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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Letter B. Answers here

1. What is the normal word for an unmarried man?
2. What was the capital of ancient Babylonia in Mesopotamia, the site of the Hanging Gardens?
3. What is the surname of the author who, in his "Peter Pan" wrote: "To die will be an awfully big adventure"?
4. Which song on the Beatles' 1968 "White Album" was originally to have been entitled "I'm Backing Britain" but its eventual title led to the accusation of promoting communism?
5. Name the helmet-like head covering, either knitted or crocheted, named after the village in the Crimea where the Charge of the Light Brigade took place in 1854.
6. Which Indian tree is best known for the production of large aerial roots that are let down from its larger branches and form secondary trunks which give extra support and allow the tree to spread?
7. Name the fifth-largest island in the world - an island of the Northwest Territories, Canada, west of Greenland.
8. What is the English name for the group of terrorists, calling themselves the Rote Armee Faktion (Red Army Faction), who aimed at the violent overthrow of capitalist society in West Germany, until the group disbanded in 1998?
9. Which word means a headscarf tied under the chin, worn by Russian peasant women, and is also used in Russia to mean "an old woman"?
10. What is the surname of the 20th-century painter whose works include "Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion" and "Study after Velazquez"?

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