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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Too many computers in libraries, says new Children's Laureate (UK)

The new Children's Laureate for the UK - Scottish-based best-selling author Julia Donaldson - has raised concerns over the profusion of computers in libraries. Ms Donaldson, author of the hugely popular children's book The Gruffalo, is campaigning to protect libraries - which are threatened in local government cuts. However, yesterday she said one aspect of modern library services troubles her – the amount of computers, which she first noticed when she was writer in residence in Easterhouse, Glasgow, for three years. "I thought it was a shame when so many computers were brought into libraries - adults using them for playing card games, teenagers looking at [questionable] websites, I thought that was a mistake," she told The Herald. "At the time [as computers were being installed] I said we needed to have more children's writing specialists. "I might get into hot water by saying this, but I would love to see more [investment] going into stocking children's titles, even at the expense of adult sections. But part of my job is to create a stink." - The Herlad, Scotland

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