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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tools of the Trade: A Library Starter Kit for Harvard Freshmen

Susan Gilroy, Librarian for Undergraduate Programs for Writing, Widener and Lamont Libraries, Harvard College Library writes: "Harvard's libraries are places that inspire wonder and allow for infinite imagining, but they also confront you with a paradox: choice - for as much as we value it - can sometimes be confounding. New Harvard students must learn to navigate layers of library complexity: multiple buildings, multiple websites, information that can come to you through multiple routes and in multiple format types. Even our online catalog is currently available in two versions. We offer you this library starter kit, stocked with a few essentials, to help you meet the new and different expectations for college-level research. It comes complete with a set of basic 'operating instructions', mostly in the form of advice, explanations, and suggested search strategies"

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