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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Credo Reference adds a Longman Companion Collection from Pearson Education

Credo Reference has signed an agreement to launch a collection of Longman Companions to History published by Pearson Education. Thirteen titles from the history series will be available through the innovative Credo Reference platform. This newest Publisher Collection from Credo will provide libraries with the option of purchasing the entire group of thirteen esteemed Longman Companions to History or subscribing to the collection. Users will experience the Companions as a fully integrated part of the Credo Reference experience or, for libraries that don't subscribe to other Credo services, as a standalone database. This new Publisher Collection includes thirteen fact-packed, historical titles:

* The Longman Companion to America, Russia and the Cold War, 1941-1998
* The Longman Companion to America in the Era of the Two World Wars, 1910-1945
* The Longman Companion to Britain since 1945
* The Longman Companion to the Conservative Party since 1830
* The Longman Companion to Slavery, Emancipation and Civil Rights
* The Longman Companion to Germany since 1945
* The Longman Companion to the Formation of European Empires 1488-1920
* The Longman Companion to the Labor Party 1900-1998
* Longman Companion to Napoleonic Europe
* Longman Companion to Russia since 1914
* Longman Companion to Britain in the Era of Two World Wars 1914-1998
* Longman Companion to European Decolonization in the Twentieth Century
* Longman Companion to the European Reformation 1500-1618

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