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Monday, January 31, 2011

Save Libraries retro posters from Phil Bradley (UK)

Save Libraries retro posters from Phil Bradley (UK)Phil Bradley writes: "If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr you'll have seen that I've been busy recently doing some work with posters for the #Savelibraries campaign. I love looking through old posters, advertisements, bill stickers and so on, and I got to thinking, I wonder what the Savelibraries campaign would look like through the medium of some of those old posters? I started with the obvious idea of 'Your library needs you', but as I started to go through the posters in detail I could see that - without a great deal of work, we could have some fun here. Posters of this age are out of copyright - and I've certainly seen plenty of companies reproducing them for resale, so I thought why not...."

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