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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

University of the West of England links up with US libraries to offer 24/7 advice service

A new 24-hour online chat service for library users at the University of the West of England has just started in time for the new academic year. This means that students and staff can access out-of-hours advice from a network of 400 academic libraries, across the US and in the UK. UWE is one of the first universities in the UK to offer this 24/7 benefit to students and staff. Called 'Chat', the instant message service enables students to contact a member of library staff for help and receive an instant response. This is a well established mode of communicating with students and is used by many other academic libraries. What is different about the new service is that it will be available to UWE students 24/7, utilising the time difference between the UK and the United States

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