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Saturday, May 17, 2008


"The Open.Michigan site is a gateway to a wide spectrum of initiatives at the University of Michigan and our collaborating institutions. With a common goal of opening resources for teaching, learning and research for use and enhancement by a global community, these projects increase the value of those resources to U-M and the world. Open.Michigan provides a clear view of the many places and ways U-M contributes to our world's knowledge and creates exemplary resources for education and research. Open.Michigan includes information, updates, discussion, blogs, videos, and podcasts detailing our efforts. You will also find links to projects in open educational resources such as the U-M Health Sciences Global Access project and the dScribe project; in open source software, the Sakai and SiteMaker projects; in open archives and publishing, Deep Blue, digitalculturebooks, MBooks, and OAIster projects; and in open standards, the IMS Global Learning Consortium work and conferences"

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