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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Library ProInfo launching in July (UK)

A new service is hoping to fill the gap left by supplier selection by promoting titles directly to librarians. Library ProInfo will launch in July to help promote debut authors, new titles and genre-based selections to librarians. Managing director George Harding said: "Supplier selection has made it very difficult for publishers to get information about their books to librarians." While books by bestselling authors and local authors are automatically reserved for libraries, the rest are selected by suppliers said Harding. "Unless you can get your titles on the suppliers' lists, you don't have much chance of getting your book into libraries." Librarians can, however, still request specific titles and Library ProInfo aims to inform librarians about books that they might not otherwise see. Harding said he was in talks with major publishing houses as well as smaller companies about the service - The Bookseller

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