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Friday, April 15, 2011

First Street by CQ Press (USA)

First Street by CQ Press (USA)First Street™ consolidates and relates vital Congressional, government and lobbying information from authoritative data sources* giving users an unprecedented understanding and visualization of the relationships shaping policy. Developed for lobbyists, law firms, associations, and anyone working to affect legislative policy, First Street enables users to:

* Research a contact's work history and the issues they have worked on in Congress, Federal agencies, and as a registered lobbyist
* Visualize how lobbying firms and clients are related
* Uncover what issues government agencies and legislation lobbying firms are lobbying
* Identify lobbyists active in issue areas or lobbying a piece of legislation
* Find all staff or lobbyists with experience on a certain issue
* Instantly access contact information enabling proactive coalition building
* Save searches and bookmark specific interests

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