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Monday, October 31, 2011


The digilibLT projects is planning to offer a complete database of late-antique Latin authors and works, as well as an exhaustive canon. Access to the canon and the database is free. Search windows are designed to allow users to search either the entire collection of texts or a selection of them (by author, period, or type of text) or single authors and works. Texts can be downloaded freely, which will allow individual scholars to work on their areas of interest with maximum flexibility. Texts are codified according both to the TEI and the Beta coding standard; this allows users to search the texts with the software resources they normally use for searching the TLG and PHI databases on CD-ROM. The canon lists the critical editions on which the digital text is based; if the case, it also lists deviations from the critical text. The website also includes short entries on late-antique authors and works, bibliographies, and canon entries

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