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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Proposed Texas budget demolishes statewide library programs

From Catalogablog - "The first draft of the State's budget proposal for 2012-13 affects every statewide library program." The proposal:

* Eliminates Loan Star Libraries (direct aid grants to public libraries)
* Eliminates all state funding for TexShare databases (replaces state funding for databases with increased fees to member libraries)
* Eliminates the K-12 Database program
* Eliminates the Library System
* Negotiated Grants Program (the new competitive grant program started last session for systems)
* Eliminates state funding for consulting services to libraries (program/staff based at the agency)
* Eliminates state funding for state depository program and TRAIL program
* Eliminates state funding for records management (replaces state funding with increased fees)
* Assumes an overall loss of over $8 million in IMLS funds (Note: federal funding is the source of funding for the regional library systems, the TANG program, and interlibrary loan.)
* Eliminates the Technology Allotment at TEA

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