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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Places, "Public Library: An American Commons," by photographer Robert Dawson

Josh Wallaert, Assistant Editor, Places, writes: Greetings. I am the assistant editor of Places, an online journal of architecture, landscape and urbanism. I'm pleased to share that we've just published a slideshow by photographer Robert Dawson, drawn from an exhibition opening this week at the San Francisco Public Library: "Public Library: An American Commons." Since 1994, Dawson has photographed hundreds of public libraries across the United States, focusing on their role as public commons, which is now threatened by government spending cuts.

The slideshow can be found on our home page: http://places.designobserver.com with a permalink here: http://places.designobserver.com/entry.html?entry=26228.

Details about the exhibition and related events can be found here: http://sfpl.org/index.php?pg=2000341601

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