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Saturday, November 28, 2009

African Banker via Exact Editions

African Banker via Exact Editions"African Banker, launched in May 2007, is a quarterly magazine dedicated to banking and finance in Africa. It covers news from the banking, finance, insurance, currency, direct and indirect financial investment sectors, as well as the stock markets and capital markets. It taps into the growing demand for information about Africa's banking and financial world, a sector which is consolidating rapidly and reshaping the future of the economy of the continent. In the trial issue Khadija Sharife explains how Africa is subtly being bled dry; Stephen Wiliams talks to Razia Khan, Standard Chartered Bank's chief economist for sub-Saharan Africa, on the global economic crisis; Omar Ben Yedder speaks to the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Donald Kaberuka; and Moin Siddiqi looks at Africa and the Credit Crunch, with a special look at Nigeria - via Exact Editions

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