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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bittersweet book find for Oxfam volunteer (UK)

Bittersweet book find for Oxfam volunteer (UK)"Oxfam volunteer Andrew Chapman has uncovered another valuable volume, but has given the book back to its original owner instead of selling it. Two years ago, Mr Chapman, a rare books specialist for the charity’s bookshop in St Giles, found a scruffy copy of Graham Greene’s Rumour at Nightfall. The first edition of the 1930s novel fetched about £15,000 at auction, the most expensive book Oxfam has ever sold. Now, Mr Chapman, 43, a pilot who flies long-haul routes for Virgin, has made another lucky find after a book was donated anonymously. In the basement of the shop, Mr Chapman discovered a 1556 Italian history of the Dukes of Ferrara called Commentario delle cose di Ferrara. But a tiny stamp at the back of the book indicated it had once belonged to the Royal Society, in London, and Mr Chapman contacted staff so he could return it"

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