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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Visualising Urban Geographies (Scotland)

"The central aim of Visualising Urban Geographies is to bring together historical data provided by Professor Richard Rodger with historical maps provided by the National Library of Scotland. This partnership will create an online resource allowing new insights into the spatial character and historical development of Edinburgh. The objective is also to enable others - students, academics and the public – to use new open source tools for related web-applications to reveal the spatial characteristics of their own cities. The project team (Richard Rodger, Chris Fleet and Stuart Nicol) is a partnership between the University of Edinburgh and the National Library of Scotland. The team will re-use existing research data obtained originally from the census, property registers, occupational and business addresses in directories on Edinburgh relating to the period c.1820-1940. this will be used to develop and test a methodology intended to side-step the need for historians and occasional users to learn Geographical Information Systems (GIS)"

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