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Friday, September 24, 2010

Archive of irreverent miscellanies put online (UK)

"The world's largest collection of miscellanies is being digitized and made available online by researchers from the Faculty of English Language and Literature with the support offered by the Bodleian Libraries curators. Dr Abigail Williams, Lecturer and Lord White Fellow and Tutor in English, who is leading the project based at the University of Oxford, has received a three-year Leverhulme Research Grant to set up the Digital Miscellanies Index. The index will create an online database of the contents of 1000 poetic collections, or miscellanies, which are part of the Harding Collection owned by the Bodleian Libraries. The project has turned up a number of interesting items, including a crude poem which is attributed to John Milton but unlikely to have been written by him, called 'An Extempore upon a Faggot'"

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