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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Survey of Assessment Practices in Higher Education

Primary Research Group has published The Survey of Assessment Practices in Higher Education which presents results from an assessment benchmarking study with more than 80 participants. The study presents data on college assessment efforts, including but not limited to: the size, budget and scope college assessment offices, salaries for assessment officers, number of employees working on assessment issues in and out of assessment offices, the use of standardized testing, types of tests used, use and type of remedial courses, use of incentives to take standardized assessment tests, use of instructor evaluation questionnaires and other methods of instructor evaluation, impact of assessment on merit-based pay, tenure and other personnel decisions; methods for evaluating adjunct and regular faculty; level of faculty involvement in assessment; impact of curriculum changes, use of survey software in assessment, use of assessment consultants, seminars and other services - and many other aspects of college assessment programs and policies

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