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Thursday, May 07, 2009

A snapshot of 1911 Britain

"Among the paintings and drawings, musical works and advertisements that make up the records series COPY 1 are well over 100,000 photographs. Volunteers from the Friends of The National Archives have now provided online Catalogue descriptions of those registered for copyright in 1911 – over 2,700 in total. The many images of urban and rural life and long-disappeared vistas will be of interest to both local and family historians, providing context to social and family research. Engineering feats and disasters are covered, along with the coronation celebrations for Edward VII, the Empire exhibition at Crystal Palace, and images of music hall stars. Sportsmen and women are also featured, including boxers (one photograph includes Jack Johnson – the 'Galveston Giant'), rugby players, footballers and T. W. Burgess, who swam the Channel for the first time since Captain Webb in 1875."

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