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Friday, September 03, 2010

Book fan reveals collection of 15,000 Penguin paperbacks

Book fan reveals collection of 15,000 Penguin paperbacks"Steve Hare, a collector of the popular series for 45 years, has more than 15,000 on his shelves – and has vowed to keep going for the final 1,000 pre-1970 titles. When the publisher made the first sixpence paperbacks available – 75 years ago this year – most hardbacks cost about a week's wages for the average worker. 'These were the first books that people ever owned. Time and time again you come across books they'd kept, cherished and treasured, said Mr Hare, from Calne, Wiltshire. The 59-year-old owns the first 2,000 titles published, the famed blue, orange and green editions. Biggles Flies Again is his most valuable, worth £1,000 – while the entire collection is valued at £40,000. The website editor is considering leaving them to the British Library. 'I've got three daughters and it would be a millstone around their necks to give them two lorry loads of books to drag around,' he said"

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