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Friday, April 04, 2008

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Geography. Answers here.

1. The Peloponnese is part of which country?
2. Mount Everest and K2 are the two highest peaks in which mountain system?
3. In which country is New South Wales?
4. The Gulf Stream is a warm ocean current which flows from which gulf?
5. Which river flows through Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade?
6. Is the Ivory Coast in Asia, Africa or South America?
7. Which country is surrounded by Germany, Belgium and France?
8. Is the republic of Turkey mostly in Europe or Asia?
9. What is the modern name for the nation that used to be called Ceylon?
10. Which island in the West Indies comprises the republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic?

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