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Sunday, December 12, 2010

In tapes, Nixon rails about Jews and Blacks (USA)

In tapes, Nixon rails about Jews and Blacks (USA)"Richard M. Nixon made disparaging remarks about Jews, blacks, Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans in a series of extended conversations with top aides and his personal secretary, recorded in the Oval Office 16 months before he resigned as president. The remarks were contained in 265 hours of recordings, captured by the secret taping system Nixon had installed in the White House and released this week by the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. While previous recordings have detailed Nixon's animosity toward Jews, including those who served in his administration like Henry A. Kissinger, his national security adviser, these tapes suggest an added layer of complexity to Nixon's feeling. He and his aides seem to make a distinction between Israeli Jews, whom Nixon admired, and American Jews" - New York Times

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