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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Clementi Library opens its doors (Singapore)

Clementi Library opens its doors (Singapore)Singapore has increased its public library count to 24, with the opening of the Clementi Public Library. The library is the first to introduce an interactive digital story-telling kiosk, where children can read and listen to books using touchscreen technology. It also offers a "Mystery Brown Bag" service, in which books are pre-selected and packed by librarians according to popular themes. The service will cater to the lunchtime crowd or those who have little time to read. The library, which has a floor area of 1,900 sq m, will have about 150,000 books, magazines and audio-visual material. The collection includes some 83,000 volumes of fiction and non-fiction books for adults and young people, as well as 67,000 children's books. In addition, more than 400 local and international magazines, as well as local newspapers, will be made available to visitors

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