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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Libraries set to download next chapter in publishing (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Download stations are set to be introduced in the Capital's libraries, while more electronic books are to be offered for loan online as city chiefs plan for the demise of the traditional book. Library bosses have admitted that they expect a marked decline in the number of books available in hard copy within the next decade as new technology leads to much more being read on portable devices such as the Kindle and the iPad. They are looking to ensure that they have electronic systems in place to ensure that the switch does not result in the death of many of the city's libraries. Liz McGettigan, the council's library and information services manager, said: "We have to be aware that in future these hard-copy materials may not be available, so we have to look at download stations and how we digitise our own materials. "In five to ten years from now, a lot of materials may not be available in hard copy and we are very aware of that." Work is already under way on a pilot exercise that will see users able to download an eBook from the library service's website, then when the rental period expires it will disappear from their device - Scotsman

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