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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Keepers Registry (Beta)

The Keepers Registry Beta service provides easily accessible information about the archiving arrangements for electronic journals. The Keepers Registry is an output of the JISC funded project, Piloting an E-journals Preservation Registry Service (PEPRS), and replaces what was previously available as the PEPRS Beta service. The Keepers Registry will continue to be developed under the activities of the PEPRS project. Background information to the PEPRS project and progress to date is available on the PEPRS project website. The Keepers are the participating archiving agencies which are acting as stewards of digital content. Each of these agencies runs a programme for the archiving of e-journals and is making metadata on the journals in their programme available to the Keepers Registry. The data supplied by the agencies is linked to the authoritative bibliographic information obtained from the ISSN Register

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