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Monday, April 19, 2010

Civil War Campaigner via Exact Editions

Civil War Campaigner via Exact Editions"Civil War Campaigner is the foremost publication for the Civil War living historian, featuring some of the leading living historians in the field. Civil War Campaigner is aimed at reenactors with either military or civilian interests who hold a passion for accurately recreating the war years of the 1860s. In the trial issue John Daniel Pagano demonstrates loading and firing lying down; Kevin R. Hershberger reports on the living history event at Old Bedford Village, PA; and 1st Lieutenant Jefferson R Hayes reports from the 145th Anniversary Event. Also featured in this issue, how period photographs, extant bonnets and fashion magazines can help the study of period millinery; Robert Lee Hodge gives his views on the preservation efforts at the historic Cedar Creek battlefield; and 'What's so wrong about wearing originals?', how to conserve period items for future generations"

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