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Monday, April 27, 2009

Information Obesity by Andrew Whitworth

"Information Obesity is an exploration of information literacy and ICT skills education from the point of view of social and political theory. It uses these theories both to argue why the idea of information literacy is so important in the 21st century, and also to develop some teaching strategies to this end. The book argues that only through expanding the range of information literacy education - taking it beyond just formal school and university education and into homes, friendship networks and workplaces - can we construct an effective educational response to information technology in the 21st century. Information literacy includes, but transcends, ICT skills and ultimately is about being politically, socially and communicatively competent in an information society. Although this is a book about 'education', it argues that we need to start thinking of education as something done by families, friends, workmates and society as a whole, as well as schools and colleges. Each chapter introduces the readers to some social and political theory, but in ways accessible to a lay audience. To complement each section, 'think tasks' and practical exercises will help the readers apply the insights in their personal contexts"

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