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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Canadian Library Association Executive Council election slate

The slate of candidates for the 2012 CLA Executive Council was announced at the 2011 CLA Annual General Meeting on Thursday 26 May. John Teskey, chair of the Nominations Committee was very pleased that all available positions will be contested in the upcoming election. The following candidates have been put forward by the Nominations Committee:

For Vice-President/President-Elect

* Pilar Martinez
* Martha Whitehead

For Treasurer:

* Lita Barrie
* Deb deBruijn
* Laura Lemmens
* Mary-Jo Romaniuk

For Councillor-at-large

* Donna Brockmeyer
* Donna Campbell
* Jennifer Evans
* Rob Foster
* Karen Hildebrandt
* Deb Thomas
* John Tooth

Biographies and statements from the candidates will be distributed to all CLA members in early June. The election will take place in September 2011, for terms to begin in January 2012

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