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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Julian Assange wins Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism

Julian Assange wins Martha Gellhorn Prize for JournalismWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been awarded the Martha Gellhorn prize for Journalism. The prize is awarded annually to a journalist whose work has "penetrated the established version of events and told and unpalatable truth that exposes establishment propaganda, or 'official drivel', as Martha Gellhorn called it." Gellhorn, who died in 1998, was a well-known war correspondent and author. The judges voted unanimously for Assange, claiming that he "represents that which journalists once prided themselves "WikiLeaks has been portrayed as a phenomenon of the hi-tech age, which it is. But it’s much more. Its goal of justice through transparency is in the oldest and finest tradition of journalism

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