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Friday, December 10, 2010

New Strategies for Digital Content Conference (UK)

New Strategies for Digital Content Conference: This one-day conference, 18 March 2011, focuses on some of the key strategic issues faced by content creators and publishers today and which were addressed by the JISC eContent programme 2009-2011, in particular:

- the need for institutions to develop the necessary skills and strategies to embed digitisation within institutional strategies and practices as well as devise effective business models for the long term sustainability of digitised content

- the need to break down silos of content by clustering existing and complementary digitised resources and enhancing their offerings, thus making them more relevant and usable for target users

The day will bring together a mixture of national and international speakers and representatives of the projects funded under the JISC eContent programme to discuss current challenges and opportunities

The conference will be held at Goodenough College, London, UK

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