinois' School District 90, which spans several rural and suburban communities in the southern part of the state, parent volunteers have been running the libraries in the district's seven schools since September, in what the schools superintendent, Todd Koehl, described as "a last-ditch effort" to avoid closing their doors. And in New York City, half of the secondary schools appear to be in violation of a state regulation1 requiring them to have a librarian on staff, with the city currently employing 365 licensed librarians

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