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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Perseus Books Group adds FiledBy as online marketing platform

"The Perseus Books Group is using FiledBy sites as an effective way to provide an online presence and digital marketing solution for authors. The FiledBy platform enables authors, co-authors, illustrators, photographers, editors and other contributors to easily build an online community where they can promote their work and interact with fans and peers. 'FiledBy has put together a thoughtful and effective community that enables authors to take control of their own content, sell their books, link to other sites and directly communicate with readers,' said Peter Costanzo, director of online marketing for Perseus. 'It's a terrific digital marketing platform for any author looking for a low-cost and effective web presence.'" Beginning with the Vanguard Press imprint, Perseus authors now on FiledBy include:

* Eileen Goudge, author of One Last Dance, Garden of Lies and Thorns of Truth
* Alan Jacobson, author of The Hunted and False Accusations
* Kyle Mills, author of Lords of Corruption and Darkness Falls
* Shane Briant, author of Worst Nightmares
* David Morrell, author of Scavenger and The Shimmer

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