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Friday, January 21, 2011

Connecticut library cancels screening of Michael Moore movie 'Sicko' under pressure

"The Enfield Public Library has canceled a screening of the Michael Moore documentary 'Sicko' about the American health care system under pressure from the town council and mayor, prompting accusations of censorship. The screening was canceled Wednesday, a day after a resident complained about the film at a council meeting. Several councilors objected to the film and Republican Mayor Scott Kaupin asked the town manager to talk to library Director Henry Dutcher. Dutcher tells The Journal Inquirer that he was told by the town manager to cancel the screening. Kaupin called the decision to show the movie 'stupid' and threatened the library's funding. Democratic Councilor Cynthia Mangini called it censorship. Peter Chase, chairman of the Connecticut Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Committee, called the decision 'absolutely deplorable.'" - New Haven Register

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