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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: The Letter A - part 2. Answers here.

1. The largest state of the USA, located on the northwest extremity of North America.
2. The surname of an American jazz trumpeter and singer. He was born in New Orleans and his nicknames were "Satchmo" and "Pops".
3. The comic French cartoon hero created by Goscinny and Uderzo: a pintsized, moustachioed Gaul who does his best to keep the Romans at bay.
4. The surname of a twentieth-century American entertainer who danced in many film musicals with partners such as Ginger Rogers.
5. The deposition of sulphuric and nitric acids onto land or water by rainwater.
6. The citadel of Athens on which the Parthenon and the Erechtheum stand.
7. A nocturnal African burrowing mammal with a thick set body, large snout and donkey-like ears.
8. A potent, bitter liqueur distilled from wormwood and flavoured with a variety of herbs. It has a distinct anise flavour and is 68 percent alcohol.
9. A counting device that traditionally consists of a frame holding rods on which ten beads can slide.
10. A developmental disability resulting from a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain. It is characterized by the abnormal development of communication skills, social skills, and reasoning

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