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Friday, July 09, 2010

C&RL News - July/August 2010

C&RL News - July/August 2010The July/August 2010 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. With summer break in full swing at many institutions, academic and research librarians often take the opportunity of the slightly slower 'regular' work load to get caught up on projects. In my days a college librarian, that often meant updating pathfinders. In this month's issue, Ron Gilmour examines putting 'Old wine in new skins' and provides advice for creating and updating successful 21st-century Web guides. Tools such as LibGuides have definitely streamlined the process of providing guides to library resources. But some libraries are taking these tools beyond the usual topic or course-based guides. Librarians from Bloomington University of Pennsylvania provide an overview of a project 'Using LibGuides for an information literacy tutorial.' Sharon Weiner puts out a call to action for improving integration of 'Information literacy' instruction across campus, based on the findings of a recent Project Information Literacy report

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