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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Digital Access Scotland - Archives, Libraries and Museums Working Together

The vision of Digital Access Scotland is to enable all citizens to digitally access the wealth of information and resources held in Scotland's libraries museums and archives and to maximize the potential use and reach of these resources.

* Digital Access Scotland will provide a focus for Scotland to engage in a coherent manner with UK, European and Global initiatives and develop a framework for engagement.
* The Partners will work together to secure additional funding for development and generation of digital content and access programmes to the widest audiences.
* The Partners commit to share long term plans, to collaborate, including the sharing of expertise and facilitate the development of programmes for organisations in Scotland.
* The Partners will operate as strategic partners, pursuing appropriate opportunities as available to promote and advocate for the Partnership and its stated aims and objectives.
* The partnership will also act as a link to UK and European developments through JISC Strategic Content Alliance and The Collections Trust.

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